PCO Rules Of The Road | Stay Smart With Our Help Guide

PCO Rules Of The Road

PCO Rules Of The Road | Stay Smart With Our Help Guide

Becoming a PCO driver might look a little confusing at first, but if you have a clear view of the road rules for PCO drivers, there won’t be any difficulty at all. Apart from that nobody likes to pay fines every day. In fact, if you pay fines every day then what would be the profit for you? This is why we all look for a reference to read about PCO rules of the road in London and avoid getting fine. In this article you are going to read about different traffic rules in the UK and get familiar with the important signs.

In this article you will read about the following rules:

  • Limited parking – waiting
  • Bus rules (includes bus lane – bus stop)
  • Double and single yellow line
  • Box junction
  • Pedestrian zone
  • Zig zag lines
  • Illegal turns
  • Blue sign directions
  • Congestion zone
  • Conclusion

Limited parking – waiting

PCO cars Limited parking

In every country, big cities like London have some crowded streets which take a long time to pass. This is why the government decided to set limited parking or waiting signs so that the street would have much more space and cars could easily move. If you are a PCO driver, you need to be aware of this sign as you might wait a lot for riders to catch you. Besides, you might need to take a rest and treat yourself with a coffee, so be aware of the signs and if it is needed to pay for parking, pay before you leave the car.

Bus rules

There are some traffic rules for bus and bus drivers that will help you to drive safer and get no fine. 

Bus lane

If you are a PCO driver, you are not allowed to park or drive in bus lanes but it is ok if you want to pick up or set down a passenger there (if it is mentioned in the sign). Just note that your actions must not disturb the Bus lane. You can easily find the bus lane areas by the signs in the beginning and the end of the bus lane zone. 

Bus stop

If you had no other choice but picking up or dropping off a passenger in a bus lane, please pay attention not to do it in bus stops. Bus stops are usually clarified with yellow lines under a sign showing the bus station. 

Double and single yellow lines

Double and single yellow lines

In case of need, it is okay to pick and drop off a customer in the double, single yellow and red lines but, you should be aware not to stay more than a few minutes and let your hazard light be on. In this way, you will announce that you are going to leave as soon as possible so no fine will come to you. 

Box junction

At junctions, there are some famous yellow boxes that show the space between you and the front car. If you pass the intersection and there won’t be enough space on the other side, you will have to stay on the yellow box and get fined. Simply wait a few moments so some space would be free up and you won’t need to pay for unnecessary fines.

Pedestrian zone

Waiting and driving in pedestrian zones is a common mistake among PCO drivers in central parts of London. Although everyone is aware of this rule, many drivers are careless about the pedestrian zone and get fine easily. The important point is that even picking and dropping off the passengers is not allowed in this area so be aware. 

Zig zag lane

Waiting in zig zag lanes in any part of the city, whether it is crowded or not, is not a good choice at all as you are going to get fined for blocking the street and it risks you 3 points on your driving license. If you had to stay for a few moments, which is not recommended at all, don’t forget to turn on hazard lights. 

Illegal turns

Before turning make sure there is no illegal turning sign around you because this is one other common mistake among the PCO drivers in London. Once you check the signs carefully, no fines are considered. 

Blue sign directions

Blue sign directions

These signs simply tell you where to drive without any risks, but as they are typically smaller than other signs, they might be neglected by PCO drivers. 

Congestion zone

Official cabs in the UK are allowed to move in congestion zones without payments, while PCO drivers have to pay about £15 per day if they are going to drive in a congestion zone from 7:00 to 22:00. However, if the PCO car is a wheelchair-accessible registered car, you can move in the zone without congestion charge payment just in case of having a passenger. 


In this article of G&M Direct, you read about the top 10 important road rules for PCO drivers which was a need for every PCO driver in London to know as it is frequently repeated by new drivers. All you need to do for a safe driving is to watch the signs carefully. In this way no fine and no points on your driving license are risked. Note that if anywhere you get fined, pay it as soon as possible so that it would be reduced up to 60 percent less. While most of the fines are more than £100, it is a benefit to reduce it as much as possible.  

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