Uber insurance

One of the most important factors that made Uber a popular rideshare app, can be probably the services on insurance. Uber tries to protect its PCO drivers and the riders to have a safe trip. Many people before joining Uber might not be aware of the terms and conditions, necessary documents, what injuries Uber covers with the insurance, how much do they pay on damage, etc. That’s why we decided to provide a comprehensive article explaining all you need to know about Uber insurance. Through the article, you can learn more about in what situations Uber will accept your injuries and damages, terms to know, the subsidiaries of this insurance, steps to announce Uber after a crash, and answers of some FAQs on this issue. Don’t miss to read it!

Uber insurance

This article claims the following items

  • What are the terms to know of Uber insurance for PCO drivers?
  • How does the insurance work?
  • What to do in case of a crash while using Uber?
  • FAQs of Uber insurance
  • Conclusion

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What are the terms to know of Uber insurance for PCO drivers?

In all insurance types, some special terms are used that a typical person may not know the meaning and use of them. Here are some of them:

Third-party liability insurance

Third parties are all the people or things apart from you and your vehicle that had damage or injury through the accidents on your behalf.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury insurance

In some situations, during the rides on Uber, you may have an accident with another vehicle and the accident is their fault. When this happen and they don’t have a valid insurance to cover the injuries or damages, or they hit and run from the accident scene, Uber will cover this occasion.

Contingent comprehensive and collision insurance

No matter whose fault it is, when contingent comprehensive and collision insurance is maintained, any damages to your PCO car up to the value of the car, is accepted and covered by Uber.

How does the insurance work?

Apart from the time you are on a ride with your client, there are two situations Uber covers the injuries and damages on your behalf. These occasions are:

Uber insurance articel

While you are waiting for a trip request

When you are waiting to receive a ride request, you are online and using the Uber app. This means to Uber you are working and the accidents on your behalf are covered by Uber. Also the third party insurance liability, in case of your personal insurance doesn’t cover it, can be supported by Uber as it is mentioned below:

  • About £36,000 in bodily injury per person
  • About £72,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • About £18,000 in property damage per accident

On the way to pick the rider up

If you are on the way to pick you rider up, Uber covers the injuries and damages on your behalf as it is mentioned below:

  • £720,000 third-party liability Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision:
    1- Up to actual cash value of car with the deduction of what you paid at first for insurance.
    2- Certain vehicles offered through the Vehicle Marketplace are subject to a £720 deductible


Then how about not using Uber?

When the driver is not working!

If you are in the offline mode and not using the app or in other words, in off hours of your job, if a crash (or any other injuries) happens to you, your chosen personal insurance company and coverages will work for you.

What to do in case of a crash while using Uber?

Three important steps should be done when an accident occurs. Note that firstly, keep calm and then:

  1. Check the safety of you, your client and all the engaged people with the accident.
  2. Call 911 in case of need.
  3. Report the crash to Uber by using Uber app ->help or through Uber website.

FAQs of Uber insurance

Who needs Uber insurance?

Regardless of who needs and who doesn’t need Uber insurance, Uber will consider an auto insurance for ridesharing on your behalf while you are working with Uber. You may also have a personal insurance which cover ridesharing trips as well and that would be an extra coverage. So no matter who needs it, that’s auto insurance.

What if I lose my vehicle through the accident? How can I work again?

Although Uber will not be responsible to hire you another PCO car, it will cover the damages up to the real value of the vehicle. Note that this feature needs a deduction to be paid when you apply for Uber, if you want this.

What if the accident is someone else’s fault?

As we mentioned, once you apply for Uber insurance, contingent comprehensive and collision insurance is approved as well. Through this program, while you are on the trips of Uber, all the injuries are covered even if somebody else is faulty for the crash.

a car that crashed

What to do in case of an accident?

Apart from the mentioned three steps, you can also call the support agent directly to get help. To access this feature, go to the help section of the app, tap the call support and wait to be connected.

What is the injury protection program of Uber insurance?

All the Uber drivers and delivery persons are covered through the injury protection program of Uber insurance. This program contains medical expenses, disability, loss of life and dismemberment.


Insurance is one of the main features that need to be considered in any job roles. Uber, by providing a great insurance service, made it easier and there is no need for other insurances while you are up for Uber. In this article, we mentioned how Uber drivers and PCO cars are eligible for Uber insurance and what to do in case of an accident. Besides we answered some of the top FAQs of PCO drivers about Uber insurance and explained some of the most important terms used by Uber and insurances. We hope you never need insurance coverage in your life and reading this article was helpful to know enough about Uber’s insurance.

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