Uber driver in London

How to become an Uber driver in London?

How to become an Uber driver in London?

Uber driver in London

Uber, the most popular private hire system in many countries, made a big change in everyday lives. As it is a more convenient way of transportation, an entrepreneurship and a way for people to increase their income. If you are interested in knowing more about Uber and how to become an Uber driver in London, don’t miss this article.

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This article covers:

  • What is Uber?
  • Why is Uber so popular?
  • An estimated income of an Uber driver.
  • Uber partner London- rules and conditions.
  • How to join Uber UK? Step by step guide.

What is Uber?

Uber in UK

As it was mentioned, Uber is one of the most popular private hire and transportation systems in many countries which also supports food delivery, courier, etc. The idea of Uber was established by an Iranian-American business man in 2017 who was born in 1969 in Tehran. The Subsidiaries of Uber are:

  1. Uber eats
  2. Postmates
  3. Careem
  4. Cornershop Inc.
  5. Uber international
  6. Jump
  7. Otto
  8. Decarta
  9. Routematch software
  10. Etc.

Uber also has a block chain in the stock market which costs about $56.

Why is Uber so popular?

Anytime IT joined a business, the business became one of the best in the world. Uber is one of those businesses which matched IT and the internet so well. Maybe as it was a new idea and no one had ever combined Taxi and transportations with the internet, it became that much popular. But, as a clearer reason, we can say that it was the best among all the internet cab systems. Although Uber was not the pioneer in this issue, it is undoubtedly the best.

Some other companies that provide similar services are:

  • Lyft 2012
  • Ola cabs 2010
  • Grab 2012
  • Gett 2010
  • Via 2012
  • BlaBla car 2006
  • DiDi 2012
  • Turo 2010
  • Etc.

An estimated income of an Uber driver:

Depending on the region, amount of trips and distances, income of an Uber driver can be various. Here we estimate the income of a typical Uber driver in London who works full time.

The wages per hour for an Uber driver in London varies from £8.75 to £15.00 depending on which part has been worked (food delivery, courier, private hire, etc.). Consume a typical driver who works 6 hours per day, has one day off, and is eligible to work for all parts. If we consider an average of £10.00 per hour, the driver can work £60.00 per day, £360.00 per week and about £1440.00 per month. The estimation shows it can have more than a normal part-time job, and less than a full-time job for you.

Uber partner London- rules and conditions:

In order to become an Uber driver in any region, you must have the following conditions:

  1. Be at least 21 years old.
  2. Have a valid driver license in the UK.
  3. Have a bank account to receive payments.

The other process would be explained in the coming part.

How to join Uber UK? Step by step guide:

join Uber UK

This is the step by step guide of how to join Uber in the UK.

  1. Online registration:
    All you need for online registration is a valid email of yours. Go to Uber’s official website and sign up.
  2. Get a private hire license:
    If you have got one, it is great but if you don’t, check the centers that are accepted by Uber.
  3. Upload documents:
    After signing up on Uber website and having the license, you can upload required documents and a profile photo to complete the registration forms.
  4. Get a vehicle:
    You can both use a private hire car or use your personal car.
  5. Account activation:
    The last step is to activate your Uber account through the website and your email and be an official Uber driver.

Congratulations! You are an Uber driver now.

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