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As a PCO driver you might not have a clear view to choose a perfect company to work with since you may be unfamiliar with the pros and cons of each company. So, having a list of the private hire companies will help you better to choose the perfect PHV operator matching with you. Here, in this article we will introduce top private hire businesses available in the UK with advantages and disadvantages so that it would be easier for you to select your future company and work with the best situation. You will also learn more about the requirements of each company to join. Don’t miss reading this article!

Content overview

  • What does PHV operator mean? Who is the PHV operator?
  • Tasks of a PHV driver in the UK
  • Introducing different PHV operators + pros and cons, requirements to join

What does PHV operator mean? Who is the PHV operator?

PHV operator

A PHV operator is the company which supports private hire cabs in a particular area or it might have a comprehensive platform which supports more than one single country. Sometimes delivery services are also supported by PHV operators. PHV operators usually provide a mobile app or a website so that the customer can easily take a taxi and pay for it online. The point is that this idea is getting popular among people rapidly and made a big opportunity for many jobless people to find a nice job with flexible conditions.

It is worth mentioning that minicab or private hired drivers are only eligible to find the passengers through the PHV operator’s provided platform. In other words, PCO drivers don’t drive around the city to find passengers on the street.

Tasks of a PCO driver in the UK

As a PCO driver (as you know PCO only is meaningful in the UK) you are going to be responsible for the tasks below:

  1. Having an accepted vehicle by the TfL (transport for London) company. (The accepted vehicle is mentioned in our other blog posts).
  2. Having a PCO license (to prove you efficiency skills in driving- having only a driver’s license is not adequate)
  3. Picking up the rider from their starting point (which is announced in the PHV operator’s platform)
  4. Dropping off the customer at their desired destination
  5. Selecting the safest and fastest route or choose a route which customer prefer
  6. Helping the customer to load and unload the carriages (if they had)
  7. Be well mannered and fare to your customers
  8. Keep the car clean
  9. Calculate the correct charge and refund the exact change if it was needed (the operator’s platform will help you in this task)
  10. Etc.

Note that PCO drivers must be accurate in driving and pay enough attention to road rules. Besides they should be on time in picking up the customer. Reading maps correctly is one of the other requirements a PCO driver need to be able to. In fact, PCO drivers before obtaining the PCO license are tested for map reading skills called “Topographical skills”.

Introducing different PHV operators + pros and cons, requirements to join

Clearly, each country might have their own and local PHV operators so there must be a PHV operator guide for each of them. Read the coming parts carefully to get more familiar with the most popular companies and choose the best match for you.


The most famous and the biggest PHV operator in the world is literally Uber, though it is not the pioneer in this trade. The reason could be the interesting offers of Uber that you will read in more detail. Beside the PCO services, Uber offers a vast range of delivery services as well as renting bikes and scooters.


  1. Millions of people use Uber so you will always have a customer.
  2. Having the best user interface on Uber apps made it easy for users to work with.
  3. Flexibility of the time and location.
  4. There is no limit of cashing out your earnings, which is not possible for some other operators.


  1. Uber charges more than other operators which is 25 percent commissions. Paying this price will allow you to catch more customers by connecting to all the users.
  2. There is no specific reason for surge pricing. Surge pricing is the action of increasing and decreasing the rates.

What do I need to become an ‘Uber’ driver

  1. A four door vehicle which the model is for the past 10 years or newer.
  2. Have the certificate of the vehicle inspection.
  3. Have a PCO license with a valid driving license.
  4. Be 21 or older.
  5. No commercial brands on your car.
  6. Having at least 3 years of driving experience.

If you have the mentioned conditions, go to Uber website and sign up easily.

Many people think that there is a difference between the two terms and you should look for different terms for the specific purposes for which you want to use the car. If you want to read mo click on the link pco car rental london


If you have heard about the Taxify company, Bolt is the UK version of it which offers services all around Europe as well. They are well-known for their appealing suggestions on the ride fees.


  1. Only 15% commission fee compared to other PHV operators, it is a great deal.
  2. Once the driver has arrived at the starting point, they will start earning even if the rider is not available. (the waiting fee is 25p per minute).
  3. SOS option on the app which connects you to the police with pressing a button.


  1. A thing that is an advantage for riders and disadvantage for drivers is that rates are fixed.
  2. Difficulty in communication with the company and payment issues through the app is reported.

What do I need to become an ‘Bolt’ driver?

  1. A 2011 or newer PCO car.
  2. No commercial branding on the car.
  3. Being at least 21 with 3 years of driving experience.


Another big PHV operator in the world is Ola which started its services in 2011 in India and Australia. Recently, Ola expanded its services in the UK.


  1. A big company has many users, so finding customers is easy.
  2. No commission fee for Ola drivers in February, 18 percent on normal days.
  3. Daily payouts.
  4. A “Go to” feature which allows you to choose a customer with a specific destination. (If you are planning to go home, you can pick a customer with the same destination).


  1. Some reports of payment issues from customers.
  2. Working up to 50 or 60 hours to earn £1000 to £1200 is necessary (and guaranteed).
  3. Still not very familiar in London.

What do I need to become an ‘Ola’ driver?

  1. A vehicle model 2008 or newer.
  2. Have a PCO license with a valid driving license.
  3. Pay through commissions or pay weekly membership.
  4. Be 21 or older.

You can easily register on the Ola website.

Free now

Offering both private hire and taxi services made Free now famous and currently 1.5 million users are using the app.


  1. Twice payments per week.
  2. Loyalty program and special offers and discounts.
  3. Special app features such as blocking passengers and receiving past 6 month reports.
  4. Driver care team.


  1. Not very popular yet as it is a new brand.
  2. Combining the traditional cabs and new taxi method made many criticisms.
  3. Steady rates which are determined by the app before the ride is started. There won’t be extra fees for sticking in traffic jams.

What do I need to become a ‘Free now’ driver?

  1. Having a 10 year or newer model vehicle.
  2. Have a PCO license with a valid driving license.
  3. Be 21 or older.

You can simply apply on the company’s website.

Green tomato cars

One of the best PHV operators is Green tomato car as they offer environment friendly services. Their motto is:We intend to pave the way to an emission free London.”


  1. Environment friendly services.
  2. Started working in London 6 years earlier so they have more loyal customers and offers.
  3. Working full-time is available on Green tomato cars and you can have yearly salary plus off days.
  4. Bonuses for meeting goals of the company weekly.
  5. Learning English fees are supported by Green tomato cars company.


  1. Not much advertising and brand building.
  2. If you choose to work full time, there won’t be any time and location flexibility.
  3. The car policies are quite stricter in Green tomato cars as they are environment friendly.

What do I need to become a ‘Green tomato cars’ driver?

  1. A confirmed vehicle by Green tomato cars.
  2. Have a PCO license with a valid driving license.
  3. Be 21 or older.

Addison Lee

In this market, Addison Lee is definitely one of the pioneers as the company was established in 1975 providing minicab services. This background made them change their services into a PHV operator.


  1. The clients are probably corporate or executive customers which means you will have a safer ride. You can also have steady clients.
  2. Large range of customers.
  3. Good technology support for the app.


  1. Must rent a car from Addison Lee, mostly Ford galaxy which is quite expensive.
  2. There are some reports by drivers on not earning as much as they thought they would.
  3. Long registration process.

What do I need to become an ‘Addison Lee’ driver?

  1. Rent a car from Addison Lee.
  2. Own a valid PCO and driving license.
  3. Be 21 or older.

You can start the registration process through their website.

As you read all the PHV operators ask you for a PCO car to join them. Choose the preferred one among G&M Direct Hire now.

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