Summer update for PCO drivers- this summer is yours!

Every season is a new chapter of work life. This new chapter may have new barriers as well as new opportunities, but you will make the most of it as you are a G&M Direct Hire blog reader!  We are here to give you essential tips to turn all the upcoming into an opportunity to earn more as a PCO driver. This is a summer special post and it is crucial for every PCO driver to read it. Fasten your seat belts for the most interesting working season in your life.

PCO drivers behavior in summer

Content overview

  • Work-life balance in the UK
  • What do PCO drivers do during the summer?
  • Tips to earn more in summer
  • Summer tools on the road
  • Conclusion

Work-life balance in the UK

As the need of human resources in every field is increasing and there are multiple job options in the UK, people sometimes are committed to over-work! This issue highly affects work-life balance and makes many people to be mentally tired. As a result, the whole lifestyle is changed to an unhealthy one.

Generally, every worker, regardless of the job field, needs a leisure time and annual vacations which brings more interest and creativity in working. Therefore, summer can be considered as the best time to not only enjoy the recreation but also increase the earning. Well, it sounds a little bit paradoxical but that’s the secret of a healthy work-life balance not only in the UK but also all around the world.

 What do PCO drivers do during the summer?

You know that in summer lots of things may change as there is no teacher taking cabs, no student going to school, etc. which means a big loss of clients in summer. On the other hand, tourists may run to your region which means a great client earning. So what to do as a PCO driver during summer to make the best of it?

A PCO driver driving during summer

Don’t miss the airports and train stations during the summer if you are in a city full of tourist attractions like London. Besides that, there can be a few intercity trips where business and pleasure are combined.

For a better conclusion let’s divide the PCO drivers in 2 groups:

  1. PCO drivers with plans in summer
  2. PCO drivers with no plans in summer

For sure, the first Group is ready to work the whole summer which can be considered as an unhealthy chapter of their life but leads to more earnings. In this case, we highly recommend a short vacation while they work. It can be fulfilled by taking intercity trips. Just note that you can’t take any friends or family members with you!

Another solution is to have a 2-day vacation in your off days. Or try to have a longer vacation but check for rides in other cities in the UK. As you know, being a PCO driver in London allows you to work in any other part of the UK as well.

In general, there are a few tips that can be used by both groups of PCO drivers to increase their earning during summer.

Tips to earn more in summer

  1. Don’t miss the power of A/C! Make sure the air conditioner works properly and be generous in using it during every trip. Believe it or not, passengers are more likely to tip you more when they find your vehicle cool in the heat.
  2. Be a smart PCO driver. Drive at a safe speed and find the best routes to reach the destination. Even if the rider asked you for another route, explain to them you know a better route and if they were not convinced, go with their choice.
  3. Airports, train stations, bus terminals, etc. are more crowded during summer so spend a few days a week working there.
  4. Make your car smell perfect. In summer you may face some matters affecting your car so badly. Maybe a tired passenger who is going back home from a hard day, poured snacks on the rider’s children, you are having a rough day, etc. So always have some sprays in the car to smell great. You can spray a little inside the A/C gates so that the smell is spread all over the car.
  5. Although it can be hard to work in the boiling hours (probably 12 to 4 pm), you can earn more tips. However, rush hour in summer can be early mornings and during the evening. This highly depends on your region.
  6. Don’t miss to apply sunscreen on all the visible parts of your skin. After all, we don’t want you to hurt your skin during work!
Summer road tips for PCO drivers to know

Summer tools on the road

There is some equipment to always keep in the car during the summer. Make sure you have all of them in the trunk.

  • Drinkable water as the weather makes you and probably your passengers thirsty.
  • Antifreeze (anti-boil) liquid for critical moments.
  • Non-drinkable water to use when the radiator is not working properly and makes your vehicle break down.
  • Cool drinks to have in your rest times or offer to your passengers.
  • Car sun shade to apply on the rear side windows for the sunniest days. You can also use it when you are not driving to avoid extra heat inside the car.
  • Sunscreen to apply frequently.
  • Face mask and sanitizing liquid for COVID prevention.


Although some PCO drivers may find seasonal changes a little challenging, with being prepared and informed for all the upcoming events. Then seasonal changes are not only not challenging but also are opportunities to target more earning. As we are reaching summer, we decided to make a list of tips for PCO drivers to make the best of summer by working for Uber or other rideshare apps. You can also have some special tips essentially for yourself which can be added to this list. Ultimately, our goal is to prepare useful information to lead you and your working life to a perfect one.

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