Discover the Updates to the Uber Clean Air Plan
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Discover the Updates to the Uber Clean Air Plan

Uber Clean Air Plan

In a world where ever-changing regulations and increasing driving costs for diesel and petrol vehicles are rampant, Uber launched the Uber Clean Air Plan in support of the Mayor’s vision to transform London into a zero-emission city. The Uber Clean Air Plan is committed to lowering air pollution while making it easier for PCO drivers to switch to fully electric vehicles. In order to be eligible for the Uber Clean Air Plan, a PCO driver must complete at least 150 trips in the last eight weeks and must have at least £100 worth of Clean Air Fees. Uber’s go-green plan comes with benefits like increased fuel savings, higher payments on payments, no zone charges, and exclusive EV PCO car deals to make the switch easier.

Do you still have questions? To help you out, we have put together a guide that explains what the Uber Clean Air Plan is, how it works, and the latest updates to the Uber Clean Air Plan. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is the Uber Clean Air Plan?

Uber Clean Air Plan

Launched in January 2019, the vision behind the Uber Clean Air Plan was to get every driver in the city into an EV PCO car by 2025. In support of its plan, Uber created profitable incentives and financial support for tens of thousands of its PCO drivers. The idea was to make London a healthier place to live by reducing air pollution and encouraging PCO drivers to make a switch.

Since its launch, one of the biggest benefits of the Uber Clean Air Plan was the added “Clean Air Fee.” According to Uber, every ride booked through the Uber app will be charged with a 15p clean air fee. This would increase the savings of a PCO driver, but every penny generated will be spent on helping PCO drivers upgrade their electric vehicles. This will mean a clean air fee of 45p on an average trip in London.

Since April 2019, the inflated ULEZ and Congestion Charges have increased the cost of driving for many PCO drivers. This is where the Uber Clean Air Plan will save your day. Aiming to make the transition to electric vehicles as smooth and efficient as possible, all EV PCO cars under the Uber Clean Air Plan will be exempted from these charges till 2025. Furthermore, every PCO driver will get an EV Assistance grant to make the switch to an electric car convenient. However, the amount of support will depend on the number of miles that they have driven as an Uber driver.

To make the Uber Clean Air Plan a success, Uber has already partnered with leading home charging suppliers to provide affordable and convenient charging options. Whereas, when it comes to driving within the city, Uber has partnered with ChargePoint to install over 700 rapid charging stations all across London, improving the overall charging network by 7%.

Updates to the Uber Clean Air Plan

Updates to the Uber Clean Air Plan

On 14February 2022, Uber announced that from 14 March 2022, significant updates to the Uber Clean Air Plan would be made. Starting with the discontinuation of the “Clean Air Fee.” The clean air free was collected on every trip inside M25 in London that a PCO driver picked between 16 January 2019 and 14 March 2022. The money raised through the fee was used to pay for upgrades to the EV PCO car. However, as per the recent announcement, the clean air fee will no longer be charged for trips within London. In regard to the update, the £145 million which Uber accumulated through the Uber Clean Air Plan will be utilised to add new perks for EV PCO drivers. This means that instead of getting the additional 3p per mile clean air fee, an Uber EV PCO car driver will now receive a 15% higher fare trip (compared to the charges of UberX) on all Uber Green trips.

What Does This Mean for PCO Drivers?

Here are two scenarios to help you better understand the updates to the Uber Clean Air Plan:

  1. In case you already drive an EV PCO car, the clean air fee will no longer be included in your trip payments. Instead, Uber has boosted the rates that PCO drivers receive on Uber Green trips. This means that the fare of an Uber Green trip will now be 15% more compared to the cost of hiring an UberX. Moreover, in light of the Uber Clean Air Plan, Uber also plans to expand the availability area of Uber Green from Zone 1 to the whole city of London.
  2. On the other hand, if you have accumulated the funds, you will be allowed to use EV assistance to help you rent or buy an EV PCO car from existing and approved vendors. 

Why Should You Switch to the Uber Clean Air Plan?

Uber Clean Air Plan

No one better than Uber understands that switching to an EV PCO car isn’t always an easy decision. However, if you consider the following perks, making the switch will become a lot easier:

  1. Fuel Savings: EV PCO cars are solely powered by electricity. Hence, when compared to the prices of diesel and petrol, PCO drivers save a significant amount on fuel consumption. Uber has also partnered with EV charging companies to provide you with affordable (public and home) charging solutions.
  2. EV Technology: EV PCO cars don’t only guarantee smoother and quieter trips, but they also feature a plethora of tech advancements. This makes it easier for PCO drivers to maintain their cars and drive around the city.
  3. Exclusive Deals: Uber has partnered with vehicle vendors and manufacturers such as Hyundai, Nissan, and Kia to provide exclusive discounts and deals for EV PCO car drivers.
  4. Higher Fare Rates: According to the announcement of the updates to the Uber Clean Air Plan, from 14 March 2022, Uber Green drivers will have a 15% higher fare compared to UberX. 
  5. No Zone Charges: EV PCO car drivers won’t have to pay the Congestion Charge or the ULEZ.

Wrapping It Up!

Are you ready to make the switch to a fully electric vehicle? The Uber Clean Air Plan has you covered. Being a PCO driver, you earn money with every trip you take within the city. But did you know that once you have reached around £100, you can use the money to sign up for the EV Assistance Grant? This will make switching to a new, more improved electric vehicle easier. For more information about Uber car rental in London, contact us at G&M Direct Hire right away!