The Complete User Guide for Driving Electronic Vehicles
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The Complete User Guide for Driving Electronic Vehicles


The revolution is happening in the way we power the automobiles we drive; electric cars are becoming an increasingly popular medium to travel in the UK and across the world. With major manufacturers like GM, VW, Ford, and Tesla launching new models every year, the automotive landscape is shifting to reflect the go-green change. One of the major differences you will notice when driving an electric PCO car is that there is virtually no engine noise, so no exhaust is emitted. Here is everything you need to know about driving an electric car.

How to Drive an Electric Car | Step-By-Step Guide

Don’t know how to drive an electric vehicle? For most parts, an electric car drives just like any other vehicle. However, there are a few key differences that you should know before driving an electric PCO car. Know that most of these are related to the way you power, move, and slow down your electric car. To make your life easier, we have created a complete user guide for driving electronic vehicles. Read on to find out!

Step 01: Charging an Electric Car


Start by charging your electric PCO car. To do this, locate your electric car’s charging point. On many automobiles, the charging point can be found near the back-end of the rear right or left panel, where the gas tank of a traditional car would be. Conversely, on other electric PCO cars, the charging port is built into the hood or is situated in front of the driver’s side door. 

Now that you have located the charging port of your electric car, it’s time to unlock it. To do this, you should pull the lever on the centre console or press the button situated on the driver’s side door panel. Once you have succeeded in opening up the charging port, you will see a faceplate with three regularly-spaced holes in the centre. Insert the charging cord into the port and let the electric charges do the rest!

  1. Level 01 Charger: It takes 7-8 hours to fully charge your EV.
  2. Level 02 Charger: It takes 4 hours to charge your electric car fully.
  3. Level 03 Charger: It takes 30 minutes to fully charge your electric vehicle. 
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Step 02: Press Ignition Button to Start the Electric Car

Now that your electric car is fully charged let’s take it for a test drive. While sitting in the driver’s seat, press the brake pedal using your foot and push the ignition button, which is situated adjacent to the steering wheel. The moment you do this, you will notice that the dashbaord screen will lighten up and will hear an almost inaudible engine whizzing soundst as the car starts. When doing so, keep in mind the following pointers:

Turn on the car
  • Ensure that the parking brakes of your electric car are disengaged before you press the accelerator.
  • Once you reach your destination, use the same procedure to turn off your electric PCO car.
  • Note that an electric car won’t start below a certain battery level successfully. The minimum battery level of an EV depends on the battery type and model.

Step 03: Learn about the Varying Electric Car Drive Settings

Even though most electric vehicles operate on single-speed transmission system, others comprise a variety of driving settings in order to provide you with complete control over your crusing experience. This includes braking functions which help in the conservation of the battery life, different speed-limiting modes, and sports modes that facilitate sustained acceleration. Use the paddle shifter located besides the console or the steering wheel to switch between drive settings in an electric PCO car. 

Step 04: To Begin Driving, Press down the Accelerator Gently


Unlike traditional gas-powered vehicles, an electric car generates torque nearly instantly. Hence, it will typically take you one to four seconds to get your EV in motion. In case you are driving an electric PCO car for the first time, start off by driving slowly and then gradually increase the speed as you start getting control. 

Note that it might take you a few drives before you gain control of the full acceleration of an EV. An electric vehicle’s responsive acceleration makes it ideal for dealing with the city’s traffic. 

Step 05: To Preserve Your Electric PCO Car’s Battery Life, Press the Brake Smoothly

To pull the brakes of your electric PCO car, all you have to do is pull your foot from the EV’s accelerator, which will result in stopping the EV. To suddenly reduce your electric car’s driving speed, apply little pressure to the brakes. 

An electric car utilizes the revolutionary regenerative braking system, which captures a some energy and redirects it into the EV’s battery every time you stop the car. Therefore, when driving an electric PCO car, avoid mashing the brakes to come to an abrupt halt as much as possible, as this will only make your electric car less efficient. 

Step 06: Keep an Eye for the Other Drivers 

One of the best things about driving an electric PCO car is that they are incredibly silent. In fact, an EV is so quiet that most people around may not even hear you driving by. However, the perk adds a bit to your stress. It will be your responsibility to be vigilant of the surrounding (pedestrians and drivers) when driving an electric car. 

Keep an Eye for the Other Drivers
  • Turn on the headlights of your electric PCO car when driving at night.  
  • Consider flashing the headlights or honking to the nearby drivers to notfiy them that you are approaching. 
  • When driving, pay extra attention to your surrondings.

Driving an Electric PCO Car | Tips & Tricks

  • When charging your electric PCO car, take care of the needs of other drivers as well. Treat the public charger with utmost responsibility, never unplug another vehicle, don’t hog the charger, and never use an electric car charging spot like a parking spot.
  • Take care of your electric car’s battery.
  • Explore the wide range of charging options to know which one works for you best.
  • If going on a trip, always plan ahead. 
  • When driving an electric PCO car, note that the faster you drive, you will consume more energy. Therefore, always keep an eye on the speedometer. The optimal speed for the efficiency of an EV is 50mph.

Wrapping It Up!

Even though a bit of a challenge, driving an electric car is still less of a struggle than getting behind the wheel of a standard gas-powered vehicle. When driving an EV, you will enjoy the quiet and smooth electric motor, the near-silent driving experience, and the lower running cost. However, just don’t forget to charge the batteries on time!Looking for a PCO Car Rental in London? Established in 2008, G&M Direct Hire is one of the leading hire companies in London. We offer affordable and flexible electric PCO car rental plans according to your budget needs. For more information, give us a call right away!