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Ultra Rapid EV Chargers in London

Ultra Rapid EV Chargers in London

If you’re a private hire driver, you know that time is money. It is essential to have access to a charging point when your electric vehicle (EV) battery is running low so that you can reach your next destination on time and don’t have to compromise on your tips. It is even more crucial if you don’t have a home charger. 

EV infrastructure in the UK is advancing at a fast speed. It is made up of fast and rapid EV chargers. This trend will soon have a huge impact on all-electric vehicle drivers. It will allow them to charge their vehicles at the nearby port and reduce range anxiety among all-electric vehicle drivers. 

Here’s everything you need to know about ultra-rapid EV chargers in London

What Is Ultra-Rapid EV Charging? 

Electric vehicles have become a huge part of private hire driving, and the top reason is that they are an environmentally friendly alternative to regular cars. There are three types of charging options available to Electric Vehicle drivers. An ultra-rapid EV charger is for drivers who use electric cars. 

Slow chargers are often found in homes of private hire drivers and others who use electric vehicles daily. They give 3kWh to 7kWh, which is nothing compared to other charging ports. 

Fast chargers are a standard option that is now becoming a huge part of the UK market. These are usually in car parking areas where you can charge your car from 7kWh to 22kWh. They allow you to go without charging for quite some time. 

Rapid and ultra-rapid DC chargers: these are the real deal. They hold maximum power and give out 50kWh to 350kWh. It is easy to charge your electric vehicle with these chargers as they can help your car reach up to 80% in a matter of 20-40 minutes. These are majorly found near hubs, on routes, restaurants, retail parks, and other routes so that your plans don’t have to stop while your car charges. However, these are the most costly to function and install. It is why they have higher per kW chargers for these units. 

all types of Ultra-Rapid EV Charging in london

The rapid charging units are the most widespread as they operate at 50kWh. These are mostly found near retail and car parks so that it is easy for EV drivers to charge their vehicles. The second most important reason these are needed is that most private drivers have the first generation of EVs, and their max charging speed is 50kW, so they would require this charger nearby across London. 

The new electric vehicles now have high charging speeds; some require 100 – 150 kWh, and some require 300 to 350 kWh, so there is a need to allocate rapid and ultra-rapid EV chargers across London. With the increased charging speeds, it is important to have new and improved chargers at the most common points for private hire drivers, so they don’t have to miss their tips or rides. 

The Need for An Ultra-Rapid EV Charger In London?

An ultra-rapid EV charger will provide drivers with the following: 

A speedy charge: drivers can quickly fill up their vehicles with adequate charging in a matter of minutes and get going. It helps reduce range anxiety which is one of the main reasons why these drivers don’t switch to EVs. Once they know of the permanent charging locations, it’ll make their life so much easier. It will be convenient for them and increase EV adoption among drivers in London. 

Easy usage: drivers will prefer an ultra-rapid charger as it offers instant top-up. Drivers have the convenience of paying contactless. They can stop at their appointed charging ports, charge their cars with ease and pay. There is no need to download applications, make an account, sign up, etc. 

A future-proof EV charging infrastructure: as technology evolves and continuous innovation, London will have more efficient, rapid, and ultra-rapid charging ports everywhere. 

Here’s Where You Can Spot Ultra-Rapid Charging Points In London

These ultra-rapid chargers have been placed on top locations so that they can be used with ease:

  1. Shell Recharge Fulham 

It recently opened in Fulham in the UK in Jan 2022 and currently offers 175kW charging points. It can take up to nine cars. It’s a great location that provides a seating area for the drivers. The cost is 49//kWh. 

  1. BP Hammersmith Flyover

The BP Hammersmith Flyover charging point was the UK’s first and only ultra-rapid charging point in 2019. Having won the ‘charging destination of the year’ in 2020, it now has a 50kW rapid charging and a 150kW ultra-rapid charging point for all drivers. It can cost anywhere between 38p to 50p/kWh. 

  1. MFG Putney

It is MFG’s leading EV charging station in London. What’s unique about it is that it is a two-fold station that offers ultra-rapid charging and a conventional petrol pump. It has eight ultra-rapid chargers that give 150kWh. It even has its own Costa Coffee for drivers to unwind and socialise while their vehicles are on charge. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, ultra-rapid chargers are becoming increasingly common in London. They are changing the infrastructure of London and turning towards more green practices to reduce pollution. These are an excellent way for drivers to charge their EV midway and get to their destination without waiting. They are changing personal transport and providing utmost convenience for all. Most drivers have a range of anxiety that will soon be reduced with these ultra-rapid chargers in the main areas. They will allow them to feel less anxious and drive with ease.