How much does an Uber driver earn in different countries?

Earning in any job field is one of the most critical issues. No matter if you are a professional business manager, a physician, a driver, a teacher, etc. the main goal in your mind could be how much can I earn? How much can I save?

Well, that’s quite important for all of us as the future of many of our goals depends extremely on the money we have! As becoming a private hired driver, especially an Uber driver, is getting more and more popular all over the world, we decided to take a look at earnings of Uber drivers in different parts of the world. So, you can decide where to work to earn more! Besides, we will mention earning in the UK in more detail to see whether different cities and areas of the UK have the same rates or not. Don’t miss reading this article!

Uber driver earn in different countries

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  • Effective factors in earning as an Uber driver
  • Earning of Uber drivers in different countries
  • Where and when to work?
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Effective factors in earning as an Uber driver

Besides the hours you spend as an Uber driver, there are other factors which can help you in having a higher earning rate per ride. These factors are:

  1. Where you work. Either different areas of a city or different countries or cities of a country.
  2. The time range you work. Are you a night shift or a day shift Uber driver or you work when you wish to?

How much does an Uber driver earn

Let’s put the first factor for other sections of this article and go through the second factor now. Consider there are three working shifts in a day.

  • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • 12 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Each of the time ranges we mentioned can make you a different amount of money as the number of the riders are different in each range. Although it has been said that Uber has the same fees for all time ranges, there could be a surge pricing and also tipping can be affected.

So it can be concluded that, a time range might look earnful but not be! Or vice versa, an Uber driver is able to earn greatly in a bad time range.

Earning of Uber drivers in different countries

Yes, based on the different rates and units, earnings (and expenses as well) of an Uber driver can be different in any country around the world. We are going to check the following countries situations in this issue:

  1. The UK (in more details mentioning important zones)
  2. The US
  3. Canada
  4. Japan
  5. Germany
  6. China
  7. India
  8. Brazil
  9. Russia
  10. Australia

These countries are some of the top 10 countries using Uber the most (not based on real rankings).

Uber driver’s earning in the UK

As London is the most important city in the UK, the wages are smoothly higher than other parts in the UK.

Uber driver earn in different

London’s Uber drivers (England)

As an Uber driver working in London, the wage per hour of spending a trip is determined on average £17 but this is not the final price. You can have a higher rate in rush hours or receive tips for helping the client with baggage. Besides, by having an electric PCO car, you would be able to be free of congestion fees and reduce some side expenses.

Generally, England could be the country in the UK with the most Uber clients.

Other locations

Other parts, whether cities or countries, have a lower wage average of £14 but still consider the tips and expense reductions.

Scotland’s Uber drivers

Although Scotland country includes a big part of the UK, the Uber operators are much less than a city like London. Estimations show there are about 1000 active Uber drivers in Scotland so there could be a great need in there for more Uber drivers. If you think you won’t be a successful Uber driver in London, move to Scotland and try there for a while.

Ireland’s Uber drivers

Both northern and central parts of Ireland have quite the same amount of needs of Uber drivers. There is no exact estimation on the current number of Uber drivers in Ireland so we can’t definitely say if you can simply find a free job role or not!

Wale’s Uber driver

As Wale is the smallest country in the UK close to England, most of the Uber drivers in England can go there to work for a few days per month. There is again no exact estimation on the numbers of Uber drivers in Wale as some of them are local drivers of England.

Uber driver’s earning in the US

There are about 1 million Uber drivers in the US which means a big share (about 1/3 of whole Uber drivers) is for the USA. The average wage of earning as an Uber driver in the US is about $20 or about £14 and this rate is not the same in different states of the US.

Uber driver’s earning in Canada

In Canada, different states have different wages. For example, comparing Quebec (lowest earning state of Canada) with Alberta (highest earning state of Canada), there is around CA$30000 annual difference in incomes! But generally, an Uber driver can earn from CA$14 to CA$22 (£8-£12) per hour based on the state they work.

Uber driver’s earning in Japan

Let us tell it briefly, a typical Japanese Uber driver will make about $30 or £21 per hour which is the highest wage for Uber drivers in the world.

Uber driver’s earning in Germany

In Germany, expenses and earnings are quite different in a way that all the laborers can afford expenses of a life with good quality and well-being. So, when we say you can earn €14 or £12 per hour, it doesn’t mean that it is not a good wage.

Uber driver’s earning in China

China, as the most populated country in the world has the highest records of hiring private drivers specially Uber drivers. This means there would be always a client out there waiting for you to take them! The hourly wage of an Uber driver is about 27 Chinese yuan equals about £3.

Uber driver’s earning in India

Rating the second most populated country in the world, in India being an Uber driver is also a preferred job. An Indian Uber driver will earn about 300 Indian Rupees which can be estimated £3, per hour.

Uber driver’s earning in Brazil

In Brazil, especially Rio, taking Uber is so popular and the average earning per hour is around 29BRL which is equal to £4.

Uber driver’s earning in Russia

Compared to the mentioned 10 countries, Russian people are less likely to hire an Uber driver but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find enough riders per day. The average wage of an Uber driver is about 170Rub equal to £3 hourly.

Uber driver’s earning in Australia

Last but not least, Australia is one of the other places in the world where you can have a good income as an Uber driver. Uber drivers in Australia earn about 30 Australian dollars equal to £16.50 hourly wage.

Where and when to work?

Uber says you are your own boss when you start working as an Uber driver. It means you are the only one who can decide where and when to work but as the mentioned data shows, some countries offer more wage per hour. The time of the day you spend is also another affective factor. So, it can be concluded that, either move to a country with the highest rates of earning (if it is possible) or based on the experience, find the best locations and hours to work.

Although experiencing might have a few days of less earning, the final decisions could be easier. So spend time and patience to earn more!

How much does an Uber driver earn in different countries


As the mentioned wages of different countries might not be clear enough, we decided to provide a table of normal annual income in the mentioned countries vs. the average annual income of Uber drivers. We hope the following information will be useful for you.

Country Average annual income Average Uber driver annual income
The UK £ 31,450 £ 30,000
The US $ 36,000 $ 30,000
Canada CA$ 50,000 CA$ 40,000
Japan 3,077,000 yen 2,016,000 yen
Germany 42,000 EUR 30,000 EUR
China 90,500 yuan 114,000 yuan
India 50,000 Rupees 50,000 Rupees
Brazil 102,700 BRL 100,000 BRL
Russia 43,000 rubles 33,000 rubles
Australia A$ 90,000 A$ 100,000


Although, all the mentioned rates are estimations and for 8 hours working per day, 5 days a week. The more hours you work, the closer you can be to the average annual income of your country. Besides, tips are not considered and by an average annual income, we mean an income which can lead you to have a good quality of life plus saving a little money each year.

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