How To Reapply For Your PCO License

How To Reapply For Your PCO License

How To Reapply For Your PCO License

As you know, having a PCO license for all of the PCO drivers is essential. A PCO license is valid for three years and after that you need to reapply to renew it. This process might need a guide for some people as they could be unfamiliar with the online reapplication process. In this article you are going to read how to reapply for your PCO license in the quickest way. Note that starting the process of renewing and reapplying is better to be done before the expiry date comes over. So that you won’t need to stay jobless until the new license is affirmed. 

You will read about the following items in this article

  • Requirements of reapplying for PCO license
  • Step by step reapplications for PCO license
  • What if I don’t complete my PCO license reapplication on time?
  • Conclusion

Requirements of reapplying for PCO license

reapplying for PCO license

  1. An account on TfL official website
  2. Renewal application forms should be sent before the expiration of your current PCO-license
  3. Application fee
  4. License fee
  5. Full information 
  6. ID cards (can be your driving license)
  7. DBS forms
  8. Medical declaration forms
  9. A recent picture
  10. Any additional forms which is required in your package on your profile

Step by step reapplications for PCO license

reapplications for PCO license

 Follow the step by step guide for PCO license reapplication to receive it with no delays.

Step one

If you have an account on TfL sign in and if you don’t have one, register before doing any other steps. You can read for requirements of different packages there and prepare the needs. You can also find the customer reference number and some other codes which will be needed in next steps. 

Step two

If you are planning to renew your license, pay attention to check the box under the sentence ‘for existing license holders’. Then you should write the customer reference number. Make sure you have written all the characters correctly. Now click on the ‘driver’s license’ button as your additional identifier and write your previous PCO license number found in your package. 

Step three

One of the most important documents you need to upload for reapplying PCO license is proving a new DBS certificate (the Disclosure and Barring Service which checks to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups of people). This way you are affirming that you are qualified to continue to work as a PCO driver. Note that the sooner you get this certificate, the sooner PCO process will end. 

If you are an active driver, you can apply by providing a copy of your disclosure. Providing accurate information in detail is really important. Because any difference in provided certification and ID cards can lead your application to delay or even rejection. 

Step four

There is a medical declaration form needed to be completed by a GP and uploaded on the website. Please note that your form should have all the following items:

  1. Every question is answered in detail and completely.
  2. There is a GP signature under the form.
  3. The form should be up to date and the date should be mentioned in the end.
  4. Surgery stamps must be endorsed on all the pages.

If you had to visit an optician, note that the prescriptions and full form of opticians should be added to the previous form. 

Step five

Collect all the mentioned documents in the previous steps and recheck if they are complete or not. if it was not completed, prepare the forms and get ready to scan and upload them. Uploading the documents completely will help you to avoid any delays for receiving your license. 

Final step

The final step is to upload a recent photograph of you with a clear background (white is recommended). Make sure the picture clearly shows your face and ears so that no delays would affect your application. 

What if I don’t complete my PCO license reapplication on time?

If you don’t be on time for reapplying for a PCO license, it is not guaranteed that you can receive it before the expiration date of the former PCO license. in other words, if you need to receive your PCO license before the expiration date of the previous one, reapply as soon as possible. 

Also if the previous license is expired, you are not allowed to work unless the new one is released.


You are all done, just wait to receive your new PCO license and work for another 3 years with no trouble as an Uber or any other private hire driver. If everything goes well and no delay is considered for your application, you will receive your new PCO license before the expiration date of your former PCO license. 

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