What’s the best smartphone for PCO drivers?

best smartphone for PCO drivers

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Becoming a PCO driver is getting more popular by the day; thus, having the required technology is a substantial need. Besides, many cars might not have an embedded Sat Nav system, so a GPS can accompany you during the trips you get via a smartphone. But choosing the best and most functional smartphone might be somehow challenging for those not familiar with the world of technology. If you are a PCO driver and plan to buy a smartphone to help you at work, this article is written for you as you get to know the best smartphones for PCO drivers.

This article covers the following matters

  • Why do PCO drivers need smartphones?
  • Factors of a good smartphone for a PCO driver
  • What are the best smartphones for PCO drivers? (plus prices)
  • Conclusion

Why do PCO drivers need a smartphone?

Why do PCO drivers need a smartphone?

Clearly, not all drivers are entirely familiar with every single street, and even if they are, sometimes some road alerts need to be announced as soon as possible. Navigation apps such as Waze can do the alerting in the fastest and easiest way so that the drivers won’t have any problem. But this is not the only reason to acquire a smartphone. Sometimes you might get distracted and miss some signs. Having a smartphone equipped with a GPS app can help you avoid missing traffic signs as the app can read you the street. This way, no fines are considered. Besides, if you don’t have any smartphone, how do you want to join rideshare apps such as Uber? A necessary step to join Uber as a PCO driver is to install the Uber partner app on your smart device.

if you need to rent a car for PCO, we will suggest Mercedes-Benz (E-class) Pco

Factors of a good smartphone for PCO driver

good smartphone for PCO driver

The most important factors that make a smartphone handy for PCO drivers are:


The screen is literally the most crucial matter in buying a smartphone as a PCO driver. It should be in a standard size, not too small to make it hard for you to read, and not too big to distract you while driving. It is also necessary to check the phone resolution to ensure every detail is easily visible. The higher resolution means better quality in displaying what you want from a smartphone.

Battery life

As PCO drivers work hours in the street using their phones, the phone’s battery life has become so important. It should also be capable of staying on as long as possible. Remember to always bring your charging cable or a power bank with you.

In this case, the iPhone is not performing very well; however, it is still a good choice due to other features.

Storage capacity

GPS apps are constantly transferring data through the internet. PCO drivers need to have smartphones with a reasonable storage capacity to prevent any problem during data transfers.

Besides the data, as a PCO driver, it is common to use different apps, such as Uber, Ola, or any other rideshare app, at the same time. While the driver will use the phone for other purposes such as social media, taking photos, etc., the storage capacity needs to be at least 128GB.


One essential factor for every one of us is how much we pay for a smartphone. Too expensive smartphones are not fitted for a PCO hire, and too cheap ones may not fulfill your desires. The best price is something that the driver can simply afford! There are some fantastic features that even affordable smartphones bring. For example, Kia Niro PCO (Full Electric) supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, letting you access apps on your smartphone like YT Music, iTunes, Google Maps, Waze, and Spotify via the touch screen of your automobile. You can also make calls, send messages or use the navigation system with voice commands using Siri or Google Assistant.

Other unique cars such as Mercedes Benz and Nissan Leaf (Full Electric) also support these fantastic features.

If you want to find out about the details of each of the mentioned cars, click on their links.

What are the best smartphones for PCO drivers? (plus prices)

the best smartphones for PCO drivers

iPhone 6 to 13

This series of iPhone has a bigger screen than the previous one, making it easier for the driver to read the maps. Moreover, as it is not the newest model, the prices are reasonable. Apple is always a pioneer in providing high storage capacity for its smartphones. The price of this phone starts from £100 to £1000.

Samsung Galaxy s7, s7 edge, and A7

Samsung is another popular brand and its smartphones are always popular. Galaxy s7 and s7 edge are two of the best types of these brands having a good size of screen. Samsung is also popular because of its great battery life. This model is available in different storage capacity types from 32GB to 256GB. The prices are also good as the newer models are releasing and making the older model cheaper.

Android Nexus 6p

Android Nexus 6p is a nice phone with a reasonable price, good screen size, and fine battery life, which Google developed. The only point is the storage capacity, which can be fixed using an SD card. 

Motorola Moto G4

The cheapest smartphone among all the mentioned above is the Motorola Moto G4 having a good screen size. The battery life is also great and will let you work with it without worrying about getting off. The storage capacity is also reliable, although you can also use an SD card. This phone costs only £160.


LG phones are famous for having a reliable battery life, letting you work with them for as long as you want. It also has a good screen size which enables you to read the roads easily. If there is any problem with the storage capacity, use an SD card. Pay £250 and buy one.


If you didn’t find any of the mentioned phones helpful, you could look at the list below to find your favorite smartphone for PCO drivers.

  • All Blackberry Devices
  • HTC Desire 816G Dual Sim
  • Huawei Y550
  • Lenovo A606
  • Lenovo S660
  • Microsoft Devices
  • Samsung Core 2 Duos (SM-G355H)
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy E5
  • Samsung Entire J Series
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 VE
  • Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus (SM-G350E)
  • Sony Devices
  • Xiaomi Devices

Buying a smartphone for PCO drivers might be a little challenging as they need a phone with some determining factors, including screen size, battery life, storage capacity, and the most important one, its price. As a result, PCO drivers need a reliable reference for the best smartphones for PCO drivers. Therefore, they can decide which one to buy quickly. G&M Direct Hire blog is always with you to guide you with every probable question in your mind leading you to have a better experience being a PCO driver.

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