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Uber Clean Air Plan

Uber Clean Air Plan

In recent years, as a multinational company, Uber has been trying to replace fully electric vehicles with current petrol-based cars to help achieve cleaner air, which affects the whole environment.

Through a project called “Uber Clean Air Plan”, Uber claims that it is committed to reducing air pollution. The project is also very popular among the drivers because it helps them save a lot due to using electric cars with no fuel cost.

If you are not familiar with this new plan, keep reading this post to receive a simple guide about the Uber Clean Air Plan and review a few tips to get the most of it.

What is the Uber Clean Air Plan?

One of the major cities in the world that is planning to replace fully electric cars with gas-based cars is London. This metropolis is preparing for a zero-emission future, and Uber’s new plan for clean air is one of the solutions supported by London’s municipality. 

Uber official website describes “Uber clean air plan” as follows:

“3p per mile is now being applied to every Uber rider picked up in London (within the M25), and all of the money raised by Uber drivers will go towards the price of an upgrade to an electric vehicle (EV)”.

Why did Uber decide to launch the clean air plan?

Although the project is planned to help the city have cleaner air and reduce its pollution as much as possible, there are other reasons why Uber encourages drivers to switch to electric cars. Since 2019, driving costs within London central areas and some other high traffic parts have been increased for PCO drivers. 

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Nonetheless, according to new policies of London’s municipality to support switching to electric cars, until 2025, electric vehicles will not be charged. As a result, many PCO drivers in London are interested in joining the Uber clean air plan to drive in central areas easily.

More details on Uber clean air plan

Uber claims that those drivers who use electric vehicles can receive 15 percent more than others. In addition, as mentioned above, they do not need to pay congestion fees which ordinary divers have to.

Uber clean air fund is another excellent service offered by Uber in this plan to encourage drivers. Uber will give the motorists eligible financial aid in order to buy a new car, but right now, this service is only available for Londoners. 

How to apply for the Uber Fund?

Firstly, you need to have an electric PCO car registered on Uber. Secondly, you must be eligible for EV assistant. But what does being eligible for EV assistant mean?

The drivers will be eligible for the EV assistant when they meet the plan requirements. They must collect at least £1000 in the clean air plan and have completed 150 trips over the last eight weeks. Nevertheless, these are the minimum points that can put the Uber driver on the list. If you are looking for higher funds, you should drive more miles and earn more money through the Uber Clean Air Plan.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Am I eligible to join the plan?

A: Again, referring to Uber’s official website, we can say that all Uber motorists can join the project regardless of the type of car they drive or the type of service they offer. However, Uber says that completing 150 trips during the past two months of the appliance is essential. 

Q: I am a part-time Uber driver. Can I use Uber Clean Air Plan?

A: According to Uber policies, it is not important whether you are a part-time driver or a full-time one. What matters is meeting the minimum requirements to take part in the plan. As soon as you are qualified, you will be considered.

Q: Why has Uber provided the plan only in London?

A: As mentioned above, one of the reasons Uber decided to launch the plan in London, apart from helping reduce air pollution, was the new law in London adding Congestion Charges while electric cars are excluded. In fact, Uber Clean Air Plan helps both drivers and the government in London.

Q: I live in Liverpool. Does Uber have a similar plan in other cities?

A: Definitely! Uber intends to develop a clean air plan in other cities of the UK as well as other countries Across The Globe. Uber claims that the company is committed to moving towards a zero-emission future.

Q: When do I receive 15% per mile?

A: After registering an electric PCO car on the Uber platform, all future trips will be considered by the 15% per mile extra fees.

Q: I want to rent a PCO car. Can I get a fund?

A: You Can, but given that the car is hired, the fund you receive is not as much as when buying a fully electric vehicle.


“Uber Clean Air Plan” is provided by Uber in London to encourage motorists to switch to electric cars. The plan helps PCO drivers reduce their costs on the one hand and make the city cleaner by decreasing air pollution on the other hand. 

Uber Clean Air Plan enables the drivers to buy or rent a new electric car by earning more money per trip and getting funds. In addition, the plan reduces drivers’ costs by removing congestion charges.