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7-Seater PCO Cars

7-Seater PCO Cars

A 7-seater PCO car is one of the most popular vehicle choices for PCO drivers in London, especially those aiming to drive around the more crowded and busy streets such as those leading to train stations and airports. Even though most 7-seater PCO cars aren’t stylish compared to 4-or 5-seater vehicles, they come with a lower rental fee, making them a wise choice for most PCO drivers. So, to put it simply, by driving a 7-seater PCO car, you will not only be earning more tips but will also be saving far more. Here is everything you need to know about 7-seater PCO cars.

Types of 7-Seater PCO Cars

Currently, there are two types of 7-seater PCO cars in the market:

1.     SUV

7-Seater PCO Car SUV

An SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) combines the features of a road-going passenger PCO car with the elements of an off-road vehicle, such as four-wheel drive and ground clearance. When joining a rideshare app, many PCO drivers opt for an SUV because of the plethora of technological advancements that it features and the comfort that it guarantees.

2.     MPV

An MPV (Multi-purpose Vehicle), as its name suggests, can be used for multiple purposes. Apart from being the safest choice to drive families around London, an MPV PCO car features comfortable seats and sufficient cargo space. Most people opt for any MPV as their 7-seater PCO car over SUVs because of two reasons: they are a comfortable choice to carry large groups or families, and they cost, and despite having the same size and shape, an MPV PCO car is more affordable

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Top 4 Best 7-Seater PCO Cars in London

Don’t know which 7-seater PCO car you should rent? Well, in this section, you will read about the best PCO cars in London and the qualities that make them stand out. So, before any further ado, let’s delve in!

1.     Toyota Prius+ Hybrid*

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Want to own or rent London’s most loved PCO car? Thanks to its fuel efficiency, comfortable interior, and hybrid engine, the Toyota Prius+ Hybrid is the ultimate 7-seater PCO car vehicle choice for the PCO drivers of London.

The powertrain of the Toyota Prius+ Hybrid succeeds in mustering 121-horsepower and earns a fuel economy of 56 mpg. Being the only hybrid model that offers all-wheel-drive, the 7-seater Toyota Prius+ Hybrid is packed with a myriad of safety and tech features, including Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Alexa. It is a popular choice in the 7-seater PCO car market as it is an economical vehicle choice for driving all-green, and the at-home-like comfort of the vehicle will get you more tips than ever!

*Important note: Uber accepts Toyota Prius+ as 5-seater.

2.     Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy

Being a PCO driver, customer experience is your first priority. The luxurious interior of the 7-seater Ford Galaxy will make the passenger feel like they have a premium business trip. The spacious trunk of Ford’s 7-seater PCO car makes it an attractive choice for travelers carrying luggage. Moreover, the larger fuel tank of the Ford Galaxy will allow you to drive more without stopping at a gas station every now and then. This will help a PCO driver in saving more time and energy and saving the cost of fuel in the long run.

Other benefits of investing in a Ford Galaxy as your 7-seater PCO car include a low rental fee and convenient rests between rides.

3.     Volkswagen Sharan

 Volkswagen Sharan

The German company “Volkswagen” is known for producing tiny yet highly-advanced vehicles. However, this time we will be discussing one of the bigger Volkswagen products–the Volkswagen Sharan. The not-so-tiny Sharan has the capacity to carry seven passengers comfortably and safely. Although it comprises a diesel engine, the 7-seater PCO car has an excellent fuel economy and low maintenance cost, resulting in profitable savings.

So, if you are a PCO driver and are looking for a 7-seater PCO car that will help you get more rides and save more money? G&M Direct Hire has the best Volkswagen Sharan rental deal for you.

4.     Mercedes EQB

Mercedes EQB

For most 7-seater PCO cars, the additional passenger and cargo space and the added weight of a third-row seat can greatly demand the diesel or petrol-powered engine. This is where the Mercedes EQB steps in! It is the first all-electric SUV from Mercedes to be offered with seven seats. The Mercedes EQB is equipped with a pair of electric motors and a 66.5kWh battery while providing 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

What makes the Mercedes EQB an ideal 7-seater PCO car is the fact that the rapid charging feature will allow you to recharge from 10% to 80% in just 30 minutes, guaranteeing 150 to 200 miles depending on your driving style. Hence you won’t be wasting any time while your electric car is plugged into the charger. The cherry on top is the Mercedes EQB’s double glazed windows, premium upholstery, and dual-screen infotainment system, as the luxury vibe will make your clients want another ride!

Wrapping It Up!

Are you looking to rent PCO car in London? The 7-seater PCO car from G&M Direct Hire has you covered!

A 7-seater PCO car is more than your standard vehicle. When on a break, the spacious cabin of a 7-seater PCO car gives the PCO driver enough space to take a nap or rest. Moreover, you can also take advantage of some of the most advanced driving and tech features, such as a ventilated and heated driving seat and four-wheel-drive. Besides this, surveys have proven that PCO drivers who use a 7-seater vehicle are more likely to earn more tips compared to the standard 4- and/or 5-seater vehicles.

Pro Tip: When driving a 7-seater PCO car, make sure to target the busy streets of London during peak hours as people in groups are more likely to book you to drive them to their next destination.

Driving a 7-seater PCO car is all about planning your day strategically. By hiring a 7-seater PCO car from G&M Direct Hire, you will be getting free servicing, MOT, accident assist, tyre changing, and much more. For more information on flexible and affordable 7-seater PCO car rental plans, contact us right away!