How old can a car be for PCO

How old can a car be for PCO

How old can a car be for PCO

For those beginning out in the mini-cab market, we generally suggest that you rent a mini-cab before buying a mini-cab so that you get used to a new job and reduce the upfront expense of having a PCO license. Any car you use would need to be a registered private hire vehicle (PHV).

pco cars

For a while then, you may continue to either use your car or purchase a new one, but from January 2012 onwards, new regulations were put in force that placed limits on the age of the vehicle which are as follows:

  • Vehicles cannot be more than ten years from January 2012.
  • From April 2012 onwards, all new cars must be no older than five years old.
  • Both newly approved PHVs shall comply with the Euro 4 requirements as a minimum.

So be mindful of the above that if you are buying a vehicle that already has a PHV license, it would only have a reasonable amount of time left in it as a mini-cab when it comes to its 10th year, so a vehicle on the ’05 plate will only be licensed until 2015.

PHV registration

If you are buying a vehicle that does not have a valid PHV registration, it must be less than five years old and must also comply with the required Euro 4 emission requirements.

Under the aforementioned rules, currently in 2013, it makes sense to purchase a second-hand car that already holds a PHV license and is licensed with the PCO and has been registered since before 2012.

PHV registration

This would encourage you to buy a cheaper car and allow you to re-register your car until you are 10 years old. Even so, buying a brand new car would give you the full 10 years of use as a private hire driver. You’re sure to rack up a decent amount of mileage so the selling price of a new car will drop significantly. Logically, all existing cars will be phased out and all PHVs will fall into the current age range of no more than five years of age.

What’s a license for the PCO?

PCO is the short form of Public Carriage Office, the London Department of Transportation (TfL). The PCO license is an important document that helps you to drive Uber or some other London ride-share service. Important: The official name is Private Hire Driver License, but most people only call it a PCO license. Don’t let this overwhelm you with that.

Who should apply for a PCO license?

Anyone who has a valid UK driver’s license with at least three years of driving experience and a right to work in the UK can apply for a PCO license. You may still need to register for other certificates, however, you will access them in a very short period.

PCO license

What documents you will need to get your PCO car?

You will need to present the following initial documentation when you take your car in:

  • Current PHV vehicle license
  • V5c DVLA Car Registration Certificate.
  • Hire and award insurance records.
  • MOT certificate issued within the last fourteen days.
  • Vehicle alteration papers.
  • Evidence of Car Levy


As part of your license, you need to have your car MOT checked every 6 months. The first MOT is equivalent once you get your PCO licensed car or even when your car is re-licensed. The MOT should not be older than fourteen days or will be rejected.

What car can I use to drive a PCO?

To acquire a PHV license, the car must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Euro 6 petrol or diesel engine or Euro 4 petrol-electric engine
  • Four doors unlock independently
  • Strong shape and no damage to cosmetics
  • No market ADVs

You wouldn’t need to be the driver of a vehicle you’re using to drive a PCO. As long as your PHV license is valid and you employ and reward insurance, you’re ready to go.

What’s the rental car for PCO?

Holding the car up to date with the parameters and the paperwork is a lot of admin work. It needs time and energy that you would like to spend on what you know best so that’s driving. PCO car rental is a solution that gives you the peace of mind that you and your car are still ready to work. Your car is part of a PCO fleet, with a whole team committed to keeping it up to date, meaning you can keep your focus on the road and your mind on progress.

The Pros & Cons of PCO Car Rental

Many people think the on-demand drivers have their own Uber vehicles and other ride-share applications. Although this is still possible, more drivers are hiring their private rental vehicles. Let’s see the pros and cons of hiring a PCO vehicle.

PCO Car Rental


  • Minimum Obligation – You can change your mind and give the car back in more desirable terms.
  • All-inclusive – You’ve got a PHV card, insurance, plus much of the regular repairs so you can concentrate on driving.


  • You don’t own a vehicle – even though you can decide for rent to purchase and get the same incentives when making your weekly payments against possession.
  • A small range of styles and colors for cars
  • The age of the car can vary depending on the vendor

Do I need an English PCO license test?

Yes, TfL requires evidence of your English Certification as of September 2020. Here’s a list of certificates that are accepted:

  • UK GCSE/O level (or equivalent) credential – A to G grade
  • UK AS-Level – A-Level Qualification
  • UK NVQ/BTEC/City & Guilds certification – along with an assurance that the qualification is equal to or above GCSE
  • UK BA Hons, BSc Hons or higher
  • UK certification HNC/HND
  • SELT Certificate issued by Trinity College London or IELTS demonstrating proficiency in reading, writing, communicating, and listening – B1 or higher

If you don’t know much English, you will be failed from the test and then, you cant get the license.

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