BMW 330e PCO Car Hire

BMW, one of the greatest German car companies in the world, is not only a classy vehicle to choose as your PCO car but also a comfortable option! Well, what made this company that much popular? Apart from that, what are the benefits to choose a BMW 330e PCO hire car? What are the features of this vehicle? If you are curious to know more about BMW 330e PCO car rental, don’t miss reading this article. First of all, let’s quickly review the BMW car company and then answer the mentioned questions.

All you need to know about BMW 330e PCO car hire

This article includes the following items

  • A short and quick review of BMW car company
  • Why is BMW popular?
  • All you need to know about BMW 330e PCO car hire
  • How much does a BMW 330e PCO car cost? rental and buying costs
  • So, is it worth it to rent a BMW 330e PCO car in the UK?
  • Conclusion

A short and quick review of BMW car company

Bayerische Motoren Werke known as BMW, is a famous German car company based in Munich, producing and exporting millions of cars yearly all around the world. About 105 years ago, Camillo Castiglioni, Franz Josef Popp, and Karl Rapp started a car corporation called BMW and now it can be said it is one of the best car factories in the world offering its services worldwide. Although the first product of BMW was a straight-six aircraft engine!

We probably all know the classic logo of the BMW company which was inspired by the flag of Bavaria (the white and blue round-ended triangles). The slogan is “sheer driving pleasure” that can be said it is a truly suitable one!

Some of the latest products of the BMW company are mentioned in the list below:

  1. BMW 3 series
  2. BMW i8
  3. BMW M3
  4. BMW 5 series
  5. BMW 2 series
  6. BMW i3
  8. BMW M550
  9. BMW M850 Gran Coupe

BMW 330e PCO hire

To be honest, BMW, by the special design of its vehicles, is both a classy and a sport vehicle and most people like to own one!

Why is BMW popular?

If we don’t consider the awesome appearance of the BMW cars, the powerful engine can be one of the main reasons for BMW’s popularity. In other words, BMW’s performance was (and is still) so great that made no critic of this brand. Although some people have bad ideas about this car company, the stylishness of the products of this company is undeniable.

If we put all these things apart, BMW is a safe option too. Most of the products of BMW are easily handled as they feature rear-wheel drive. This could be another reason for the popularity of BMW for business choices. However, you can have your own reason for choosing BMW to drive!

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 All you need to know about BMW 330e PCO car hire

black bmw 330e front view for rent
black bmw 330e

After getting more familiar with BMW and its popularity you might be also interested in having one of the products as your PCO car hire in London. Well, let us congratulate you first on your perfect taste!

BMW 330e PCO car is one of those luxury options among all the PCO cars in the UK as the name of BMW carries prestige. Although the newest model of this car (2021) is released, most of the PCO car hire companies in the UK offer you an older model (2017 probably!).

The point is both the mentioned models are plugged-in hybrids and you will have an environmentally friendly choice by selecting a BMW 330e PCO car hire in London. This option supports you to drive with a speed of 87mph up to 22 miles when you switch to all-electric mode. You can reach 60mph in less than 6 seconds by the output engine of 288 horsepower (this output is the sum of both electric and non-electric power of the vehicle).

Some of the other features of BMW 330e PCO car rental in London include:

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Cruise control
  3. Sat NAV
  4. Dash camera
  5. Sport saloon
  6. Dynamic Stability Control
  7. High-performance
  8. Lightweight
  9. 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System
  10. Power-steering assist
  11. Electronically controlled engine cooling
  12. BMW Tele-Services
  13. Remote Software Upgrade capable
  14. Front-seat center armrest
  15. Storage compartment package
  16. Front and rear Head Protection System
  17. LED Headlights with Cornering Lights
  18. Rear-view Camera
  19. Acoustic safety-belt warning
  20. etc.

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How much does a BMW 330e PCO car cost? Rental and buying costs

Depending on the model of the PCO car, the rental fee can be various. Besides, if you choose a rent to buy the plan for this vehicle, the weekly rental fee can go even higher. But in general, you can find this vehicle for the average weekly rental fee of £200 in the UK. (if you plan a rent to buy scheme, this price can reach £300)

You can also find a new vehicle for the average price of £40,000 or a used one for almost half of the mentioned price. We offer you to choose a plan through PCO cars for rent in London rather than buying the car as you may not like the vehicle for any reason!

So, is it worth it to rent a BMW 330e PCO car in the UK?

To answer this question, you need to know what are your preferences! If you are into the luxury PCO cars to rent, yes it is worth it. But, if you think renting a cheaper PCO car would be a more rational decision, we offer you to browse our PCO cars for rent and choose an economic PCO car rental plan.


Undoubtedly, when we hear the name BMW, we remember a classy and stylish car with those perfect front lights which was kind of a signature for BMW. The combination of safety, performance and luxury appearance made BMW a great choice for businesses, PCO car rentals, and a nice option among youths. Through this article, we covered useful information you need to know before choosing a BMW 330e PCO car hire plan to decide better and as an introduction, a few lines about BMW company were mentioned. We hope reading this article comes in handy for you.

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