How To Upload Your Documentation To Uber

How To Upload Your Documentation To Uber

How To Upload Your Documentation To Uber

Have you decided to work as a PCO driver? Is your desired company Uber? Way to go! All you need is to collect the documents and register on Uber website as an Uber driver. If you are not planning to work as an Uber driver, we invite you to read this article especially the ‘why Uber?” part which might change your mind of being a private hire driver as it is flexible and you can make good money in this industry. 

This process can be a little confusing for some people, but don’t worry because in this article we are going to review the documentation uploads to Uber, step by step. All you need to do is to spend a few minutes and read this article to the end. Then you are completely ready to start your job as a successful Uber driver.

In this article, the following matters are covered

  • Why Uber?
  • Documents needed to become an Uber driver
  • Step by step document upload process
  • How much can I earn by becoming an Uber driver?
  • Conclusion

Why Uber?

Why Uber

Uber is the biggest and the most popular PHV operator in the world, providing services in many countries including the UK and having millions of users which leads the driver to always have a customer. If you are thinking of becoming a PCO driver, Uber is definitely one of the best choices. Every one of us, for sure, will select the best among the available options, then why not Uber?

Documents needed to become an Uber driver

All you need is to have the items below:

  1. A valid driving license.
  2. Be 21 or older.
  3. Proof identity.
  4. Having an accepted vehicle (can be your personal car or a hired car).
  5. Owning a PCO license.
  6. Proof a vehicle and driver insurance.
  7. Proof your vehicle efficiency.
  8. Registration forms.
  9. A driver profile photo.
  10. Permission letters.

Step by step document upload process

uber document upload process

The registration process is easy and will take less than 15 minutes for you to do it. After signing up on Uber website the process of uploading the documents would be:

Upload the vehicle information

Select ‘add a new vehicle’ button on your profile and fill in the blanks with vehicle information you are planning to confirm. The adding vehicle process can take a few minutes after you entered the information. So be patient and wait until it is added to your profile. When the car is visible to you on your profile, you can select the ‘manage the document’ button and upload the papers. These papers are:

  • Insurance certificate
  • MOT (annual test certificate of the vehicle)
  • PHV license
  • Registration document (forms)
  • PHV Back Page (only if the registration form address is different to the address on PHV license)
  • Insurance vehicle schedule
  • Insurance driver schedule and hire agreement (which are both not necessary to be uploaded)
  • Permission letter (which depends on which plan you join to Uber- rent 2 buy or PCO car hire)

When the documents are uploaded you have to wait until the Uber supporting team approves your documents and change the yellow button into a green ‘active’ button. This is all the process of uploading documents on Uber website. Once it is activated, you are totally ready to start your job as an official Uber driver. 

How much can I earn by becoming an Uber driver?

becoming an Uber driver

One of the most controversial things for becoming an Uber driver might be the earning amount. As many people join Uber to increase their earning rates so it is essential for then to know how much they can make. 

A typical Uber driver, consider working 8 hours a day and one day off in a week will make them to work 48 hours per week, though the working time is totally flexible and it is up to you to work more or less. If we consider £15 per hour of working (which is only an estimate and this can go upper or downer) by working 48 hours per week you can make £720 per week. By reducing car services, fuel and rental fee (if you hired a car rather than using your own car) there would be at least £350 to £400 in a week and about £1500 in a month. It shows that it is a good earning job, isn’t it?


Since technology is affecting everything and everyday lives, being updated with this affects is necessary for everyone. It has not been a long time that PHV operators are getting the place of traditional cabs in every single country. This is one of the best ways to improve your earnings by joining a second job or totally make a big change in your occupation. Uber is one of the most successful businesses in the world in the Private hire vehicles field. So joining a successful business will lead you to success too. Although it is simple, the registration might be hard for a few people specially the documental uploads which can be quite confusing. In this article we tried to cover and show a step by step documental upload on Uber website after you did the signing up. In order to apply completely you will need to add a vehicle and related documents on the website. We hope that reading this article was useful to you. 


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