Kia Niro (Full Electric)

Kia Niro (Full Electric)

  • seat5 seats
  • full electric
  • Estate
  • Black & White
  • CCTV camera
  • seatLeather seats
  • seatFree congestion & ULEZ charges
  • automatic
  • seat50 minutes charging time
  • 280 miles coverage with one charge
  • seat5 doors
  • Model: 2020
  • Uploading documents to UBER & BOLT
  • Accident Claim Assistance
  • Service booking assistance
  • Free MOT, Servicing, Tyre Changes
  • Weekly rent: £270
  • *Deposit: £500.00
Frequently Asked Questions about Kia Niro (Full Electric)
What is the minimum approved rental period for Kia Niro PCO?

Note that there is a specific time limit for renting a car, which you must approve depending on the company you are contracting with. Some companies also put hourly car rental on their agenda but others have daily, weekly and monthly PCO Car hire plans. you can refer to one of the companies that work in this field according to your needs, and get your needs easily and without any problems from them. The rental of Kia Niro PCO is weekly and you can use this car for at least a week and enjoy using it.

Does the Kia Niro PCO have insurance?

Note that there is a general and clear rule for rental insurance cars, all of which must have insurance cards so that there are no problems in the event of an accident for passengers and the provider.So yes, Kia Niro PCO rental car also has a complete insurance office and the tenants should not have any worries about this.

What are the special features of the car?

One of the interesting and exciting features of this car is that it has five seats and works completely electrically. Note that the electric capability of this car is a very positive point for people who want to lower their fuel costs. Also, the car has five doors that can be very useful and productive for passengers.This car is one of the newest cars that was built in the year 2020 and the latest capabilities have been used to produce this car.

What are the appearance features of Kia Niro PCO?

Kia Niro PCO is available in a variety of colors such as black and white that you can use any color you want according to your taste.Kia Niro PCO also has a leather cover for its seats, which multiplies its beauty and makes it a stylish car for attending ceremonies and suitable. Note that in terms of appearance, this car is one of the most beautiful cars and for people for whom beauty is important, it is a very suitable and useful item and it can help them

What are the fuel consumption and charge of Kia Niro PCO?

Note that Kia Niro PCO is fully powered and takes about fifty minutes to fully charge. After a full charge, this car has the power to move non-stop for about two hundred and eighty miles, and the whole movement system of this car is automatic, which can be very useful and productive for you.

How much does it cost to rent Kia Niro PCO?

Note that for a weekly rent you need about one hundred and seventy euros to be able to use this amazing car.

Is Kia Niro Pco a good choice for private rent?

Choosing a Pco car hire depends on many factors including rental fee, maintenance, capacity, etc. If you want to look at Kia Niro Pco as a private rent, yes, it is a good selection. Since, Kia Niro has 5 seats capacity, with a fully electronic system and the rental fee is £270 per week. Apart from that, it looks really nice.

What is the difference between a full electric and plug in hybrid cars?

Full electrics work with no additional fuels but only rechargeable batteries, when plug in hybrids can use both hybrid energy and petrol as the fuel. Sometimes a combination of these two fuels is possible.

How long does it take to get the Kia Niro battery fully charged?

Approximately 50 minutes of charging will make the battery of Kia Niro be fully charged.