Private drivers’ daily life in the UK- Learn more about PCO driving job

As being a private driver in big cities is getting more and more popular for part-time or even full-time jobs, we were thinking maybe it would be a cool idea to review a PHV driver’s daily life to see what’s going on. In this case, those people who tend to join a rideshare app or work as a PCO driver in London, can have a correct perspective to the life change due to a new career. Although different lifestyles can change the routines, we tried to mention the most common events of becoming a private driver.

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  • Who is a PCO (PHV- private hire- etc.) driver?
  • Responsibilities of a private driver
  • Daily routines of PCO drivers
  • Keys to be successful PHV driver
  • Eating, drinking, break times on the shift
  • How much does a PCO driver make per day?

Who is a PCO (PHV- private hire- etc.) driver?

Hearing the word PCO, the most probable idea coming to your mind could be working as an Uber driver. Yes, that’s right but this is not the only option. PCO drivers refers to any minicab or taxi driver who can be a member of either one or more rideshare apps. PHV drivers in the UK need to obtain a license called PCO license to work officially rather than driving license.

Responsibilities of a private driver

The main responsibility of PHV drivers is to take their passengers to the desired destination. This short trip needs to be done safely while the client feels completely convenient and arrives at the destination at the required time. Some other tasks done by a private driver can be delivering a specific package (including food, boxes and so on) or even pets.

In other words, a PCO driver is responsible for transporting people (or people’s properties) from somewhere to somewhere else under the conditions of the rideshare policies.

Daily routines of PCO drivers

In order to have accurate data to offer in this section, we reviewed some PHV drivers’ interviews and here is the result of all of them together:

The workday of a PCO driver can start anytime in the day or night! Because there are always some passengers out there looking for a cab to take. Long story short, PCO drivers are their own BOSS! This is one of the cool features of this job that fascinates drivers. Therefore, you may find a PHV driver working night shift and another one working day shift. One can work 5 hours per day, the other works 9 hours. The point is, lifestyle plays an important role in this case.

When the workday starts, drivers start browsing for riders on rideshare apps. This can start from their house door or after hours of wandering in the streets till finding the right trip.

Ultimately, the most important part of a PCO driver’s work routine is the vehicle. Research shows many private drivers prefer not to use their personal car for work. The reason is, sometimes their car is not qualified for the job and sometimes they feel the damage can involve their vehicle. In this case, PCO drivers look for PCO car rentals found in PCO car hire companies (and we are one of them!).

Now PCO drivers are equipped to join Uber (or similar rideshare apps) with Uber ready PCO cars.

Keys to be successful PHV driver

In every career, there are a few keys to success, being a PHV driver follows the same rule. If you have a determined frame, you will definitely be a successful private driver.

  1. Always listen to your client, make sure the route is what they expected, try to make them feel relaxed during the ride, make them trust you.
  2. Try to have short breaks between trips so that you won’t be tired the whole work time.
  3. Be a safe driver to get better ranks. Better ranks mean a higher chance of taking passengers.
  4. Be a sociable and friendly driver. Make the trip a pleasant experience for both you and your client.
  5. Try to have a clear plan for working. Set your clock to work according to your plans.
  6. Have an efficient car as it is everything in this career. At G&M direct hire, you can find the best PCO cars to hire. (if you need a PCO car rental plan, check our website right now and contact us for further information.)

Eating, drinking, break times on the shift

If you work more than 3 hours per day, you definitely need some snacks, drinks, meals and break times to refresh your energy. It is necessary to always keep snacks and water in your car so there would be no time waste to buy them during work time. However, make sure you have frequent breaks between rides.

In the first days of the work, you may be unfamiliar with takeaways and cafes on your way, but little by little, you can find the best ones. This is your career, you are the boss, so you need to make it lovely by adding break flavor.

How much does a PCO driver make per day?

We are at the most important part of this article and that’s full-time private hire driver income to see whether it is worth it to become a PCO driver or not. Depending on the region you work, working hours, workdays, PHV operator you work with, etc. earning of the private drivers is various. Even though estimations show, a full-time PHV driver in the UK can earn above the average income if they find the best locations to work. In other words, it is worth it to work as a PCO driver but you need to be professional to earn above the averages and being a professional in any field requires hard-work, experience and effort.

We hope reading our blog posts give you the experience and you prepare the other factors of success on your own.

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