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Taking a cab is a vital and viral issue all around the world. This issue made creative people think of a new and unique idea like Uber. As everyone of us, everyday take taxis to different destinations. But Uber car rental was a new program which was announced in April 2018 in Uber app. In this article we will get to know this program better and see some important details. So accompany us to the end of the article.


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At G&M Direct Hire, we have minimized all our requirements to give our PCO drivers in London the best customer service experience about renting a vehicle. To hire a pco car from us, we only need the following documents from you:

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What is the Uber car rental program?

When transportation takes an essential role in everyday routines, having a personal vehicle become more and more popular. But there are some obstacles in the way of buying a car! Including:

  • 1. High maintenance of some types of cars.
  • 2. High prices of buying a car.
  • 3. Every year a new version of cars is released but as you already own one, you will not buy a newer.
  • 4. Planning to buy a newer car, but you cannot afford it.
  • 5. Etc.
The upper items make everyone think of a solution, and that would be probably renting a car. The question is where can we rent a car? The Uber rental program will help you. In April 2018, a new tab was added to Uber application as “car rental” that you could hire a car without a driver and use it either for personal transportation or for working as a freelance Uber driver. Some people say it really isn't worth it, but some others think the opposite. The point is, it is totally your choice to opt for a rental car or not! And to be honest, if you want to earn enough in any field (not only as an Uber driver) you need to be active.

What is a PCO license?

The PCO license, also known as the Private Hire Driver license, allows you to work as a minicab driver or chauffeur, including working as an Uber driver. The PCO license is valid for 3 years and is issued by the PCO (Public Carriage Office), who are part of Transport for London (TfL). So note that, if you are planning to use Uber rental cars as a part-time driver, you will need to have a PCO license.

PCO car rent for Uber:

As it was mentioned in the last paragraph, having a PCO license is one of the requirements to hire a car. In order to get a PCO car hirelicense for Uber, the following steps must be done:

  • 1. Complete Criminal (DBS) Check. types of cars.
  • 2. Pass Medical Test.
  • 3. Pass Topographical Skills Assessment.
  • 4. Topographical Assessment with Uber.
  • 5. Pass English Language Test.
  • 6. Complete the application form on the TfL Website.

Uber car rental no deposit:

As it is a business, there must be a way to pay for renting cars. As it is said by Uber, 130£ is the base rate per a week is required (not as a deposit) It means you need to pay 130£ when you are renting a car (for some upper models of cars this deposit may be increased to 155£). After each ride, this amount will be reduced little by little and after 75 rides, the rental fee can be reduced to 0£ per a week. Note that if you are a high-volume driver renting would become somehow free!

Uber car rental cost:

The rental costs are various as the cars are different, but as it was mentioned above, it varies 133£ to 155£ per a week. So there would be both cheap Uber cars for rent, and expensive ones.

Uber's cars for a lease:

Uber lease provides two programs. One is to rent your car and share it with drivers, and the other is to let you rent a car from Uber and work with it as an Uber driver.

Uber car rental UK:

As Uber is an expanded program, many countries own a branch, including the UK. You can drive with Uber in most regions of the UK, including major cities such as London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Leeds.

Earning of Uber car rental:

According to the current market rates, Uber drivers can receive up to 1090£ per a week. It totally depends on how many rides they take per day.