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Honda Insight

Honda Motor group is a Japanese manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles located in Tokyo, capital of Japan.

Honda is the world’s largest producer of internal combustion engines making over 14 million engines annually. The company is the second-largest automobile manufacturer in japan and the eighth across the world.

Cars manufactured by Honda group including Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda Jazz and Honda Insight are in high quality and compared with other car manufacturers in the market, many people prefer to buy Honda products.

In this post, Honda Insight is going to be reviewed and the following topics will be covered:

  • Honda Insight models
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Interior design
  • Safety features

A brief introduction

The first time Honda marketed Insight model, it was a hybrid electric car with two doors seating up two occupants. The second generation of the car which was manufactured and marketed between years 2009 to 2014 was a 4-door vehicle that seated up 5 passengers. Both the first and second generation were liftbacks. Third generation of Honda insight is a 4-door sedan which is the most fuel-efficient vehicle in United States. 

Honda Insight is among the least expensive hybrid car in the market and is one of the best sellers both in japan and in the world.

Honda Insight trims

Honda offers 3 models on the 2021 Insight: the EX, LX and Touring which are available in the market from around $26,000 on the EX to over $30,000 on the Touring trim.

Before buying a vehicle, you should carefully examine different trims of the car you are about to buy because you certainly do not like to overpay for the features you don’t need.

LX trim

Honda Insight LX trim helps the drivers save on fuel consumption and time at the gas pump setting a magnificent standard for the rivals. Some Honda LX features are as follows:

Two-motor hybrid system


Active Noise Cancellation

Eco Assist system

Hill start assist

Rearview cameras supporting multi angles

160-watt 6-speakers sound system

5-in touchscreen

1 USB interface

Manual height adjustment for driver seat

427 liters cargo space

LED headlights and daytime running lights

Power side mirrors

EX trim

Some of the features added to Insight LX model are listed below: 

Manual height adjustment in driver seat 

2 USB interfaces in front console

Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock system

Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto

Remote engine start 

180-watt 8-speaker sound system 

8.0-inch touchscreen display 

HD and Satellite Radio

LED headlights 

Touring trim

Honda has improved audio and navigation system as well as lighting and seating in touring trim. Some of the features added to Insight EX model include:

450-watt 10-speakers sound system

Honda HD digital traffic

Wireless hotspot capability

Climate control system with dual-zone 

Leather-wrapped steering

Heated front seats

8-way power adjustment for driver seat

4-way power adjustment for Front passenger seat

Rain-sensing windshield wipers

Fuel efficiency

All three Honda Insight trims have a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and electric motor making 152 horsepower.

EX models gets an EPA 55 mpg in the city and 49 when driving on highways. Moving up to the Touring trim, the efficiency decreases to 51 mpg inside the city and 45 mpg on freeways. The figures are a little less than expected. For instance, the 2022 Elantra Hybrid achieves 53 mpg in city and 56 mpg on highway or 49 mpg in city and 52 mpg depending on the model.

Interior design

The cabin of the car is well-built. The seats are very comfortable but there is not enough headroom for passengers sitting in the back seat.

Trunk space

Honda Insight EX and LX trims have a trunk space of 416 liters and touring trim has a trunk space of 427.6 liters which are good figures and means that you can easily store up to four large traveling bags. Besides, unlike many hybrids or electric vehicles, the battery pack doesn’t intrude on boot space.


Honda Insight offers a spacious interior and seats up to five passengers inside. The front seats provide lots of space as well as the rear seats having enough legroom but headroom seems to be a bit tight. The most important advantage of the Insight’s seats is that they remain supportive even during long trips.

In-car entertainment system

The drivers can benefit from a touchscreen display with smartphone integration supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. After connecting the phone, you can easily make and receive calls and at the same time you have access to music and navigation system.

Mounted steering wheel buttons allow the motorist to check his phone and control the display while he is keeping his eyes on the road.

The sound system in touring model is equipped with ten speakers with a subwoofer to enable the car occupants to enjoy music or podcast regardless of where they are. In addition, thanks to Wi-Fi hotspot, passengers are able to connect and surf the net.

Other features

Honda Insight features dual-zone automatic climate control letting the motorist and front occupant set their preferred temperature. 

One of the issues every driver may struggle with in winter is snow on mirrors. The heated side mirrors in Honda Insight will solve the problem.

Another feature supported is Smart Entry that is a new technology by which you can lock and unlock the car without using a key. You will have the key in your pocket and when you are within 80 centimeters of the car, doors are locked or unlocked automatically.

Safety feature

Honda Insight 2021 earned a very good safety rating of five out of five stars from NHTSA indicating that it is one of the safest and most reliable cars in the market. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave Insight five stars in all individual crash tests including side crash, front crash and rollover. Moreover, it achieved the highest award of IIHS: Top Safety Pick+


Driver-assist features

You can feel secure in any car manufactured by Honda. The safety systems keep the driver and passengers as safe as possible.

Honda LaneWatch 

Whenever the driver signals right, a camera installed on the passenger-side mirror will turn on to display a live video on screen to help the motorist make the best decision.

Blind spot

Blind spots are zones on the road that you can’t see when looking at mirrors. To solve the problem, motorists are used to turning their heads to see if there is a car in the blind spots.

The blind spot information system is activated when turn signal is on to detect any vehicle in adjacent lane. An indicator twinkles and a beep alarms until the blind spots are clear.

Cross-traffic monitoring

Cross-traffic system monitors cars approaching from the side when the vehicle is backing out of a parking and alerts the driver to be more careful. The Multi-Angle Rearview Cameras alert the motorist via beeps and camera display on screen when in reverse.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

CMBS is a sophisticated feature that applies brake pressure when an inevitable crash is determined by the system. It performs in 3 stages:

Stage one:

When the system detects that frontal crash is possible, it warns the driver with a series of beeps and visual alerts. 

Stage two:

When the driver does not pay enough attention to warning signals and the risk of accident is rising, in addition to continuing visual and audible alerts, the system automatically applies light braking.

Stage three:

When no action is still taken by the driver and an imminent collision is detected, CMBS begins to apply strong braking to reduce crash force.


The 2021 Honda Insight is an ideal hybrid car for families. It is comfortable and has lots of magnificent safety and connectivity features.

Honda Insight is fashionable as well as eco-friendly meaning that not only can you save money at gas pump and help the environment, but also enjoy modern features including a touchscreen display with smartphone integration, power side mirrors, multi-angle rearview cameras and so forth.

The car comes with 3 trims: LX, EX and Touring. In addition, the customer will be able to customize any trim to meet his or her needs.

Honda Insight is one of the most fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles in the class. The EX trim earns an EPA 55 mpg in the city and 49 on highways. In Touring model, the efficiency reduces to 51 mpg inside the city and 45 mpg on freeways.

The EX and LX trims have a trunk space of 416 liters and touring model has a trunk space of 427.6 liters storing up to four large traveling bags. It has a spacious interior and seats up to five passengers but headroom is a bit tight.

The drivers can benefit from a touchscreen display supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Mounted steering wheel buttons let the driver control the display while he is keeping his eyes on the road.

The sound system is equipped with speakers to enable the passengers to enjoy music. Besides, thanks to Wi-Fi hotspot, passengers are able to connect and surf the net.

To keep the car occupants as safe as possible, Honda insight supports driver-assist features such as CMBS, Honda Lanewatch, Blind spot and cross-traffic monitoring.