Toyota Prius (Plug-in)

Toyota Prius (Plug-in)

  • seat5 seats
  • Hybrid Electric
  • Hatchback
  • White
  • CCTV camera
  • seatLeather seats
  • seatFree congestion & ULEZ charges
  • automatic
  • seat5 doors
  • Model: 2020
  • Uploading documents to UBER & BOLT
  • Accident Claim Assistance
  • Service booking assistance
  • Free MOT, Servicing, Tyre Changes
  • Weekly rent: £250
  • *Deposit: £500.00
Frequently Asked Questions about Toyota Prius (Plug-in)
Is there a formal contract and invoice for renting Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO and is the certificate given to the lessor?

Note that in the field of PCO car rental, just like other fields, after paying the fee and delivery of the car, you will be presented with a formal contract and you can also print the contract from the branch that is delivering the car so that you do not have any worries about dealing with legal issues. Note that when delivering Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO, try to have the print or PDF of this document with you and be sure to receive it from the service site so that, God forbid, you will not have any problems in the future.

What happens in case of technical defects for cars?

Note that all the cars that are available for rent are completely healthy and have no special problems, but if there are any technical defects in these cars, you can contact the site's sponsors, and these sponsors for you in less than forty minutes, they will send you a service, which is one of the benefits of service providers that you can be sure of by researching the site you are servicing.

What are the documents required to rent a Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO? 

Please note that in order to rent a car for you, we need documents such as obtaining your job or place of residence, receiving a cash deposit and prepayment, as well as a copy of your certificate and ID card so that we can provide you with the car you want like Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO.

What are the rental costs for Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO?

You can rent Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO on a weekly basis or more, but your rental fee is calculated on a weekly basis. You also have to pay 500.00 Euros as a deposit to receive Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO, which, if you have financial problems, you can pay these costs on a weekly basis and in installments, and our site offers these services for you.

What are the amazing features of Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO?

Toyota Prius (plug in) PCO has five seats and five doors, was built in the year 2020, and is a hatchback and is available in white for customers. Also, the seats of this car have leather upholstery and this car is fully automatic. It is interesting to know that the fuel of this car is electricity.

What is the weekly energy need?

Depending on how long you use the hybrid system, it can vary from everyday charging to every other day's charging. The point is because Toyota Prius is a popular Pco car rental in London, Free congestion & ULEZ charges are provided.