Why PCO Drivers Should Switch to Electric Vehicles
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Why PCO Drivers Should Switch to Electric Vehicles

Cruise Control PCO Drivers Switch to Electric Vehicles

You may have observed the rising number of electric vehicles in the UK, especially for PCO cars. This is because the benefits of electric vehicles are becoming more and more apparent. Read on to find out why PCO drivers should switch to electric vehicles.

Rising Petrol Prices

Perhaps the primary benefit for PCO drivers of switching to electric vehicles is cost saving. Fuel prices are skyrocketing and are likely to increase even more. Electric charging points are quite cheaper when compared to fuel prices. 

For example, for 188 miles, the fuel prices would cost around £25, while the electric charge of the same distance from a home charger will cost a mere £5.60. Furthermore, public charging points are quite wallet-friendly. Pod Point’s chargers will typically cost around £6-7 if you are opting for a 100-mile charge on your PCO car. 

Time and Cost Saving for Garage Visits

Time and Cost Saving for Garage Visits

According to a report, electric vehicle drivers can save up to 50% on maintenance of their electric vehicles as compared to drivers of fuel-based vehicles. The maintenance and repair costs of electric vehicles are noticeably lesser simply because of having fewer parts.

Regular vehicles have almost hundreds of moving parts which include radiator, engine, exhaust system, and several others. Taking your vehicle for maintenance again and again has an increased chance of wearing and breaking down. On the other hand, electric vehicles require fewer visits to the garage, making them highly cost-effective. 

Long Range Capabilities

Initially, electric vehicles wouldn’t have that much range capabilities. Nowadays, there are several electric vehicle options that are fully equipped with a decent size battery, cargo space and can travel over a long-range. 

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If a PCO electric vehicle has a battery of 60kWh, it is capable of going up to 200 miles. To charge the electric vehicle up to this distance it will take an hour of fast charging. Furthermore, PCO electric vehicles can also avail of overnight charging, allowing them to be fully ready the following day.

Green Driving

The central theme of Dubai Expo 2020 was sustainability and green ideas, which everyone lauded, seeing the devastating effects on our planet. Regarding green driving, electric vehicles are an optimum solution as they produce zero emissions. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost seven million people die from air pollution every year. 

Adapting Your Driving Style

Apart from the overall benefits provided by an electric car itself, you can also make some small changes in your driving style which will help you save a lot of money. Having a fully charged electric vehicle gives you more trips and makes your vehicle highly efficient. 


Your electric vehicle battery drains rapidly when you are using air conditioners or heaters during rides. However, if you precondition your car during its charging phase, it can set at the right temperature, and you will have a full range of your car. This little attention towards your passengers will be appreciated by everyone. 

Cruise Control

Cruise Control PCO Drivers Switch to Electric Vehicles

Cruise control is the system that controls the speed of your car automatically. When you are driving on flat roads, you don’t need to push down on the accelerator as it drains the battery needlessly. 

Regenerative Braking

An important point to remember is that electric vehicles are equipped with regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is when the electric motor is used to slow down the vehicle while transferring some of the charge back to the battery. This has improved the braking system a lot. You need to focus on accounting for the correct stopping distance and brake slowly. 

An added advantage of regenerative braking is the reduced wear and tear on your brakes and creating less brake dust. This further helps in making your electric vehicle more and more efficient.

Benefits from the Government


Since the usage of electric vehicles is getting more and more popular as it helps the environment, the government and private car hire companies have introduced various schemes and plans to promote electric vehicles. 

Government Grant

The UK government is now granting a discount on buying a brand-new electric vehicle. The list of the electric vehicles which fall under this grant can be found here. What’s more, you don’t need to fall under any requirements to apply for this grant. The maximum discount that can be availed is £2,500.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS)

As the name indicates, this particular scheme promotes the usage of charging points in your house. Under this scheme, you will have a 75% reduction in the cost of one charging point and the installation of charging points in any home. The installation discount can range up to £350, including VAT.

In case you do not have a whole garage for your electric vehicle, you are allowed to park your vehicle on the road and connect the charging cable from the charging point to the vehicle. Even if your cable runs across the pavement, there are no legal ramifications to it. There are many councils that have supported the idea of electric charging points attached to lamp posts in residential areas. Hence, even if you don’t have a charging point at your home, this can prove to be a good alternative. 

Riding Performance

Riding Performance PCO Drivers Switch to Electric Vehicles

The performance of an electric vehicle is demonstrably better than a regular, fuel-based vehicle in several aspects. For example, the electric engine generates instant torque, which allows for smoother acceleration and braking. Moreover, electric vehicles are much easier to handle, and their responsiveness is far greater than the regular vehicles.

Even with interiors and comfort, electric vehicles supersede the fuel-based ones. The battery is relatively small as compared to a regular engine; hence it doesn’t take a lot of space, allowing for a roomier and more comfortable interior for you and your passengers. 

When it comes to safety ratings, many electric vehicles have outshone regular vehicles. Both vehicles are subjected to the same safety testing systems. In many cases, electric vehicles have been awarded full five stars. 


There is no doubt that electric vehicles are far better than regular, fuel-based vehicles, especially if you are a PCO driver. At G&M Direct Hire, we use electric vehicles extensively for our clients. If you are looking to rent an electric PCO car, contact us today.