How CCTV Cameras Protect PCO-Licensed Drivers
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How CCTV Cameras Protect PCO-Licensed Drivers

CCTV for PCO drivers

Assaults on private-hire and taxi drivers are not that common, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. There exist numerous ways to protect your PCO-licensed drivers, but nothing matches the security offered by CCTV cameras. While the technology is nothing new, this application for the protection of PCO drivers is still an emerging idea, advancing its way past privacy invasion and other concerns.

If the idea of having CCTV cameras in taxis and other PCO cars become a reality, it will certainly be a massive breakthrough for the drivers. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how CCTV cameras work to protect PCO drivers, what other benefits you can expect from them, and where exactly should they be positioned in PCO cars so that you make the most out of them.

How CCTV Cameras Work to Protect PCO-Licensed Drivers

CCTV cameras in a vehicle rely on cellular data network to transmit real-time information, including videos showing what’s going inside a PCO car between the vehicle and the monitoring hub or centre. Officials receiving live or recorded videos in the monitoring hub are not only able to track the location of the vehicle but also observe the behaviour of the driver and other passengers.

How CCTV cameras work

Responding to Incidents and Offering Compensation to Drivers

This way, the officials are alerted of any potential threats to the both the driver and the passenger(s), so they can take immediate steps to take control of the issue. For example, they may send a recorded video of the incident to the law enforcement personnel, assisting them through the investigation process.

Thus, even if the monitoring officials couldn’t do anything on their own to get hold of the situation, the videos can later be used to do justice for the driver. If the case ends up in court, the CCTV footages could be the difference between fair play and injustice. The innocent party, whether that be the driver or the passenger, should be compensated for the damages they’ve faced.

Preventing Fraudulent Acts

Some criminals pretending to be a passenger lead the PCO driver to a deserted area and attempt to rob them. CCTVs can actually prevent such fraudulent acts before they occur. This is because CCTV cameras in PCO cars come labelled with a badge indicating that there’s a CCTV camera in the vehicle. These badges are strategically positioned so that they’re easily visible to whosoever sits in the car.

Anyone who enters the vehicle with the criminal intent may change their mind upon seeing the CCTV camera label. Even if they choose to pursue their illicit intentions, it won’t be long before they’re hunted down and punished.

Protecting Drivers against False Allegations

While most riders are fantastic, there can be exceptions. There are numerous cases in which a rider accused their driver for crimes like physical abuse, sexual assault, robbery, etc., and not only get away with it, but also get compensated for it. In cases like these, a CCTV can be an effective way of shedding light on what actually happened.

This can also help in achieving more realistic driver ratings. Any incorrect ratings caused by false allegations can later be taken down by the managers, thereby improving the overall score of drivers, helping them achieve what they truly deserve.

Preventing Accidents

With strategically positioned CCTV cameras, PCO-licensed drivers will not just be cautious drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs or other substances, but will also stay alert while driving. For instance, they’ll avoid reckless driving behaviours, speeding, and/or use of smartphones while driving.

All these aspects will reduce the likelihood of accidents on the road, thereby protecting the drivers, passengers, and PCO cars.

Building Trust

CCTV cameras are also an effective way to build trust between car rental companies and their PCO-licensed drivers, as well as among customers for the ride-hailing service they’re using. It’s important to understand that crimes can also happen from the drivers’ part. Yes, many criminals pretend to be a PCO driver and attempt to rob, kidnap, or physically attack a passenger. CCTV cameras prevent any such attempts, thereby ensure customer safety.

With CCTV cameras in their vehicles, taxi and car rental companies will come to trust their drivers and have peace of mind about the service they deliver to customers. Likewise, customers can rest assured that they’re riding with dependable drivers who won’t cause any harm to them.

Now that you understand the benefits of in-vehicle CCTV cameras in protecting PCO drivers, let’s find out where the cameras should be installed in PCO cars:

Where Should CCTV Cameras Be Installed in PCO Cars?

CCTV cameras can be installed in several spots in PCO cars. Regardless of the location, however, make sure that it:

CCTV installation location in PCO machines
  1. Covers the maximum number of views.
  2. Offers a clear view of both the behaviour of the vehicle occupants and the roads.
  3. Can be accessed remotely from one or more sources.
  4. Sends out desktop, email, and mobile alerts to declare new footages.

The best placement for CCTV cameras in a PCO car based on the aforementioned factors is the front window. Two cameras facing opposite directions can be placed on this spot, one of which captures the road and the other records what’s happening inside the vehicle.


To sum it up, CCTV cameras can prevent threats such as robberies, physical attacks such as stabbings, sexual harassment, and other undesirable events in PCO cars. In fact, they act as an effective deterrent against fraud, false accusations, and other criminal activities against taxi and private-hire drivers. Ride-hailing companies should thus consider this solution and safeguard their PCO drivers by investing in in-vehicle CCTV cameras.

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