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Uber car rental

Taking a cab is a vital and viral issue all around the world. This issue made creative people think of a new and unique idea like Uber. As everyone of us, everyday take taxis to different destinations. But Uber car rental was a new program which was announced in April 2018 in Uber app. In this article we will get to know this program better and see some important details. So accompany us to the end of the article.


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What We Need From You?

At G&M Direct Hire, we have minimized all our requirements to give our PCO drivers in London the best customer service experience about renting a vehicle. To hire a pco car from us, we only need the following documents from you:

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certificatePCO Licence
driving licenceDriving Licence
National InsuranceYour National Insurance Number

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Frequently Asked Questions about Uber car rental in london

What is the Uber car rental program?

In order to become an Uber driver, you need to have a car either your personal or a hired one. As many people may not own a car or prefer not to use a personal vehicle to work, Uber added a new feature to its app called ‘car rental’ in April 2018. Through this program which plans to answer the question of where to rent a car? you are able to hire a car without a driver and use it either for personal transportation or for working as a freelance Uber driver. Some people say it really isn't worth it, but some others think the opposite. The point is, it is totally your choice to go for a rental car or not! And to be honest, if you want to earn enough in any field (not only as an Uber driver) you need to be active.

PCO car rent for Uber

Hiring a car for Uber can be done through two ways:

  • 1. Choosing the Uber car rental program.
  • 2. Choosing a PCO car hirecompany to rent a car.
The second choice refers to all companies with a similar field of G&M Direct Hire which offer you different PCO Uber ready cars and you can immediately join Uber after renting a PCO car.

Uber car rental no deposit

Hiring a rental car, besides the documents, require two payments. One is the weekly rental fee and the other is a deposit fee which is for probable damages to the hired vehicle. But don’t worry, if you couldn’t afford the deposit fee you can omit this expense and pay an installment weekly. This is called an Uber car rental no deposit.

Uber car rental costs

The expenses of an Uber car rental highly depend on the factors below:

  • 1. The model of the car.
  • 2. The fuel consumption (and whether it is petrol based, hybrid, plug-in or electric)
  • 3. The maintenance fees of the vehicle.
  • 4. Deposit fee.
Considering the average costs of the Uber car rental (weekly fee + maintenance and deposit fee) you may pay from £200 to £400 per car.

Uber cars for lease

It is good to know that renting, hiring and leasing a car to join a rideshare app such as Uber have the same meaning. So, Uber cars for lease are the cars you rent from a dealership or a car rental company to join a PHV operator including Uber.

Uber car rental UK

There are multiple companies in the UK that offer you rental programs for Uber and G&M Direct hire is one of the best ones with special plans. The good news is that our plans are Uber ready and you can join this rideshare app after hiring a car, right away.

Earnings of an Uber car rental

Another question might come challenging is how much can I earn with an Uber car rental? Well, let us clearly tell you as much as you want! Based on the hours you spend to work as an Uber driver per day, your earnings can be different. Uber rates per mile are mentioned in the table below:

UberX£1.25- £2.50

Where can I hire an Uber ready car?

Here, at G&M Direct hire you can simply hire the best PCO Uber ready cars and join Uber right away. As a bonus, we offer you free documentation uploads. All you need is to contact us!

What are the requirements of Uber car rental?

All you need to provide is your PCO license, driver license and your national insurance number. As soon as you provide the mentioned documents plus the first week’s rental fee, you can receive your selected car immediately.

Which car is the best to join Uber?

All the vehicles provided by G&M Direct hire are suitable and meet the requirements of Uber rideshare app. It is completely up to you to choose your preferable vehicle but we offer you full electric cars to omit the congestion fees as well.