Top 10 Uber Destinations in London

All the PCO drivers, no matter what company they work, would always seek for the most popular destinations which make them earn more. This is not an exception for Uber drivers as well, so here at G&M Direct Hire, we decided to have a deep search to find Top Uber destinations as a bonus for our readers to make them have a higher daily earning. Don’t miss to read the article completely if you do care too.

As the latest update of 2021 for this article, we added new destinations as well. We are always worrying about the PCO drivers to increase their earnings as much as possible.

Top 10 Uber Destinations in London

What is covered in this article?

  • Popularity of Uber in London
  • Top 10 Uber Destinations in London + 2 more
  • Some other cities in the world mostly use Uber
  • Conclusion

Popularity of Uber in London

London is one of those big cities which has a high demand on transportation. This issue is because people would rather not to use their own vehicle to go to work, restaurants, parties, etc. in order to avoid getting fines, sticking in traffic jams and many other problems a driver may face.

As a solution, rideshare apps such as Uber, are becoming more and more handy each day. It means not only there is demand on Uber services, but also there is demand on drivers to join the company and become Uber drivers.

Totally, there are more than 45000 Uber drivers and over 3.5 million users in London. Sounds a lot, right? Well, we guess you are also interested in becoming an Uber driver. If so (or if you are currently an Uber driver who wants to boost their income), the following parts will be helpful as it claims top Uber destinations in London updated 2021.

Uber Destinations in London

Top 10 Uber Destinations in London +2 more

This is the list of top Uber destinations in London which we are going to review in more detail one by one.

  1. Heathrow Airport
  2. London city airport
  3. Euston Station
  4. Victoria Station
  5. Paddington Station
  6. Waterloo Station
  7. Selfridges oxford street
  8. Harrods
  9. Kings Cross/ St Pancras
  10. Liverpool Street
  11. Brixton road
  12. Soho

Heathrow and London city airport

A big city like London would definitely have many visitors from other countries and cities, either for business or for vacation. This is the most important reason to know that Airports can be great starting points for passengers. When it comes to destinations, note that a lot of people daily would have flights or would have guests to take from the airport which means Heathrow and London city airports are not only great starting points for rides, but also an amazing destination. Don’t miss our airport guide for Uber drivers blog post, too.

Euston, Victoria, Paddington, Waterloo stations and Liverpool Street

Same as airports, railways would be also crowded places to take and drop off riders that means you can drop off a passenger and immediately take another client! All the mentioned stations, Euston, Victoria, Paddington, waterloo and Liverpool are the top most crowded railway stations in London.

Kings Cross/ St Pancras

We mentioned four of the most popular railway stations, but here let us also mention two of the most interesting railways in London that are close together. St Pancras can send you to Paris in less than 3 hours!

Kings Cross, as it is also associated with one of the most favorite stories of children, teenagers and even adults called Harry Potter. This is a great reason for Harry Potter fans to go to the platform 9 3/4 quarters and take cool pictures.

Selfridges oxford street and Harrods

Shopping is always a routine done daily by many people. No matter what you want to shop, you can find the demanded goods in great department stores of London. Selfridge on oxford street and Harrods department stores are the mostly used centers for people in London to spend their shopping time there. Then why are you waiting? Take the passengers there!

Brixton road

Brixton is turning into one of the most interesting destinations for new visitors in London. If you were not much successful in finding right clients at the airport, you will definitely find good ones to the Brixton road for having amazing small stores and a delighted nightlife.


The heart of entertainments in London is located in Soho where several nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, Chinatown, etc. lives. You can enjoy your time by taking customers there and have a quick rest. Note that if you were up to not working and going to Soho for having fun, you can simply find riders with the same route so that both having fun and earning can be fulfilled at the same time.

Some other cities in the world mostly use Uber

In many big cities around the world, Uber is popular. One of the other mostly used Uber countries is the United States and the following list is about the cities that use Uber the most. So, if you one day thought to move to US, you can easily keep being an Uber driver in these cities:

  1. New York City
  2. San Francisco
  3. San Diego
  4. San Jose
  5. Miami
  6. Phoenix
  7. Pittsburgh
  8. Salt Lake City
  9. Washington

Other cities in the world which Uber is popular in them are:

  1. Toronto
  2. Sydney
  3. Paris
  4. Buenos Aires
  5. Vienna
  6. Brussels
  7. etc.

Note that there are over 10000 cities in the world covered by Uber.

Uber Destinations


London, being the most crowded and the most important city of the UK, made a great chance for Uber drivers to have more clients. Although in all parts of the city passengers can be found easily, knowing the top destinations will help Uber drivers to have more trips per day and boost their earnings. We all know that transportation is turning to a critical issue as the time passes.

In this article of G&M Direct hire, we mentioned top 10+2 Uber destinations in London which can be helpful for both recently joined Uber drivers and experienced ones. Hope it comes handy for you.

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