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Electric Cars for Uber in London


While petrol and diesel vehicles are considered one of the most prominent contributors to environmental changes, the demand for electric vehicles has significantly increased. Therefore, to meet the global demand, car manufacturers have started investing more in the production and design of electric vehicles. 

In recent years, electric cars have become one of the most popular choices for PCO car drivers, especially for those driving in London. This is primarily because electric vehicles aren’t only environment-friendly but are more convenient and fuel-efficient compared to traditional cars. Here is everything you need to know about electric cars for Uber in London. 

What Are the PCO Uber Car Rental Requirements in London?

Are you planning to join a rideshare app such as Uber? Listed below are the requirements that your PCO car needs to meet in order to be eligible for Uber in London:

  1. Your PCO car model should be of 2008 or newer to be driven in London. However, it should be 2006 or newer to be registered as a PCO car in the UK.
  2. There should be no stickers or commercial branding on your PCO car.
  3. Your PCO Uber car rental should be either a minivan or a four-door car.
  4. The PCO car should ideally have the capacity to carry at least four passengers and a driver—a total of five people.
  5. The car should be in excellent condition, meaning it should be free of structural damage. 
  6. In order to register your PCO car for Uber, you will also need to have a PCO car licence.

Electric Cars for Uber in London | Where to Charge the Battery of Your PCO Car?

Currently, there are two options for Uber drivers to charge their electric vehicles: 

  1. Fast Charging Points
electric car charging station

Transport for London, formerly known as TLF, has installed rapid charging points in different parts of the city. This will allow you to charge your electric Uber rental car in less than 20 to 30 minutes.

  1. Charging in Your House

However, the easiest and safest way to charge your electric vehicle is by installing a home charger. Not only will it reduce the charging expense, but it will also save you from the hassle of looking for a charging station. All you need to do is get the manufacturer-advised cable and plug it in your car every night before you sleep. Moreover, you can also equip your house with a pole-mounted or wall charger. Having a fast charger will charge your electric PCO car in about 5 to 6 hours, costing you £8 max.

Significance of Owning a Fully Electric PCO Car

There are many reasons for Uber rental car drivers to invest in an electric vehicle instead of a petroleum-based one. Some of the benefits of driving electric PCO cars are as follows:

1-Save the Environment

An electric vehicle doesn’t emit any harmful gases, reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, by driving an electric PCO car, you will be known as an environmental-friendly Uber driver, which will make a good impression on potential consumers, getting you more rides while aiding people to have clean air. 

2-Have Higher Earnings

According to the latest scheme, Uber drivers who use electric vehicles can increase their earnings up to 15-percent per mile under the umbrella of the Clean Air Plan. There are three main reasons for the Uber electric car scheme:

  1. To increase the earning of PCO car drivers.
  2. To reduce the cost of switching to electric vehicles.
  3. To support the Mayor of London’s vision of having a cleaner London.

3-Save Your Money

One of the biggest perks of owning an electric Uber rental car is that you can easily save up to £30 to £200 every week. To make it more understandable, we have explained in detail the factors that help in saving money: 

  • Ultra-Low Emission Zone Charge

Otherwise known as the ULEZ charge, the ultra-low emission zone fee is that amount that you, as an Uber car rental driver, are required to pay every time you enter certain areas, regardless of the time and day. Though the rules might change in the future, fully electric PCO car drivers are currently omitted from the ULEZ charge. Hence, by driving an electric vehicle, you will be saving £12.5 per day.

  • Fuel Expenses

Unlike traditional cars, electric vehicles do not need petrol to power their engine. This means that you will be saving at least £30 every week. Though you will need to pay to charge your electric car at a charging station, however, the outlay is much lesser than the fuel expenses.

  • Congestion Charge 

The electric PCO car Uber drivers are not required to pay a daily congestion fee which is of £15. Mainly every driver is required to pay this fee when entering central London during the peak hours i: e 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. So, if you do the math, this means that you will be saving £15 per day and £100 every week if you take daily rides in this zone.

Electric PCO Cars | Prices 

Because of the hefty price tags, many people believe that investing in a fully electric PCO car isn’t reasonable. However, by using an electric vehicle as your PCO car, you can save more than £200 a week. This means that even if you pay £100 more on an electric car, you will get the return on investment in less than a week, making an electric PCO car the ideal investment. 

Best Electric Car for Uber in London


Looking for the best electric cars for Uber in London? To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most efficient electric cars that PCO car drivers can use in the UK:

  1. Tesla
  2. Kia Niro
  3. Hyundai Ioniq Electric
  4. Volkswagen ID-3
  5. Nissan Leaf

However, at the end of the day, the most desirable fully electric Uber car rental depends upon your budget and needs. Click here to get your electric vehicle registered on Uber!


Wrapping It Up!

Living in the ever-changing world of tech advancements and global warming, it is our responsibility to make the planet a better place for future generations. We can do this by simply letting go of petrol- and diesel-based vehicles and investing in fully electric PCO cars. In the aforementioned article, we have discussed how you can save money as an Uber car rental driver by driving an electric vehicle. So, if you are looking for ways to keep driving while going green, contact us at G&M Direct Hire to rent the best electric cars in London!