7 seater PCO car

MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) PCO cars also known as 7 seater PCO cars, are one of the most popular choices among the PCO drivers specially, for those who plan to work in more crowded areas such as airports and train stations.

The point is the rental fee of these vehicles are much less than typical vehicles (probably because not everyone finds it stylish!). But, choosing this kind of vehicle might be a disaster as there are fewer choices compared to other types of PCO cars.

In this article, we decided to go through the best 7 seater PCO cars so that you can decide better. You can also read where are the best places to work with MPV PCO cars. Then don’t miss reading this article!

7 seater PCO car

The article covers the following items

  • How does a 7 seater PCO car make you earn more?
  • What are top MPV PCO cars to hire? + Details of mentioned vehicles.
  • Why to choose a 7 seater PCO car?
  • Conclusion

7 seater PCO car features

A 7 seater PCO car makes you earn more

While everyone thinks using a 4 to 5-seater PCO car is a more common and reasonable choice, it is good to know that many clients require more space in the car as they might take a ride in a group or carry some baggage. Besides, by owning a 7-seater PCO car, you can still take less than 4 passengers can’t you?

The best point of these vehicles is that they can make you earn more by working in more crowded areas such as train stations, airports, etc. and get more tips as well. Another thing which can make you save more is that the rental fee of 7 seater vehicles, as they are not as classy as other ones, are much less.

So, by hiring an MPV, you can not only earn more but also save better!

7 seater PCO

 What are top MPV PCO cars to hire?

Here, you can read and learn more about two of the best 7-seater PCO cars available in the UK (and on our website to rent). The vehicles are Volkswagen 7 seater PCO car and Toyota Prius + 7-seater PCO car. However, in the latest update of this content, we decided to bring another 7-seater PCO car for you. Let’s take a look at them in more details:

Volkswagen 7-seater PCO car

Volkswagen is one of the old German car companies famous for its tiny little products we all know. But, this time we are going to know one of the bigger products of this company called Volkswagen Sharan which is not only tiny, but also has the capacity to carry 7 passengers. This MPV uses diesel fuel which might not look like an environmentally friendly choice but it is good to know that it is a low consumption vehicle which is also low maintenance.

You can hire this PCO Uber ready car from G&M Direct hire for the weekly fee of £210! Note that hiring from G&M direct hire means receiving free MOT, servicing, tyre changing, accident assistant, etc.

Toyota Prius + hybrid 7-seater PCO car

Toyota, the well-known Japanese car factory, is famous for manufacturing high quality and high value vehicles. Besides, if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly choice, what is better than a 7-seater PCO hybrid car? By hiring Toyota Prius + hybrid 7-seater PCO car you can:

  1. Help the air pollution by switching the fuel on hybrid use.
  2. Pay the fee of an MPV.
  3. Receive a 7-seater PCO car.

The weekly rental fee of this vehicle is £210, too and the same mentioned free services including accident assistant, free Mot, servicing and tyre change is supported by G&M Direct hire company.

Ford Galaxy PCO car (7-seater)

As this PCO car is also very popular among the PCO drivers, we have a complete blog post introducing this 7-seater PCO car you can read it in through the link of Ford galaxy PCO car.

7 seater PCO car

Why to choose a 7 seater PCO car?

Consider it is a weekend, you are working and a group of friends want to hang out. Unluckily for them, they don’t have a vehicle and luckily for you, they decide to hire a PCO driver. Having a 7-seater PCO car can lead you to these kinds of weekend passenger opportunities and be more likely to catch them as not all drivers work on weekends and not all the weekend workers have a 7-seater vehicle.

As another example, imagine you working around some big hotels, airports, train stations, etc. In these locations, people are usually in group or carrying baggage. A 7-seater PCO car will let you get more of this kind of clients and receive more tips by helping them with carriages.

Now, even if none of the mentioned situations happen to you, a family of 5 or more might be looking for a PCO driver. Clearly, they prefer to hire a 7 seater option instead of hiring 2 different drivers! In this way, again you, as a PCO driver who works on a 7-seater PCO car, have a higher chance to be caught.

Among all the mentioned occasions, at least you will experience 3 great and some other typical rides only if you would be available in correct zones. Just wait a moment! First, hire an MPV.

Even if you don’t consider any of the mentioned advantages of a 7-seater PCO car, it is good to know that this type of vehicle can assist you in the break times between rides. If you had a hard day filled with work and 20 minutes of rest can refresh you, a seven seater PCO car is much more comfortable to rest as there is enough space to lay down in the back seats.

Read more: Time to switch to electric cars.

7 seater PCO cars


Apart from all the benefits we read together, a 7 seater PCO car can be also more comfortable for the PCO driver. Are you wondering how? Well, an MPV PCO car can help the driver in break times like giving more space to rest or take a nap, carrying more stuff, having a more comfortable driving seat, etc. Besides, investigations show that those who hired PCO drivers with minivans, are more likely to pay for tips as they are more convenient through the trip.

In this article, we mentioned two of the most popular 7 seater PCO cars among PCO drivers including Volkswagen Sharan and Toyota Prius + hybrid and mentioned how a minivan PCO car would lead you to earn more. Then we thought maybe an update on the content can include another 7-seater PCO car to introduce. Don’t forget, if you hire a 7 seater vehicle as your PCO car, try to work in more crowded areas where people will take private cabs in groups. We hope that reading this article would be helpful to all PCO drivers and all those who plan to be a PCO driver in future.

The final tip: Some of the PCO drivers still can’t decide whether to rent or to hire a PCO car especially when they feel a type of vehicle is risky. In this case we offer them hiring the PCO car for a short time to see if the car can fulfill their requirements or not. Then if they decide to have a 7 seater PCO car for rent, they can sign a contract for a longer time. However, buying a used 7 seater PCO car is also a good idea!   

Uber-ready PCO Car Rental in London

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