Protecting PCO Drivers by The Benefits of Telematics and Cameras

Using telematics and cameras or CCTVs are helpful for any kind of job to increase the quality of protection. In order to protect PCO drivers in London and help the PCO car hire companies in the UK, using a CCTV camera in PCO cars is a great idea that recently has become popular. In this article, we are going to review in what ways telematics and cameras can help the PCO drivers in the UK, how it works, and understand the need of this technology in every PCO car.

Protecting PCO Drivers by The Benefits of Telematics and Cameras

In this article you will read about the following matters

  • How does CCTV on a PCO car work?
  • In what ways a CCTV can be helpful for PCO drivers in the UK?
  • What part of the vehicle should I equip the camera?
  • How to get a PCO car in the UK equipped with CCTV?
  • Conclusion

How does CCTV on a PCO car work?

Telematics and cameras on a vehicle, use a cellular data network to share the real time information and videos between the car (driver) and the center which receive these videos. If we want to look at it in more detail, a CCTV will tell the center what is the current behavior and location of the PCO driver. In this way, if any threat comes to the driver or the passenger, other people are announced and can send help as soon as possible.

Long story short, telematics and cameras can be in helpful in:

  1. Increment in safety and avoiding accidents
  2. Prevent threatens such as robbery
  3. Finding PCO drivers idle time and let the driver be more efficient

Protecting PCO Drivers by The Benefits of Telematics

In what ways a CCTV can be helpful for PCO drivers in the UK?

As it was mentioned briefly, it can be helpful in avoiding threats and increasing the productivity of the PCO drivers in the UK. But, let’s review the benefits of a CCTV in more details and see how it helps with examples:

Less fraudulent

While a PCO car is equipped with a CCTV camera, usually a badge to announce there is a CCTV in the car will be in the car. This makes the probable frauds to be avoided. Some fraudulent, by pretending they are a simple client, lead the PCO driver to a less crowded area and try to steal the valuable things with the driver. While the CCTV can either change the fraudulent idea or inform the center to send help.

Apart from these cases, when an accident happens, the CCTV can clearly claim whose fault it is and nobody can lie. In fact, the responsibility of the accident is obvious.

The cctv badge in the PCO cars

More trust

The riders will trust those PCO cars equipped with a CCTV as they make sure the PCO driver is being watched and will be more careful. Besides, sometimes exactly the thing that happened in the previous section between driver and rider, may happen vice versa. There are some frauds pretending they are a PCO driver and kidnap or rob the riders easily. By having telematics and cameras, you are giving the trust to the rider that you are a real PCO driver.

Detecting needs of the driver

A PCO driver can be either highly experienced or a naive. By using a CCTV, the PCO car hire company can understand if the driver needs any special training courses or not. The driver performance will be studied carefully and this can help the PCO car hire company to decide whether to set a new contract with the driver or not.

An assistant to insurance companies

As it was mentioned, by using a CCTV, the responsible of any probable accident would be easily clarified. This can be a great help to insurance companies and let them spend less time on investigations.

What part of the vehicle should I equip the camera?

Depending on whether you and the company plan to announce the car is equipped with CCTV or not, you can place the camera in different parts. Just note that the place should:

  • Cover a wide range of views.
  • Available by remote sources.
  • Be able to receive mobile, email and desktop alerts to announce new footage.
  • Offer a clear view of both roads and the behavior of the PCO driver.

The best choice is to use two cameras and put them on the front window of the car, one capturing inside the vehicle and the other capturing the road.

How to get a PCO car in the UK equipped with CCTV?

Easily, you can ask the private car hire company to equip the rental PCO car with CCTVs and make it a safer option for you to choose. Note that not all PCO car hire companies provide this service, so if you are thinking of hiring a PCO car with telematics and cameras, first search if the company accepts this issue. In order to check if the company accepts this equipment, email them and wait until you receive a clear response.

Sometimes the companies share this issue on their websites as a marketing plan. So, there would be no necessity to send them email and only browsing on the website will let you know.


Using CCTV is getting more popular in different types of businesses and trades including private hire cabs. Well, this equipment helps both the PCO driver and the passenger to be safer, more careful and receive help easier when it is necessary. Besides, it can help the PCO car hire companies to capture and analyze the behavior of the PCO drivers and assist or train them in essential occasions. In this article we mentioned how exactly can this facility help the PCO drivers in the UK, passengers, PCO car hire companies, insurance companies, etc. and we offered you where in the car place the camera.

Just something more to mention. Even if you find it useless to have an active CCTV on your PCO car, equip your car with it! You may wonder why, when it is not necessary in your opinion but you need to know that many frauds would be prevented easily by use of a badge and CCTV, even if it is not an active one! However, we hope you never need to use the recorded videos.

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