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Need a car to work and earn money? Join G&M direct and choose our PCO rental plans which best matches you. Each car is provided with full information to make it easier for you to choose your plan but if you need further information, simply contact us to earn more details.

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What We Need From You?

In order to enhance customer service quality, we in G&M reduced our requirements to give the PCO drivers in London the best experience. All you need to get a PCO car are the following 3 items:

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certificatePCO Licence
driving licenceDriving Licence
National InsuranceYour National Insurance Number

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Why to choose G&M Direct hire to rent a car?

Nowadays everyone is looking for cost-cutting methods to reduce the expenses and save more money to enjoy more in future. PCO rentals are a way to not only save money but also earn more money! You can simply have your own PCO car and start working as a private driver earning even more than a good full-time job. Here in G&M Direct, we gathered the top PCO car hire in London with affordable fees and high quality. The point is G&M asks for the lowest requirements so that you can apply for a car easily with only 3 items: PCO license, Driving license and your national insurance number. That’s all!

What is PCO car hire?

PCO is the abbreviation of Public Carriage Office which offers further transportation methods such as a private hire car. When you hire a PCO car you can become a member of these offices and work as a private driver such as an Uber driver. The point is work time is totally up to you and you can choose the work days and the car based on your taste. So the PCO car hire is the car which a company like G&M offers to drivers to use and hire as their PCO car.

What does a PCO car mean?

A PCO car is a vehicle ready to join any PHV operators around the UK. As you know joining rideshare apps require a reasonable 4-door vehicle or minivans meeting TfL (transport for London) terms and conditions. Therefore, a PCO car means a vehicle in TfL list of accepted car category and by hiring a PCO car you can join rideshare apps right away. In this issue, you might face two other similar terms called:

  • PCO license (public carriage office license)
  • PHV license (private hire vehicle license)
The PCO license is the driving proficiency license given by TfL again, and PHV license is the license given to your PCO car (another department of TfL). As we mentioned PCO cars are ready to join rideshare apps which mean they already have a PHV license.

What is the difference between car hire and car rental?

You, like many other people might assume that car hire and car rental are two different issues. This is a false thought as both have the same meaning in this industry. The only reason for using two (or more) phrases for the same concept is that in different English spoken countries, some words are more common. So, to make it easier for everyone to understand, both car hire and car rental are used.

How much does it cost to rent a car?

The first question might come to your mind after deciding on having a PCO car is how much shall I spend? Or how much does it cost to rent a car? The answer can be various based on the company, the car and the model you choose to hire. It is suggested to choose a car with higher models (not the latest model specifically) as they are low maintenance and classy. Also your riders will pay you better when they sit in a more comfortable car. Note that the weekly income of a typical PCO driver passes way more than the rental fees.

How much can I earn by becoming a PCO driver in London?

Well, it totally depends on you and how much time you spend to work as a private hire. An estimation shows if you work 8 hours a day (considering one day off in a week) and earn a minimum of £12 per hour, it comes to £576 per week. This is only the minimum rate and you can simply pay for rental fee, petrol and also save a lot.

How can I PCO car hire in London?

All you need is to take your license, choose the company and the car you want and register for it through the company website or office.

Which car is the best for PCO car hire in London?

This is up to you to choose the car you want and you can afford and as all the cars provided in G&M are top PCO car hire in London, you can freely choose any of them.