London’s Top 5 Most Popular PCO cars

We always want the best things, hiring a PCO car is not an exception! Have you ever noticed that hiring a PCO car is really important? Obviously, it is because becoming a private hire driver is turning into a viral job all around the world. So, hiring a suitable PCO car would be an essential step.

By suitable I mean a car which is both low maintenance and has high quality. If you want to choose one of the top popular PCO cars hire in London, don’t miss reading this article to the end. 

This article covers the following items:

  • What factors make a PCO car suitable? Common features of top PCO cars
  • Minimum requirements of PCO cars
  • London’s top 5 most popular PCO cars.
  • Conclusion

What factors make a PCO car suitable? Common features of top PCO cars 

Popular PCO cars

In the coming list, 5 of the most important factors of a suitable PCO car are mentioned, though there can be more. A car which has at least half of the factors below, is considered a suitable choice for PCO cars and the ones containing all are considered as top PCO cars in London or any other region.

  1. Hybrid or half electric. As you are going to drive most of the time, having a hybrid car won’t hurt the environment. Besides, you can save more money on the petrol expenses.
  2. The car should have at least 5 seats (1 for driver and 4 for passengers). The more seats it has, the more passengers you can take.
  3. Newer model, better choice. New models of each company have fewer bugs! Then as long as it is possible, choose the most recent model.
  4. Weekly expenses and rental fee should be about half of the earnings. If not, then why would you work?
  5. A PCO car with insurance is a substantial feature. Make sure the car you are about to rent is covered by valid insurance.
  6. Etc.

Minimum requirements of PCO cars

TfL (transport for London) requires some conditions for every PCO car which are listed below:

  1. The PCO car needs to have at least 5 seats with 4 doors.
  2. No commercial branding and stickers are allowed to be on the vehicle.
  3. The vehicle should be in good condition and no cosmetic damage is accepted.
  4. In London the PCO cars need to be 2008 or newer and other cities of the UK 2006 or newer.
  5. The maximum age of the car is 10 years old (for older cars meet TFL conditions through the website)

London’s top 5 most popular PCO cars:

In order to be a successful PCO driver you need to prepare the appropriate equipment for it. Required equipment for this occupation is a good PCO car. As a result, knowing the top 5 PCO cars in London can lead you perfectly to be an outstanding PCO driver. In the latest update of this content, we just decided to add another popular PCO car which deeply deserves to be at the top of this list.

Kia Niro:

Kia Niro GM Direct hire

Kia Niro had a great performance since it was considered in PCO car companies and among PHV drivers in a way that currently this PCO car ranks the second top PCO car in the world! Besides the popularity, Kia Niro is a completely eco-friendly vehicle which makes it a smarter choice for those who care about air pollution.

Anyway, Kia Niro is one of the top 5 most popular PCO cars in London.


Toyota Prius:

Toyota Prius GM Direct

The physics of Toyota Prius is not the only reason for its population, rather efficient fuel-hybrid engines make it the first selection of any driver. This environmentally friendly car is Toyota Prius (Hybrid) which is one of the most common cars you can find in any street of London and also one of the most popular PCO cars in London. 

Ford galaxy:

GM Direct Ford Galaxy

Do you need more seats for passengers? Choose Ford galaxy! PCO car hire ford galaxy having 7 seats is the second most popular car and the most popular MPV in London. Which driver doesn’t want a 7 seater PCO car hire?

Mercedes E class:

GM Direct Mercedes Benz

Is there anybody who doesn’t like to drive a Mercedes Benz? Either for personal cars or as a PCO car, Mercedes E class is a great choice as it has a spectacular look which can impress anyone. This classy car is the third top PCO car in London.

Vauxhall Zafira:

Vauxhall Zafira GM direct

Do you need a good looking 7 seater car? Then choose Vauxhall Zafira which is a loyal member of private hire cars. To be honest, among all the MPV cars, this one really looks better and has a more modern design.

Volkswagen Sharan:

Volkswagen Sharan GM Direct

Another 7-seater PCO car with high popularity in London is Volkswagen Sharan. One of the reasons that made Volkswagen Sharan that common and well-liked is that PCO drivers can easily work in airports as the car has enough space for all the stuff. So, if you saw a PCO car for sale VW Sharan, don’t miss it!


Although there are many other cars which are suitable for PCO hire, we mentioned only the top ones that had the most popularity among PHV drivers in London. It totally depends on your taste and desires to choose a car. Each person might have a different definition of a suitable car and all of them are completely respectful. Hope this article was helpful. If you are interested to know more about best luxury PCO cars, you can read the article in our weblog. 

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