Time To Switch To Electric Cars?

Time To Switch To Electric Cars?

A question on most drivers’ minds is, should I switch to an electric car?

The UK is planning to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars by the year 2030 in an attempt to rollout electric vehicles across British roads. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and economic turbulence Electric Cars is an important issue for the government. This new legislation will certainly bring a change to the UK vehicle market and will shift both passengers’ and drivers’ choices when it comes to which car to buy or rent.

Besides, Uber as the most well-known ride-share app offers different plans and services for PCO drivers driving electric PCO cars. Thus, a combination of London’s legislation and Uber plans can bring a wide range of advantages to anyone driving Uber with electric cars.

Electric Cars

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  • What is the exact goal of the UK by this legislation?
  • Uber’s EV programs for drivers
  • How electric cars benefit me as an Uber (PCO) driver?
  • Everything about charging electric cars
  • FAQs

What is the exact goal of the UK by this legislation?

The current government has brought forward the deadline from 2040 to 2030, proving how vital this current government and policy-makers believe this issue to be. The UK follows other countries such as Norway which will start the ban in 2025. Government policy is taking car emissions and air pollution seriously.

Environmentalists can breathe a sigh of relief as this new legislation will reduce carbon dioxide and other gases from being emitted when cars are driven in towns, cities and British roads. Creating cleaner air levels for drivers, pedestrians, and residents. Electric cars will bring a reduction of local air pollution, especially in cities, as they do not emit harmful tailpipe pollutants such as black particulates (soot), volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, and various oxides of nitrogen all of which are bad for the environment and public health.

Uber’s EV programs for drivers

Since this is an important issue for every country to make a change in trend of “Everyone is responsible to save the earth for next generations”, Uber launched two main plans to prove it is also in. It is good to mention that currently, only 1000 Uber cars in London are electric which are going to target all the 45000 available Uber drivers to ride an EV in London by 2025.  

Uber Clean air

Clean Air plan is what leads you to earn a higher rate which is called Clean Air fee as part of fare. Besides increasing the earning rate, you would have the opportunity to apply for Uber’s clean air fund. That is a great chance to buy an EV as simple as possible. Generally, Uber is trying to benefit its drivers with Clean air plan from three points of view:  

  1. More earning rate per trip
  2. Less traffic fees such as eliminating congestion fee
  3. Opportunity to buy a car by Uber’s fund

Uber Green

Uber green is a feature of this ride-share app that will lead you to connect passengers caring about the environment as well as you do. As it is announced by Uber, you can take part in this plan and receive 15% higher rates per trip since 2021. Note that this feature is not available for all zones yet, so that you are allowed to be a part of normal Uber trips while there is no Uber Green applicant.  

How electric cars benefit me as an Uber (PCO) driver?

Taxi and PCO drivers will benefit from electric cars in numerous ways. There are fewer mechanical components in an electric car compared with conventional vehicles, which often results in lower servicing and maintenance costs, saving money and the drivers’ time. Electric cars have a zero rate of vehicle excise duty. Electric cars are exempted from paying congestion charge and ULEZ. Free parking for electric vehicles is available in some towns and cities. Owners of electric cars have the advantage of much lower re-fuelling costs. The electricity to charge an electric car works out around 33% as much per mile as buying petrol for the same conventional vehicle. In the long run, this can save a lot of money for drivers, especially Taxi and PCO drivers.

So, to list the advantages of EVs for private drivers, you can take a look below:

  1. Save more money (by reducing ULEZ, congestion fees, parking fees, fuel costs, tax and excise duty, etc.)
  2. Earn more money (by taking part in different Uber plans)
  3. Save more time (by reducing waiting time in fuel lines)
  4. Earn more authority (as EV drivers are considered more caring people more authority is rewarded to them)
  5. Help to make the earth a better place to live (by being an assistant in reducing air pollution)

PCO drivers

  Everything about charging electric cars

You may wonder if electric PCO cars are still rare around the city, wouldn’t it cause trouble to charge my electric PCO car? The answer at this point is definitely NO as there is an adequate consideration for charging points beside the home charging options. So, you can either choose the fast charging points around the city to charge your EV or use a home charging which is a slower but more economical choice.   

It is worth mentioning that fast charging points are made to charge the vehicle from %10 to almost more than %80 in less than 30 minutes (this can vary for different EVs), however home charging will take at least 4 hours to do the same.

The next thing to cover about the EV charging is whether it is expensive or not? The answer is that you can fully charge your EV at charging points for about £6 or less while filling the regular vehicles with petrol will cost about £20. The point is how much you can drive with an EV per charge that is responded in FAQs.  

Before mentioning the FAQs, note that top PCO car hire companies such as G&M Direct Hire have always been future-thinking and have several full electric cars available to hire right now with lots of good reviews of these electric cars. Happy cars, happy drivers.

Why Uber should go electric?

Uber as the most popular ride-share app in the world is responsible for bringing features and plans which are eco-friendly. Imagine if all the vehicles working for Uber were regular petrol based cars, there would be no air to breath in coming years!

How much does an electric car cost?

Based on what car you want and whether you choose a rental plan or buying the car, the expenses can be various. Rental electric PCO cars start from £230 to £300 per week. In addition, buying an electric vehicle to join Uber can cost you from £30000.

How much can I ride an EV per charge?

This one also highly depends on the type of the EV and can be varied from 300 miles up to approximately 600 miles.   

Are the Uber EV plans currently available in the UK?

As the plans are new and recently launched, it might not be available in all zones, therefore we recommend you to check Uber’s official website to have a clearer view to this issue.  

Uber-ready PCO Car Rental in London

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