PCO 9 seater for rent

As a PCO driver in the UK, specially, in big cities such as London, working with a PCO 9 seater vehicle would be beneficial as it can support you in taking clients in groups. That’s why many PCO drivers in London search for a PCO 9 seater vehicle to rent. Of course, it can benefit you, but sometimes having a giant PCO car in London may lead you to delays and some other disasters. Here, through the article we are going to review both advantages and disadvantages of hiring a 9 seater PCO car in London, what PCO 9 seater vehicles are the most popular and in answering some FAQs about these vehicles. Let’s go!

This article includes the items below

  • Pros and cons of having a PCO 9 seater rental car in London
  • Top 9 seater PCO cars to rent in the UK
  • FAQs of PCO 9 seater vehicles in the UK
  • Conclusion

Top 9 seater PCO cars to rent in the UK

Pros and cons of having a PCO 9 seater rental car in London

If you are up to hire a 9 seater PCO car, or you already hired one, there are a few things to know. Note that every car you hire, no matter if it is a minivan, MPV, 4 door vehicle, etc. there will always be pros and cons. So no car is perfect! Now let’s see what are the advantages of having a 9 seater PCO car rental in London and then review the disadvantages.


  1. You can take group clients from airports, train stations, shopping malls, etc.
  2. Sometimes group clients equal higher tips.
  3. Placing baggage or the customers would be much easier.
  4. You might be hired for a full day!
  5. You can take intercity trips.
  6. You can have a great nap between your trips!
  7. Carrying more necessary equipment is more possible with a 9 seater PCO car as there is more space in it.
  8. In the COVID days, bigger vehicles are safer choices as there is enough distance between the rider and the PCO driver.
  9. You can have a client any time of the day in specific zones.


  1. Larger vehicles require larger parking areas so you might not find a suitable place to park in the street and need to go to a parking lot.
  2. Cleaning the 9 seater PCO car is much harder and more time taking than a normal PCO car.
  3. Sometimes the clients of this car are in particular areas such as airports, shopping malls and train stations.
  4. You need to be a more experienced driver to control a bigger vehicle such as minivans and 9 seater PCO cars.
  5. 9 seater PCO cars are diesel fuel based so they can’t be an environmental friendly option.

Top 9 seater PCO cars to rent in the UK

PCO 9 seater for rent

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer

This PCO 9 seater rental car is one of the first choices in the UK. This vehicle has some features including:

  • Automatic Gearbox
  • Electric Sliding Doors
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Leather Trim
  • Folding Mirrors
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Parking Sensors and Reverse Camera

You can hire Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer in London and enjoy long rides with the mentioned options.

Toyota Proace Verso

Another popular option is Toyota Proace Verso PCO rental car in London including the following features:

  • 16 inch steel wheels with wheel caps (5-triple-spoke)
  • 7 inch Pro Touch multimedia system with Smartphone integration Apple Car Play & Android Auto
  • Go Navigation System
  • Two sliding side doors

Peugeot Traveller

Looking for a more stylish option? Then go for Peugeot Traveller 9 seater PCO car. This vehicle is available in two models called traveler ALLURE (Active+) and traveler ACTIVE. Some features of these PCO 9 seater vehicles are:

  • monitoring system and Visio Park 180°
  • Split panoramic sunroof
  • 17 inch alloy wheels
  • Xenon headlights
  • Head Up Display Curtain Airbags

Vauxhall Vivaro Life

A truly spacious vehicle is definitely Vauxhall Vivaro Life to rent with the options below:

  • 17 inch bicolor ‘diamond-cut’ alloy wheels
  • 16 inch steel wheels with small-cover wheel trims
  • Front seat heater
  • Second-row seats you can swivel round, for face-to-face travel

Peugeot Traveller

FAQs of PCO 9 seater vehicles in the UK

Where can I find a PCO 9 seater in London to rent?

Well as not all the PCO drivers choose 9 seater vehicles, not all the PCO car hire companies provide this vehicle to rent. But you can find a 7 seater PCO car here at G&M Direct Hire which is a better option than a 9 seater one!

Are 9 seater PCO cars in the UK high maintenance?

Depending on the rides you get per day the fuel consumption can be different. Hopefully most of the 9 seater PCO cars in London are low maintenance and won’t cost you much on petrol.

Does the PCO 9 seaters include the Uber insurance program or not?

Surely yes. As soon as you join Uber, you can learn more about the Uber insurance program of the 7 seater and 9 seater PCO cars which are the same as typical vehicles. The Uber agents will explain to you in detail or you can read more information about Uber insurance through the linked article.

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If you are planning to join a rideshare app but want to work in crowded places where people take private drivers in groups of more than 4, you will probably need a PCO 9 seater rental car to use. Although there are both pros and cons of renting these types of PCO cars, most of the PCO drivers choose not to use it and this issue makes it a better market for those who choose to use a PCO 9 seater rental in London.

In this article we reviewed the pros and cons on hiring a 9 seater PCO car, introduced 4 of the most popular 9 seater vehicles to rent and answered some of the FAQs about renting a PCO 9 seater in the UK. I Hope reading this article will be helpful to you.

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