How to Get More Tips as a PCO Driver?
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How to Get More Tips as a PCO Driver?


Regardless of what your occupation is, one always wants to earn more! Especially when compared with other service-sectors like beauty salons, hair, and hospitality, getting a good tip is the goal for PCO drivers. Since the launch of the cashless ridesharing experience of Uber in 2017, 60% of Uber car rentals never get tipped. However, the 1% of PCO cars that get tipped receive an extra income of either 50p or £1. Even though it isn’t easy to get tips in the digital age, with specific behavioural changes and vehicle upgrades, you can be awarded for your exceptional service. 

Want to learn how to get more tips as a PCO driver? Read on to find out!

1- Ask Which Route to Take


One of the easiest conversational gestures to increase your chances of getting a good tip is when a passenger sits in your PCO car, ask them which route they would prefer to take. Though a simple question, it can do wonders for your rating and wallet. If you want to find the quickest route, an experienced PCO driver and an efficient navigation system make an ideal team, resulting in a happy customer. This also improves the overall riding experience, as you will know which route to follow instead of missing a turn just because the passenger forgot to tell you. Asking which route to take also makes the passengers feel respected and valued. 

2- Keep Your PCO Car Clean 


The better maintained your PCO car, the higher the chances are of you receiving a tip. Vehicle maintenance means getting it serviced by a professional for most PCO drivers. However, this isn’t what we meant! Keeping your PCO car tidy means making sure that you de-clutter it every week and clean it whenever required. For example, check your PCO car’s back seat and floor every time you take a break and vacuum your vehicle’s interior every week. Also, always have wet wipes at hand so that you can simply clean a stain. 

3- Turn Up the Beats | Play Happy and Relaxing Music

Music is an excellent mood changer that can either work for or against you. Therefore, the two keywords to remember are “moderation” and “relaxation ” when playing music.” Don’t forget to turn down the volume when dropping off and to pick up your passengers and turn it up once they are settled. 

The general rule of thumb here is to keep the music to such a level that you can easily hear the passenger. Note that moderation of music for your PCO car also goes for the genre as well. Avoid playing songs with offensive lyrics or high beats. Instead, play songs with subtle instrumental music. 

Pro Tip: If you do not know what to play, ask the rider. This is also a good ice breaker to start a conversation.

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4- Stock Up Your PCO Car with Goodies 

Have you heard the old saying “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach”? This is very true for people who are in a bit hurry or are stressed. Being a PCO driver, you must have noticed that most of your weekday passengers sit well in either of the above-mentioned categories. Therefore, if you want your PCO car passengers to feel welcomed, stock up with sugary snacks or on-the-go treats. Doing so will create a positive impression on your passengers, increasing your chances of getting tipped

5- Keep an Eye on the Temperature


Maintaining the temperature of your PCO car is another overlooked factor. Driving around the streets of London for the whole day, you will most probably get too comfortable in your vehicle. However, the required temperature settings for your passengers might be different, as they will be dressed according to the outside temperature. 

If it is hot and humid outside, expect your passengers to be dressed in thin clothing. Therefore, set the AC temperature to moderate and the fan’s speed low. On the other hand, when it is cold outside, keep the thermostat a bit above the outside temperature as your passengers will already be wearing warm clothes. 

Pro Tip: Do ask your passengers about their preferential temperature needs. 

6- Do Not Act Entitled 

Even though the latest update of Uber allows passengers to tip-off their PCO drivers, it doesn’t make tipping necessary. In case your passenger starts talking to you about tips when replying, experts advise that you should not sound like you are entitled to receiving a tip. However, if you aim to increase the value of your tip earnings, make sure that you value the needs of your passengers. 

Pro Tip: When traveling from point A to point B, make your passengers will comfortable in order to increase the likelihood of receiving a good tip.

7- Add a Tipping Signage


Even after the new in-app tipping features, incorporating a well-designed sign in your PCO car will increase the probability of your receiving a tip. However, many PCO drivers have claimed that they are shy and reluctant about having a tip sign as they believe it will affect their overall ride ratings. Whereas several experienced PCO drivers have said that the signage didn’t affect their ratings, instead it increased their tip earnings. 

When creating a tipping sign, make sure that it politely solicits tips and reminds the passenger that giving a tip isn’t required but is always appreciated. 

Final Thoughts

Even though the aforementioned how to get more tips as a PCO driver will increase the chances of you receiving a tip, don’t worry if a passenger doesn’t tip you. Just remember to request them politely to rate you on the rideshare app. This will result in improving your ranking and gaining more customers. Looking for Uber Car Rental Services in London? G&M Direct Hire will help you find excellent-conditioned PCO cars at competitive market prices. To schedule an appointment, contact us right away!