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Ford Galaxy PCO car

Ford Galaxy PCO car

When it comes to MPVs as a PCO car, the choices are limited as not all the MPVs are suitable enough to join a ride share app. One of these choices is Ford Galaxy PCO car which is a perfect choice for every PCO driver. But before reading more about this handy car, let’s learn a bit more about MPVs as private cabs and what advantages they have compared to a normal 4-door car. So, let’s dive in!

MPV stands for multi-purpose vehicle – which is a type of car featured with a more practical interior than regular vehicles, often having five and seven seats. Recently, The MPV body style has lost some popularity mostly because SUV cars have come into play offering the same functionality in a more fashionable design.

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In what ways MPVs are better than other PCO cars?

A quick review to Ford car manufacture

Why Ford Galaxy PCO car?

What is another MPV PCO car with the same quality as the Ford Galaxy?


Ford Galaxy PCO car
Ford Galaxy PCO car

In what ways MPVs are better than other PCO cars?

Comparing MPV PCO cars to other choices, you will experience many advantages including:

pco car

Offering a lot of space for passengers

Many passengers prefer a cozy trip rather than sitting in a normal car especially when the rider is having a business trip. Apart from that, there are many passengers trying to have a trip in a group, such as friends hanging out, families going on a picnic, small group of co-workers going for an appointment, a business guest of a company who wants to visit town with the host, etc.

Besides, there is one more occasion that passengers require a more spacious vehicle and that’s when they want to go to or come from vacations. These kinds of passengers are usually found at airports and train stations with a bunch of baggage. Your mission as a PCO driver with an MPV PCO car would be picking them up and taking them where they wish to in a comfortable road trip.

Ford Galaxy PCO
Ford Galaxy PCO

No frequent “fuel alert”

Most people hate stopping too frequently for fuel on the roads to their destination. Here is where a large fuel tank comes to rescue. This helps drivers to ride more without needing to stop for gas during the trip.

One of the perfect options of MPV vehicles is that they have a large trunk capacity which means you can drive for longer hours without fuel alert disturbances. This can also help you in saving more time and energy on refilling the trunk and the costs would be reduced impressively.

Be a Help on the roads

You have probably been in this situation where you saw some people in trouble with their cars on the road needing assistance for a drag. This is where a mighty car with an epic engine is needed the most.

MPVs are usually made with unbelievable capability of towing other vehicles. This way you can both work and sometimes help other drivers having trouble with their cars in the middle of roads.

Be the driver of your family too!

If you are having a family, you can serve your family a good weekend by the MPV PCO car. Work all the week days and on the weekends be your family’s driver to take them for picnics or a short trip.

Other benefits

Having a convenient rest between the rides

Paying less for the rental fees

Change the vehicle to your second home


Ford Galaxy PCO car hire
Ford Galaxy PCO car hire

A quick review to Ford car manufacture

Ford, also known as Ford motors is an American car corporation founded by Henry Ford 1903 in Michigan, United States.

This company is mainly involved in 3 areas: Automotive, Mobility and Ford Credit. The Automotive section is focused on manufacturing & distributing vehicles, auto parts. The Mobility section is concerned with AI technologies used for making autonomous driving systems and vehicles. And finally, the Ford Credit section is all about related financing activities.

This company with having the slogan of “go further”, is currently in top list of automaker companies in the world with many official branches in different counties including:

South America


South Korea

New Zealand




It is worth mentioning that Ford motors is the owner of SUV stocks of different car companies including Aston Martin and Jiangling motors. The following list tell you what are the current popular Ford cars in the world:

Ford Mustang

Ford Focus

Ford Fusion

Ford EcoSport

Ford Mondeo

Ford Puma

Ford Kuga

Ford Explorer

Ford Fiesta

Ford Galaxy (both models)

Why Ford Galaxy PCO car?

Besides the mentioned benefits of MPV PCO cars, there are many other reasons to choose the Ford Galaxy as your PCO car.

More chance to be picked by the customers

When you register in a rideshare app with Ford Galaxy, your customer range would be increased from single and double passengers to all types of passengers. This means, it doesn’t matter what rider is standing there for a PCO driver, your car would be a perfect choice for every type of them.

Be a member of Uber Pool and Uber XL

You can simply hire an MPV such as Ford Galaxy PCO car and join Uber different plans by this Uber car rental. Uber pool is for those riders who prefer a cheaper ride by sharing the trip with other riders and Uber XL is specially for those who want to have a trip in a group (up to 6 passengers).

You have the option!

Ford Galaxy is provided in two different models with specified features.

Ford Galaxy Zetec

Ford Galaxy Titanium

Reviews show that the Titanium model is faster than Zetec, while Zetec is the more economical choice. So, you can decide what is better for you.

What is another MPV PCO car with the same quality as the Ford Galaxy?

Although Ford Galaxy ranks well, not all the PCO car rental companies offer a plan including this PCO car rental. Therefore, we have replacements for you which is also offered here at G&M Direct hire PCO car hire company. If you are looking for a 7 seater rental car to join any rideshare app, check these two cars as well which are at the best ranks of the PCO cars too.

Volkswagen Sharan which is a spacious replacement

Toyota Prius + (hybrid) which is an eco-friendlier replacement and can support you in Uber clean air plan as well.


Ford galaxy PCO car is one of the popular MPV choices among the PCO drivers all around the world as it offers enough space for up to 7 passengers. This PCO car is provided in two different models that let you choose the one matches you the best. But, it should be mentioned that, even though Ford Galaxy PCO cars are popular enough, there are not many PCO car rental companies available. So, we mentioned two other vehicles with the same purpose for PCO drivers to replace it.

To wrap it up, there are reasons for Ford Galaxy’s uniqueness: fair maintenance & running cost, seating flexibility and big interior space. These amazing features have made this car attractive not only for private hire companies, but also for families as well.

In this article we tried to mention useful information about Ford company and a popular MVP car called Ford galaxy with advantages of using plus MPV rather than a normal PCO car. We hope the article will be helpful to you.