Uber grades of services – The difference between Uber X, Uber LUX, etc.

Uber grades of services

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As days pass, Uber widens the provided services in order to escalate customer satisfaction. It won’t be long before we hear that Uber and its services made the most extensive entrepreneurship in the world! With this pace, it has been doing perfectly up to now. Today, we want to take a look at all the grades and services Uber provides as a rideshare platform to see how it can benefit different groups of people (with any economic level). Let’s dive right in.

Uber grades of services

What are the different grades of Uber services?

No matter where you want to go, what are your exceptional conditions and what vehicle you want, Uber always has a response for your needs! The provided services on ridesharing are briefly mentioned in the following list; keep on reading for a deeper look at each of them afterwards.

  1. Uber X
  2. Uber pool
  3. Uber comfort
  4. Uber Green
  5. Uber black
  6. Uber black SUV
  7. Bikes
  8. Scooters
  9. Uber XL
  10. Uber transit
  11. Uber WAV
  12. Uber LUX
  13. Uber taxi
  14. Uber flash
  15. Uber auto

Uber X

Uber X is the standard option offered by Uber with the most affordable prices but is entirely private. You can have a private driver with everyday destinations by Uber X. It is good to know that as the vehicles of this service are 4-door cars, up to 3 companions can have the ride with you (one in the front seat and three others in the back seats).

All you need to do to have an Uber X driver is to open the app, set the destination, confirm your pickup location, receive the driver’s information, check if the data matches the car, jump in and enjoy your trip.

Uber grades

Uber pool

If you are looking for a cheaper ride, try Uber pool. In this way, the driver will look for the coming passenger with the same route and take them as well. The co-riders will save you more money. (in this program, each passenger has the right to bring one companion, not more). Although it is a more affordable option, it is also more time-taking.

Currently, due to COVID19, this service is unavailable on Uber. But after the disappearance of the pandemic, you will be granted access.

Uber comfort

This service provides a vaster comfort range for those who prefer a more convenient trip. You can set the preferred temperature through the app, so the driver will make everything ready for you when they arrive. There is enough space in the seats called leg room so that you can sit in a more comfortable position.

It is up to you to choose whether you need to chat, have a phone call, video call, et cetera— in the classiest vehicles with the most experienced and high-rated drivers during the trip. You can also cancel the trip without being charged the cancellation fee (if the driver arrives more than 10 minutes later).

The process of taking an Uber comfort is the same as UberX. Only you need to press the bottom of Comfort when you confirm the addresses.

Uber Green

Are you concerned about the environment? Then Uber has a plan for your trips all around the city, helping to reduce emissions and have cleaner air. By Uber green, you will take a private electric (or hybrid) vehicle which produces up to 25% fewer carbon emissions. Although you will be charged a little more, this charging helps the future Green plans of Uber and would be an encouragement to all of the Uber Green drivers.

Note that Uber Green points will be counted double, and this way, you can be a higher levelled rider using additional features of the app easier and sooner.

Similarly, go to the app, choose the trip, fill the blanks, and check the Uber Green mod. Note that Uber Green has a limited time range of servicing (almost 6 am to 9 pm).

Uber black and Uber black SUV

Uber black offers a higher class of services, suitable for business trips, with the most experienced Uber drivers owning a black luxury vehicle. The back seats of Uber black and Uber black SUV are leather featuring premium comfort and style.

You will also receive premium customer support through these rides up to 24 hours after the trip. Just open the app, go to help, and tap the “call premium support” item.

For business trips, Uber black is a perfect choice.

Uber Bike and Scooter

Are you looking for a more fun transportation choice? Would you like to experience riding an electric bike or Scooter? Then Uber offers a solution called Uber Bike or Scooter, making your trips faster and more enjoyable. A pedal assist is implemented in the Bike, so pedal harder if you want to ride faster!

Open the Uber app and go to the Bike and Scooter section. Find a nearby Bike or Scooter, scan the QR code to unlock it, and start riding as much as you want. Once the riding is finished, park it in an appropriate place (often shown on the map) and relock it for the next users.

Uber XL

One of the obstacles riding in a group may come across is finding an appropriate vehicle to take! Uber provided a solution, and that’s Uber XL which can carry up to 6 passengers. Then if you are a group of people hanging out or a larger family looking for a ride option, choose Uber XL for the price of regular private cabs. The provided vehicles are comfortable minivans or SUVs with ample passenger space.

Uber transit

Using a private hire taxi is not always a good choice, especially in large and crowded cities. Besides, the price of public transport is usually half of an UberX option. You can find public transit stations through the Uber app and locate the best ones to fit your destinations, plus estimating the price and waiting time.

Uber WAV

Have an Uber WAV with the price of Uber X! If you need wheelchair accessibility for your rides or a co-rider with the same need, simply choose the Uber WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle). The driver will also assist the disabled person with what they need during the trip.

Uber LUX

Are you looking for a luxury vehicle to take on a trip? Uber LUX is there for you with the most professional drivers and fashionable ride options. Although the pricing is higher, it is worth the memorable trips.

Uber Taxi

For those who prefer a more traditional way of transportation, Uber Taxi can be a useful option; besides, there is no need to pay by cash—bringing you this combination of innovation and classicism.

Uber Flash

The fastest way to take an UberX or Uber taxi is Uber Flash featuring a quick and safe trip to your destination. Travels with an Uber Flash option may cost the same as UberX or a little higher. This is a perfect choice for those in a hurry, about to miss a flight, etc

Uber Auto

Have fun with a trip on Uber Auto up to 4km. The vehicles are tricycle motors, which is a popular mod in India.

Uber grades of services london

What services are provided in the UK?

Some of the mentioned features and grades are only available in particular cities and some others, such as Uber X, are available in many countries around the world. To find out whether the service is available in your area, go to the app while allowing it to access your location and check what grades are there. You may find some features in Uber London, but not the rest of the UK.

Other services of Uber (rather than rideshare services)

Uber Eats is the other popular service of Uber (rather than the ridesharing services). You can order food through various restaurants in your zone and enjoy a warmed fast delivered meal with this option. Uber Eats is also available in the UK.


Sometimes a service can change into a great platform of different services with the same category. Uber is one of the most popular rideshare apps in the world that offers riding services and provides delivery services. You can simply affiliate with Uber or use it as a client. It is also an excellent job to join Uber as a driver; all you need is a PCO car to enter. Here at G&M direct hire, we provide Uber rental cars in London so that you can be a part of this fantastic business. We hope reading this blog post was helpful and pleasant to you.

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