How Covid-19 Affected Rider and Driver Behavior

Thanks to Covid-19, it has been more than one year that lives all around the world have been changed. Nowadays, we are hearing about the new version of this virus that started expanding from the UK called, English Covid-20. Well, when there is nothing to do unless vaccinating all the people around the world, which is a time taking action. So, what to do? We all have to get along with it by obeying the rules, taking care and using sanitation stuff to avoid getting the virus. As a PCO driver, this issue probably affected your work as well. In this article we are going to read in more detail how covid-19 and covid-20 affect riders behavior and work life and see what prescriptions should be considered.

How Covid-19 Affected Rider and Driver Behavior

This article covers the items below

  • What were the consequences of COVID in the recent years?
  • How COVID affected rider and driver behaviors.
  • How to protect you and your passengers.
  • Conclusion

What were the consequences of COVID in the recent years?

COVID, the nightmare every one of us experienced and still experiencing for more than a year, has changed many things in our lives including taking taxis. In the first days of this virus, many people started avoiding public and private transportations from buses to private drivers and then, lockdowns made many people lose their career. Although these days, the returning PCO drivers in the street is sensible, you have to be aware of some protection tips in order to stay safe and prepare a suitable environment for your passengers.

Generally, if you look at all the businesses, apart from those who provide sanitary supplies, all the trades experienced a fall or even some of them were totally bankrupted. PCO drivers and the related jobs were not exceptional!

Covid-19 Affected Rider and Driver Behavior

How COVID affected riders’ and drivers’ behavior?

As we mentioned, after the pandemic announcement, many people refused to use any transportation rather than their own vehicles. This made a great decrement in using rideshare apps. Then, after lockdowns in different areas, made everything even worse.

In general, the behavior change of riders and drivers can be claimed like this:


  1. Some people still refuse to use transportation services.
  2. Some people prefer private hires rather than public transportations.
  3. Most of the riders carry sanitary stuff.
  4. Every passenger wears a face mask and will probably ask you to wear too. (Note that if they didn’t wear it, you should ask them to do it to keep you and your vehicle as safe as possible.)
  5. Some of the riders avoid using your services if you don’t obey sanitary rules.
  6. Sometimes it takes a cough to lose a passenger!


  1. Separate the driver’s area with plastic covers as much as possible.
  2. Keeping the face mask during trips.
  3. Offering a face mask to those passengers who don’t wear one, politely.
  4. Using sanitary liquids after each ride.
  5. Cleansing the whole vehicle after each work day.
  6. Sometimes it takes a cough to avoid accepting a passenger!

We were all hopeful that COVID19 would disappear soon but suddenly, COVID20 was found! Isn’t it just a disaster? Hopefully, nowadays good news of vaccination is announced.

How Covid-19 Affected uber Driver

How to protect you and your passengers?

Well, protecting should be reviewed from two points of views:

  1. Riders
  2. Drivers


  1. If you are going to take a private driver for a short distance, try to walk instead as it is safer.
  2. Among private cabs and other ways of transportations, hiring a private driver is much safer as fewer people use them. We recommend you to avoid taking any kind of bus and trains for trips and use a private hire cab instead.
  3. Don’t forget to wear a face mask, plastic gloves, shields (if necessary) and other protection equipment.
  4. Payments on rideshare apps are safe as there is no cash between you and the driver. If you had to pay or receive cash from the driver, remember to refuse politely or put it somewhere that doesn’t access any other accessories of you.
  5. If the driver doesn’t wear a face mask, remind them to wear one.


  1. Always keep extra face masks in your dashboard to offer the passengers if they didn’t wear them.
  2. It is a good idea to completely clean your car after a long workday. If you don’t have enough time, then try not to let anybody of your family members get in the car.
  3. After each ride, if it is possible, cleanse the passenger seat with alcoholic sprays. This way you both protect the next passenger and you.
  4. If it is possible, separate the driver’s seat with other seats and ask the passengers to take place in back seats not front.
  5. If you are going to help the rider with the baggage, try to keep the distance as much as possible.

Of course, everyone knows better how to be protected but we tried to mention some of the most important and easily forgotten tips. If there are any other ways you feel can be helpful, add them to your daily ‘to do’ list.


After more than a year living with COVID, we all get used to it and more people are trying to use protection tips as more number of people are infected with this virus. Note that only worrying about this issue doesn’t work at all and you can’t lockdown you and your family for it. All you need to do is to protect you and your riders during trips. Hopefully, the number of people getting back to the private hire drivers is increasing and you can be more hopeful for the future of this career.

In this article we tried to mention the most behavioral changes in both riders and drivers and give you some of the most essential tips to protect you better either as a rider or a driver. Hope reading this article would be helpful to all the PCO drivers and riders around the world.

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