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Driver Tips | Make the most of your Uber experience

Driver Tips

Life is tied with technology, resulting in vast changes in how jobs operate, including transport services. Being compatible with these changes is an excellent way of improving your life. This is why many people started working as PCO drivers, thus increasing their earnings as much as they intend to. But being an expert PCO driver might need experience for months or even years. This article gives you all the expertise you need to become a perfect PCO driver. All you need is to spend a few minutes reading this article thoroughly. At first, you might forget to do all the factors, so writing a to-do list every day is recommended before starting your work as a PCO driver. So, let’s get started and see what you need to become the expert PCO driver in your city.

This article includes the following items

  • Work time and place
  • Breaks and restrooms
  • Traffic and road reading
  • Fines
  • Passenger treats
  • Counting the rides
  • Keep sanitizing liquids and first aid kit
  • Conclusion

Work time and place

The most important thing a PCO driver needs to know is where and what time to work. As you know, there are cabs, private drivers, and other transportation systems around the city. So, recognizing the peak time and the places with the most needed PCO drivers is an actual necessity. Note that busy airports of a city will always bring you customers. City centres are usually active from 8:00 to 16:00, which means you can take a few rides there. However, each city might have a different peak time due to the lifestyle of the people in it. Try to have a few trial days to figure out the correct time and location.

Breaks and restrooms

You will need a good time-out and sometimes a bathroom break during work time. As you are always on the move, finding a public bathroom can be pretty tricky, but technology solves this issue with ease. Some mobile apps like “bathroom finder” can help you find the closest public bathroom and similar facilities you might need during break time. You can install this app both on iOS and Android phones to find nearby public restrooms among more than 150,000 in total. 

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As another good tip, always keep water and snacks in your car just in case of need. It is also good to consider short breaks between rides. For example, after every three rides, rest for 10 minutes in the back seats to help your waist relax.

Traffic and road reading

Traffic in a city depends on factors that might change every day, such as weather, which can be a disaster as you might face a different traffic density in the same place. Here is when the GPS apps become more valuable. You can simply read the roads, understand where there is traffic and where there isn’t and decide which route to go. Waze is the most popular GPS app among PCO drivers and will give you real-time traffic updates. You can learn more about GPS apps in our blog post.


Who likes to pay for fines? Of course, nobody! Then why not avoid it? It is a typical daily report that PCO drivers get fines for silly mistakes and just because they didn’t know the road perfectly or were not careful enough for road signs. Here again, using a GPS app can help you know the road better, along with paying attention to road signs, speed limit cameras, and police traps.

Make sure you DON’T:

  1. park in wrong zones
  2. pass the speed limit
  3. enter one-way roads
  4. pay the congestion and ULEZ fee.

Passenger treats

Try to be friendly with your passengers, and they will rate you better in the app. Better rates will lead you to more trips. But it doesn’t mean to act too close to your passengers. Just try to make an atmosphere that makes it comfortable for your riders. Note that if you had a bad day, it should not affect your behaviour towards the customer. Keeping your car clean and free from smoke is a crucial factor as well. 

Another good way to treat your customers in the best way is to ask them if they have a preferred route. Sometimes playing the favourite music of the rider is a good choice too. Even if the rider didn’t ask for any music, try to play something and don’t drive in pure silence.

Counting the rides

If you plan to increase your earnings, it is a good idea to write down your rides each day and see if you can work more or not. This will help you find the exact capacity of your working hours and avoid getting tired or being ride-less. You can add one ride each week and feel the change at the end of the month.

Keep sanitizing liquids and a first aid kit

Regarding new viruses worldwide, you have to take care of yourself and make sure diseases don’t threaten your passengers. Keeping sanitizing liquids will help you stay safe from Covid19 and similar viruses. A first aid kit will help you be equipped for any possible coincidence. If you got stuck in an isolated area, an accident happened, etc., you will be ready to help.

You can keep an extra face mask to offer the passengers if they ask to. Just make sure they won’t feel uncomfortable when you ask them to wear a face mask.


Now you are entirely ready and equipped for the most excellent rides to become a perfectly experienced PCO driver. Knowing these factors is helpful and makes you stand out and receive more customers per day. Reading this article ensures you experience better rides from today as a PCO driver. Our goal of writing and sharing this article was to give you a better view of becoming a PCO driver in London or any other part of the world. Good luck, and way to go!