PCO 9-Seater for Rent | Everything You Need to Know
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PCO 9-Seater for Rent

PCO 9-Seater for Rent

When it comes to renting a PCO car, you have a plethora of options in today’s market. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the number of models available, you must first decide: How many passengers do you plan to drive? If you plan on driving quite a few, there are many 9-seater PCO cars that can meet your needs. A 9-seater PCO car comprises three rows of seats that seat three passengers per bench. The handsomely-styled vehicle has a comfortable and luxurious cabin space, and a cubicle seating arrangement.

If you are working as a PCO driver in London, driving a 9-seater PCO car will allow you to take passengers in groups. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of renting a 9-seater vehicle, the top 9-seater PCO car choices in London, and will answer some common FAQs. So, before any further ado, let’s delve in!

What Is a 9-Seater PCO Car?

Even though the average number of family members has been slowly decreasing over the last 50 years, large families or a big group of friends still need a spacious vehicle to travel. This is where a PCO 9-seater for rent comes in. It is a three-row minivan having a capacity of up to nine passengers. It is considered the ideal vehicle choice when it comes to transporting large numbers of people at once.

So, the question here is that “Can a 9-seater PCO car only be rented by a family of nine people?” Well, the answer to the question is “No.” A PCO 9-seater for rent can be used by workers, groups of friends, and even a small sports team for travelling to the games. And even if one doesn’t have nine people in the group, the 9-seater PCO car is an excellent choice for those carrying baggage or any other type of travel gear. These perks help, and the added comfort of a spacious 9-seater vehicle helps a PCO driver get more clients and earn more tips. 

9-Seater PCO Car | Pros and Cons

Remember that no car is perfect! There will always be advantages and disadvantages to choosing a specific vehicle model. So, whether you are planning to invest in a PCO 9-seater for rent or already own a minivan, here are some things that you should know.

9-Seater PCO Car | Pros and Cons

1.     Pros of Driving a 9-Seater PCO Car

  • The 9-seater PCO car is a perfect vehicle if your target pickup areas are train stations, airports, and shopping malls.
  • Your PCO car might be hired for a full day.
  • The more the passengers, the higher the tips will be.
  • Being a PCO driver, you can also take trips across cities (intercity travel).
  • The luxurious cabin space of your 9-seater PCO car will ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Placing the baggage of the passengers would be much easier.
  • Most 9-seater PCO cars are automated and feature a myriad of driver assistance technology, making them easier to drive.

2.     Cons of Driving a 9-Seater PCO Car

  • Most 9-seater PCO cars are diesel-fuel-based. Hence they aren’t an environmentally friendly option.
  • You need to be an experienced driver to control a 9-seater vehicle.
  • Sometimes you will only be able to find clients in specific areas such as shopping malls, train stations, and airports.
  • Because of the vast space, cleaning a 9-seater vehicle can be challenging and requires expertise.
  • Being a large-sized vehicle, a 9-seater PCO car will require a larger parking space. This means that you won’t be able to find a suitable parking space most of the time.

The Best 9-Seater PCO Cars to Rent in London

Don’t know which 9-seater PCO car you should rent. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top three 9-seater PCO cars available for rent in London:

1.     Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer is a super practical option for PCO drivers who are looking for a PCO 9-seater for rent. It features:

  • Electric Sliding Doors
  • Premium Leather Upholstery
  • 19-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Automatic Gearbox
  • Reverse Camera and Parking Sensors
  • Folding Mirrors
  • Heated, Electrically Adjustable Mirrors
  • Audio 40 with Navigation
  • Tempmatic Air Conditioning
  • Anti-Theft Protection Package

2.     Peugeot Traveller

Searching for a more suave 9-seater PCO car, opt for the Peugeot Traveller. It is currently available in 2 trims; traveller ACTIVE and ALLURE (Active +). Features that make the Peugeot Traveller stand out are mentioned below:

Peugeot Traveller
  • 17-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Monitoring System
  • Visio Park 180-degree
  • Head-Up Display Curtain Airbags
  • Xenon Headlights
  • Keyless Entry

3.     Toyota Proace Verso

Offering practical solutions and spacious travel, the Toyota Proace Verso is one of the most versatile PCO 9-seater for rent available on the market. Toyota’s 9-seater PCO car features:

  • Two Sliding Doors
  • Go Navigation System
  • 7-inch Pro Touch Multimedia System
  • 16-inch Steel Wheels with 5-Triple-Spoke Wheel Caps
  • All-Black Interior

The Verdict

Are you planning to join a rideshare app and want to work in crowded areas? The 9-seater PCO cars in London have got you covered. Not only are these cars comfortable to drive, they have excellent fuel efficiency, and comprise premium upholstery. They also boast some of the most advanced driver assistance, and technological features, making them the go-to choice for PCO drivers. However, like every other vehicle, renting a 9-seater PCO car comes with its fair share of pros and cons. Despite the advantages, the majority of PCO drivers opt for 4- or 5-seater vehicles. Hence, the limited availability of 9-seater PCO cars for rent makes it a profitable market for those who want to drive a 9-seater vehicle in London.

For more information on PCO 9-seater for rent in the UK, contact the G&M Direct Hire professionals right away!

PCO 9-Seater for Rent in London | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     Is a 9-Seater PCO Car High Maintenance?

The maintenance of a 9-seater PCO car depends on two factors; the fuel consumption of your vehicle and the number of rides you take per day. Overall, most PCO 9-seater vehicles in the UK have a maintenance and fuel cost.

2.     Where Can I Find a PCO 9-Seater for Rent in London?

9-seater vehicles aren’t a popular choice of PCO drivers. Therefore, not all PCO car hire companies to provide a 9-seater PCO car for rent. If you are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle, comfortable driving, and carrying a large group of people, contact the G&M Direct Hire professionals to rent a 7-seater PCO car.

3.     Is the Uber Insurance Program Applicable on a 9-Seater Vehicle?

The one-word answer to this question is “Yes.” For more information regarding the Uber insurance program for a 9-seater PCO car, visit their website

4.     What Is the Best 9-seater PCO Car to Drive in London?

The Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer is one of London’s best PCO 9-seater for rent. It features an automatic gearbox, leather upholstery, satellite navigation, alloy wheels, and electric sliding doors, guaranteeing a comfortable and luxurious customer experience.