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Want to Earn Substantial Income? Become a PCO Driver

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Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in reputable conveyance aggregators, prompting passionate drivers to enter the private car hire sector and begin working as a PCO driver for PCO car rental companies. If this sounds like you, but are sceptical about the earning potential of PCO drivers, this guide is for you! Read on to know how lucrative this career can be.

PCO Driving Is a Lucrative Source of Income

Regardless of the type of job you seek, the first thing that comes to your mind is your earning potential with it. For PCO drivers, several factors affect the pay. Among the most important factors include how saturated the market is with other drivers, the city you’re driving in, how often you drive, and whether or not you drive during peak times.

By driving in a busy place, nothing can stop you from making a decent living with the profession.  For example, when driving in London, your weekly earnings can range between £250 and £800 based on your hours of driving. Before deducting expenses, you monthly pay can be around £2,400.

Similarly, PCO drivers can earn up to £39,600 a year in Manchester and £36,400 in Birmingham. Moreover, based on the latest estimates UK private hire drivers, their average salary ranges from £ 20,100 to £31,125.

On top of that, there exist various ways to boost your earnings as a PCO driver. Some of them include:

How to Maximize Your Earnings as a PCO Driver

Here are some tips to maximize your earning potential:

Earnings PCO Driver

Know Your City

When someone books a ride with you, only to find out you’re not very well acquainted about the locality and are totally reliant on Google maps or the instructions riders give you, it might give a bad impression to them. Insufficient knowledge about the area can also mean you take more time to drop riders off to their destinations.

On the other hand, possessing in-depth knowledge about the city you drive in, including all the towns and landmarks situated in it, will make you incredibly efficient. Since you’ll also know which places are more busy and crowded and about the best times to work, you should be able to find more customers than a driver who has only recently moved to the area.

Other than that, because you’ll also be aware of the best routes to places your riders want to go, you’ll save them time and money, delivering impressive riding experiences.

Build Your Network

If you look around, you’ll find numerous opportunities to grow your business as well as the profitability. For example, if there exist hotels in your area, visit them and establish business relationships with their owners. Offer to promote their hotels by giving away their brochures to your riders. In return, ask them to distribute your business card to guests who require transportation within the city.

You may also target other public places such as restaurants, amusement parks, etc. in your city.

Try to Save Time

When someone books a ride with you, text them to let them know that you’ll be at their disposal in a few minutes, and request them to be outside when you reach. This way, you’ll save the time wasted in waiting for riders. The reduced turnover time means you’ll find subsequent rides quicker, thereby being able to serve a larger number of customers.

Now that you know how you can earn substantial income as a PCO driver, let’s take a look at some of the reasons to consider adopting the profession:

You Aren’t Stuck Behind a Desk

Among the biggest reasons you’re considering a PCO driving career is that you have a dynamic personality that enjoys staying mobile rather than staying behind a desk in a 9 to 5 job. Or that you’re passionate about driving. If you feel you’ll happily drive all day long when given a chance, you’re well-suited to the PCO driver career.

Even if you’re already doing an office-based job, it’s never too late to transition to the career path that suits you. By switching to the PCO driving role, you’ll say goodbye to the all boredom and monotony associated with your existing static position. Being on the road means you’ll keep visiting new areas and learn more about the city you live in.

Since PCO driving is a customer service job, you’ll get to meet new people, including interesting personalities and well-known figures. As a PCO driver, you’ll find yourself dealing with riders from all walks of life. Every now and then you’ll come across charming individuals who will hold wonderful conversations and offer valuable insights.

Also, not all celebrities and popular figures travel in private luxury cars. Many of these figures still hire PCO car rental to commute to work and places for various reasons. When driving for a PCO car rental, expect to meet these high-profile stars and statesmen from time to time.

Meeting People

Meeting People

But at the same time, people can also be the worst aspect of your PCO driver job, especially if you lack patience or have low tolerance for unreceptive folks. For example, you should be prepared for drunks making a mess of your car, misbehaving, or abusing you. Some riders will simply refuse to pay the fare. In other words, people can be also be a nightmare, and at times dangerous too. For protection against such customers, consider working for a company that has CCTVs installed in all their PCO cars.


By now, you should have obtained a profound understanding of the earning potential of PCO drivers. You also studied some effective ways of maximizing your earnings, should you begin working as a PCO driver in the near future, as well as some other reasons to take up the profession.

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