How To Change a Tyre (Uber Driver Tips)

A flatten tyre is a common problem that might happen to everyone while driving or working as a driver! Whether you are an Uber driver or working as any other private hire driver, you have to know how to change a flatten tyre. The reason is clear because if you don’t do it, you can’t work and if you don’t work for a couple of hours, the whole earning of that week would be affected. Apart from that, if you choose to replace the flat tyre with another one by calling emergency services, they will lead you to more delays and also charge you for services. So the best way is to learn how to change a tyre as soon as possible. This article will tell you how to change a tyre with a list of useful tools that you always need to keep them in your vehicle even if you are a typical driver.

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How To Change a Tyre

This article talks about the items below

  • Required tools to change the tyre
  • Step by step tyre changing
  • How to check tyre condition and tread depth?
  • Some FAQs of changing a flatten tyre
  • Conclusion

Required tools to change the tyre

  1. A spare tyre
  2. Carjack
  3. Wheel wedges
  4. Tyre repair kit (if you are planning to repair the flattened tyre yourself)
  5. Lug wrench
  6. Warning triangle (to show other drivers you are in a fixing issue)

It would be also useful to carry some other stuff such as:

  • Torch (check batteries regularly)
  • Gloves (to avoid dirty hands)
  • Reflective jacket
  • Short plank of wood
  • Tyre pressure gauge

Step by step tyre changing

Step by step tyre changing

This section is not only for those who don’t know how to change a flatten tyre, but also can be useful for those who know it and help them to do the changing even faster. 

  1. Find a non-crowded and flat place to park your car to start the changing. 
  2. Make sure the hand brake is on.
  3. Place the warning triangle behind your car.
  4. Bring all the stuff you need (including: A spare tyre- Carjack- Wheel wedges-lug wrench- etc.)
  5. Use the locking wheel bolt to fix the car. 
  6. Place the jack under the vehicle.
  7. Use the wrench to jack up the vehicle (as much as needed).
  8. Remove the wheel bolts with a wrench or if it is not hard, with your hand.
  9. Remove the flatten tyre and scroll it to a safe place beside your car. 
  10. Take the spare tyre and place it.
  11. Put the wheel bolts on (use a wrench to fix it better).
  12. Undo the jack and let the car place in the normal position. 
  13. Collect the stuff you brought and place the flatten tyre in the spare tyre place. 
  14. Get in the car and drive to a service support to deliver the flatten tyre and get it repaired. 
  15. You are all done and can safely keep driving. 

How to check tyre condition and tread depth?

Another important thing to check about tyres is the tread depth which should be at least 1.6mm over the central quarter. Note that if it is less than what we mentioned, a fine will wait for you! In order to make sure the condition of the tyre is safe, you need a coin (20p is completely ok as the outer rim is about 1.6mm) to check the depth. If the tyre covered all parts of the rim, your tyre is in good condition.

FAQs of changing a tyre

How long does it take to change a car tyre?

Depending on how experienced you are it can vary from 10 to 45 minutes. Just don’t rush and make sure what you did was correct and won’t make you trouble in driving and turning. 

How can I repair the flatten tyre?

You can both do it yourself or take it to a mechanic. Note that you can only fix small holes (not big ones) temporarily until you arrive at a suitable destination. All you need to do is to find the hole (or holes) and use a sealant to close the holes. Then if it was needed, inflate the tyre.

How much does it cost and how long does it take if I ask an emergency to fix a flat tyre?

The AA will catch you in 10 to 20 minutes. The average cost of repairing a flatten tyre can be £25-£45 based on the number and depth of the leaks.

But it is not the only price. You, as an Uber driver might lose 1 or 2 customers in this waiting time and this means losing another £25-£45 for changing one tyre. 

Can I keep driving with a flatten tyre?

If there is no passenger with you and you drive at a slow speed, driving is possible and safe. But as soon as you speed up, driving would be really dangerous. So if you get a flat tyre in a highway, the best choice is to fix it before driving. 


If you are driving and suddenly you will notice that one of the tyres is flattened, don’t worry because it is a typical problem that happens at least once to every driver. The best way to solve this problem is to call AA and receive the services but as an Uber driver, it is not much of a good idea. Emergency services usually reach you in 10 minutes and this can mean losing a client for an Uber driver. Losing a client also affects your weekly income and nobody likes it. The next best solution could be changing the flatten tyre yourself by learning tips and steps of it which is mentioned in the G & M direct hire blog. In this article we remarked on the step by step hint of changing a flat tyre, covering some of the frequently asked questions about it. We hope it will be useful for you, though we wish you never face difficulties.

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