Uber drivers’ and riders’ tips: Everything about cash trips
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Uber drivers’ and riders’ tips: Everything about cash trips

Uber drivers’ and riders’ tips: Everything about cash trips

Technology is always there to help make every daily routine more efficient. Transactions are not exceptions to this regulation. However, a few people still prefer traditional paying to online transactions. Sometimes, there is no other option to pay but in cash. As a result, recent members of Uber, whether drivers or riders, may be confused about how to tip or how to receive them. Don’t worry because we are here to answer all your questions about this crucial issue. Let’s Go!

UK cash to pay to Uber drivers in London

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  • Why is cash payment still common?
  • How to take a cash trip on Uber?
  • How do cash payments work?
  • FAQ about cash trips of Uber

Why is cash payment still common?

Although many business have already switched to full on-line payment methods, particularly after COVID19 outbreak, some industries still accept cash payments including transportation sector. Taxi booking platforms such as Uber has cash payment options for passengers who prefer to pay by cash.

  1. Riders who do not have access to smartphones or unable to make a payment on-line can still pay their fare by cash.
  2. Bad internet may happen in a few locations; as a result, the payments cannot be made online.
  3. The driver needs cash.
  4. There is no balance in the riders’ Uber wallets.
  5. Some riders want to get rid of spare cash in their pockets.
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The community of cash payers is still extensive, though it is not the majority. Hence, it is necessary to have a cash pay ride option to attract more passengers.

How to take cash trips on Uber? How to pay and accept the cash?

There is no difference between accepting and taking a cash trip and a regular ride. The only thing that changes is at the end of the trip.

A passenger paying an Uber driver in cash

DriverDrivers’ behaviour in cash trips

  1. Once the trip is over, the app shows the amount owed by riders.
  2. Riders are supposed to pay exactly what they have to, however may need a charge in some cases.
  3. They can pay an extra charge for tips or not.
  4. You always need to maintain some cash for charging the passengers.

How to choose cash payment method?

  1. Go to your Uber account and select “wallet”.
  2. Choose the “payment method” and find the cash option.
  3. You can set cash payments as the default payment method or do it manually for every ride you prefer.
  4. Make sure to have enough cash in your pocket!

How do cash payments work?

Let’s check how the cash process works for Uber drivers. As you know, Uber drivers are paid by Uber with a deducted subscription fee (the monthly fees may vary in different countries). As a result, even if the driver receives too many cash trips, the final balance in their account would be the online payments minus the subscription fee. Which means drivers can keep the cash with themselves.

There are three more things to consider:

  1. Sometimes the rider has a discount code to pay less than expected. Don’t worry if they paid in cash with a discount since the next online payment contains the deducted amount to your wallet.
  2. Sometimes riders may have a balance from the previous trip, which means they need to charge Uber more money. You can take the extra amount for yourself, and the following online payment will be paid to you, considering the deducted amount of previous extra cash payments.
  3. If the rider cancels a cash trip, they are charged for the cancellation trip, and it will be added to your account by weekly payments.

FAQ about cash trips for Uber

Still, there are many other things to mention about Uber cash payments. Check the FAQ to find your answer.

Uber rider and driver agree on payment

Can the rider pay in cash on an Uber trip? Can the driver take the cash?

Yes, you can pay in cash for Uber trips just note that you need to change the payment method settings for every cash trip. Drivers can also accept cash payments only if the trip is set to be paid in cash.

What if the rider pays in cash for non-cash trips?

As an Uber driver, you cannot take cash for non-cash trips. Try to explain to the riders that taking cash for non-cash rides is prohibited. Besides, when the rider takes a non-cash trip, the fare will be automatically charged to the rider’s account.

What if the driver asks for cash payments in non-cash trips?

If you selected a cashless trip and the driver asked you for cash payment, inform us as soon as possible within 30 days after the ride. You don’t really have to pay the cash!

Are Uber cash trips available in all the regions?

Uber is trying to enhance the platform’s experience, so it tries hard to keep the customers satisfied by providing various payment methods while endeavouring to eliminate cash payments. As a result, cash trips are available in many locations. To make sure whether your region is among the cashless cities or not, check your Uber account.

IIs there any receipt for cash trips?

Yes, Uber riders will receive a receipt in their email containing the details of a cash trip.

How to figure out if I am driving a cash trip?

You can ask the rider whether it is a cash trip or not in advance. However, if it was a cash trip, the Uber app will inform you at the end of the journey.

Can riders only pay the tips in cash and the ride fee online?

Yes, it is up to you to choose the tipping method. If you prefer to pay the tips in cash, go for it. You can also pay tips online as well as the travel fee.