Waze, Google, or Uber? | What GPS is Best for PHV Drivers?
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Waze, Google, or Uber? | What GPS is Best for PHV Drivers?

What GPS is Best for PHV Drivers

PHV drivers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to a GPS app. From Waze to Uber Driver to Google, you’ve got multiple options at your disposal. However, each of them has its drawbacks. For instance, Uber’s built-in navigation system can sometimes show inaccurate results. If you’re confused between Waze, Google, or Uber Driver, read our detailed comparison and figure out which is the best GPS service for PHV drivers.

Waze, Google, or Uber Driver? A Detailed Comparison

1- Waze

Waze is owned by Google, which acquired it in 2013. However, it operates independently of Google and is one of the best GPS navigation apps out there. It has millions of users worldwide. Due to their functionality, some of the best features in Waze were also integrated into Google Maps by Google.


Waze is a GPS app that solely focuses on the driving mode, unlike Google, which has a comprehensive guide for all transportation modes, including walking, biking, and more. 

Special Features

  • Waze users can actively contribute to the app to update the road conditions and traffic status. As a result, all the users who are actively using the app stay up to date about their commute and anything which affects it. You can pick the best route depending on these insights. 
  • Waze users can provide information regarding road hazards, speed traps, and similar problems in real-time so that it is integrated into the app, and users can proactively choose alternate routes to avoid these situations. 
  • Waze offers regular updates to improve map accuracy and also views restaurants and gas stations that are recommended by customers for offering the most affordable fuel prices.
  • It has an incredibly easy interface. Just enter your address and find the best route. 
  • You can also input your address by using voice commands.
  • You can access your Spotify playlist within Waze as it has integrated Spotify into the app.

While these are all some really good features, there are also some downsides to using Waze. For instance, the maps may seem cluttered, especially if you have a smartphone with a small screen. Moreover, the information in remote areas may not be very useful. The app also does not offer lane guidance, and it uses a lot of data and battery to function well. So you will have to use a car charger to prevent your phone battery from draining.

2- Google Maps 

Google Maps is the most used navigation app in the world that gives a tough time to its competitors. It is the default map app on Android devices and an application of choice for iPhone users. Some even prefer it over Apple Maps, which is the default map app on iOS devices.


Special Features

  • It is a very sophisticated mapping tool.
  • It has a super clean interface offering indications and turn-by-turn directions. 
  • It automatically reroutes you in case there is heavy traffic or an accident on the road.
  • It offers voice-guided navigation as well as displays all the lanes on a highway.
  • It offers lane assistance to show which lane is the right one to take.
  • You can save maps for offline usage.
  • It offers real-time traffic information.
  • You can view the estimated arrival time and distance, along with info regarding any obstructions in the way.
  • It offers automatic completion and spelling correction features to accurately enter the locations.
  • It comes with a night mode option that is activated on its own at night. So you don’t need to worry about straining your eyes if you are using the app at night.

Although these are some of the best features of Google Maps, there are also some downsides to using it. For instance, it is not compatible with wearable devices like Apple Maps. Moreover, it uses up a lot of power and quickly drains your battery. 

3- Uber Driver

Uber Driver is the most common app used by Uber drivers who want to use an internal routine app rather than turning to external apps like Waze, Apple Maps, and Google Maps. To use Uber Driver, you don’t need to exit the Uber app as you can access it from within. The app is specially made for Uber drivers and not for general consumers so that they can perform their jobs more efficiently.


Special Features

  • This app uses data from various mapping apps such as deCarta, TomTom, Bing Maps, and even Google Maps to offer a consolidated and accurate mapping system.
  • It does not require you to alternate between different apps as it comes built-in with the Uber Driver app.
  • It automatically updates the next trips, drop-offs, and pickups, and you can string all the rides together rather than entering a new ride location every time. 
  • It also offers night mode.
  • It offers real-time traffic data as well as basic lane guidance. 

Although it is a pretty popular app, there are some downsides to using Uber Driver. For instance, only Uber drivers have access to this app. Moreover, this app was initially full of bugs and was pretty difficult to use. However, Uber improved it over time with updates and fixes. That said, when compared with Waze or Google Maps, this app is not as detailed.  


Waze, Google, or Uber? Which GPS app is the best to use for PHV drivers? Well, we will leave this decision to you as everyone has their personal favourites. While some may find Waze as the most accurate mapping system, others may like the convenience that Uber Driver offers with its built-in navigation system. All of these are the most popular apps that most PHV drivers use. You can try them all out and see what you prefer. Whatever you choose, let us know in the comments below!
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