Airport Guide for Uber Drivers

Airport Guide for Uber Drivers

One of the challenges every passenger faces when they arrive at the airport is transportation as they might be unfamiliar with a country and visit there for the first time. As a result, Uber drivers can earn great money on one airport rides. Accompany us in this article to know more about the airport guide for Uber drivers.

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This article includes:

  • Average daily income of airport Uber drivers
  • Best airports to take the passengers
  • Uber London airport waiting area
  • Essential tips
  • Conclusion

Average daily income of airport Uber drivers:

airport Uber drivers

As we mentioned above, the earnings would be great as the passengers probably take a ride to the city center for hotels or rental places. Besides, the amount of passengers is a lot! As there are hundreds of daily flights landing in London, either for business or vacations. Since the cost of Uber per mile is between 1$ to 2$, an estimate will tell you the average of each trip, if we consume that a normal drive takes 8 miles, would have about 15$. Now consider an Uber driver accepting 10 rides a day. If we subtract petrol and parking expenses, the Uber driver can earn 120$ per day. This means at least 3000$ per month (considering the average).

Best airports to take the passengers:

Estimations show that all the 6 airports of London are good places for Uber drivers to find their passengers. Airports of London include:

  1. Heathrow airport (the most crowded)
  2. Luton airport
  3. Gatwick airport
  4. City airport
  5. Stansted airport
  6. Southend airport (the least crowded)

Although Southend airport has less passengers than the other five. And also travel to the city is longer and more expensive from Gatwick, Luton or Stansted. Besides, Luton and Stansted are mostly used by budget airlines.

Uber London airport waiting area:

Uber London airport

The only challenge left for Uber drivers is where to park their cars while they are waiting for passengers. In other words, Uber drivers need a waiting area (a parking lot probably) to wait for passengers. There are some parking lot around the mentioned airports that we will say the details:

Uber Heathrow waiting area:

A close parking lot to Heathrow airport is in front of the airport which is open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Authorized Vehicle Area (AVA) is the best Heathrow Uber waiting area that can be booked and it is specifically for private hire vehicles and taxis. The fees for this waiting area is £1 per hour (up to 5 hours is allowed) and £3.80 for short-term parking.

Uber Luton waiting area:

You can find two different Uber Luton airport waiting areas which are the car park at Asda or the car park on Gypsy Lane. Asda is northeast of Luton airport and Gyspy Lane is west of Luton. Based on the terminal you are planning to work for, you can park in either of them. The point is that both of them are free of charge for the first ten minutes of parking. Note that you will need to pay £1 per minute!!! As long as you are sure the waiting time won’t go beyond 10 minutes, mentioned Luton airport Uber waiting area are rational choices.

Uber Gatwick waiting area:

Waiting at the High Street Park in Horley is one of the choices. But it might be full! If you had been booked, it is okay to park in the North or South terminal while you are waiting for the rider. Estimation shows there won’t be more than 30 minutes waiting time for this airport so it won’t make trouble if you park in the mentioned street or airport campus as Gatwick Uber waiting area.

Uber city airport waiting area:

Gallions Reach car park at Tesco would be a perfect choice as City airport Uber waiting area as the fee is £3 for short-term parking. Note that the average waiting time for your rider is up to 10 minutes. If you have been booked, go to the City airport’s short-stay car park and leave your car. After that you can meet your rider in person at the parking entrance.

Uber Stansted waiting area:

You can find 3 different parking areas around this airport which two of them are free. These two free Uber Stansted airport waiting areas are the Birchanger Green Service Station and the Mid-Stay Parking. The third parking area costs a minimum fee (£3.60 for short-term parking) and it is next to McDonald.

Uber Southend waiting area:

As this airport is not very crowded, it is not a good choice for Uber drivers. So, we decided not to mention the Uber Southend airport waiting area at this moment.

Essential tips:

Always be aware of peak hours. Some flights might have delays but most of them are in time and it is essential for you to know the landing times. Sometimes one minute can lead you to lose a rider. The best way to know the timings is to look at the check schedules of each terminal, frequently. In addition, note that the waiting areas mentioned above, can help you to be on time for your riders.


While transportation has an effective role in everyday lives, private cabs would become more and more popular. This is the time that IT and technology (specially the internet) accompanies daily tasks and creates Uber as a useful transportation method. We hope that this Article was practical enough for Uber drivers to expand their ride ranges.

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