What is an MPV car? – different types of vehicles to know
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What is an MPV car? – different types of vehicles to know

Identifying different types of PCO car rentals

As a PCO driver, you need to be expert in recognizing different types of vehicles because you need to know exactly what car you are about to rent, what expectations you have and which car can meet all your expectations. We are ready here to talk about different types of vehicles and get you to learn MPV, SUV, Sedan, Saloon, Hatchback, vans and minivans and every other vehicle you can rent as a PCO car in the UK. You can also read the pros and cons of each vehicle type.

What is an MPV PCO car hire?

Table of content

  • What is an MPV car?
  • What is SUV car
  • What is a sedan or saloon car?
  • What are minivans and vans?
  • What is a hatchback car?
  • Top MPVs to rent in London
  • So, which one is better to use as a PCO car?

What is an MPV car?

MPV is the short form of Multi-purpose vehicle and as the name represents, you can use this vehicle for multiple purposes. MPV cars are famous for having enough internal space and comfortable seats. Huge trunk is another feature of this type of vehicle. You can simply fold the back seats to make it a great place for resting and it is the best for inter-city trips. However, many PCO drivers would like to rent these types of cars to have more comfortable rides in the day or take the clients in groups.

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Pros of MPV car

  1. Child friendly vehicle
  2. Safe for families
  3. Seven seater option
  4. Costs much lower than SUVs but somehow in the same shape and size

Cons of MPV car

  1. Not much powerful engine
  2. Not as sport as other vehicles
  3. If you choose the 7 seater option, it means less space in the vehicle

What is an SUV car?

SUV stands for sport utility vehicle which is another spacious vehicle looking like estate cars while it is a great choice for off-road. However, many PCO drivers prefer to have a SUV to join rideshare apps because they want to have their dream vehicle as their main tool of the career. Like you are crazy about Mitsubishi outlander PHEV, and you would like to have this car but you can’t afford it. Renting it as a PCO car can help you reach your goal.

What is an SUV PCO car hire?

Pros of SUV car

  1. Comfortable and cabin and seats
  2. Stylish look
  3. Versatility
  4. A better view in driving
  5. Spacious trunk

Cons of SUV car

  1. Price
  2. Parking always is a deal
  3. Fuel consumptions and cost

What is a sedan or saloon car?

Sedan is the American name and saloon is the British name of the car with the highest popularity in the world. (popularity here doesn’t mean people like to have a saloon car rather it means most of the people have saloon cars currently). Saloon which is a derivative French to English (from salon) which means a long large room.

Pros of saloon car

  1. Affordable prices
  2. Various models and sizes
  3. Easy to park
  4. Less fuel consumption

Cons of saloon car

  1. Not as spacious as MPV and SUV
  2. Non electric ones produce too much CO2

What are minivans and vans?

While vans are not usually rented as a PCO car in the UK, minivans are popular PCO cars. Sometimes, van may also refer to minivans; however, the minivans are a bit smaller. You may also hear 7 seater PCO cars for minivans and 9 seater PCO cars for minivans. Sometime MPV cars are called minivans too.

Pros of minivan

  1. Enough seats for all the passengers
  2. Great for airport pickups and drop-offs
  3. The price compared to the spacious room is affordable
  4. Passengers can easily get in and quit the car

Cons of minivan

  1. Parking is a disaster
  2. Not suitable for all rides
  3. Less powerful engine
  4. Not fuel efficient
  5. Not suitable for heavy snowy days

What is a hatchback car?

Hatchback cars are those with the least trunk capacity possible. These cars are great for daily trips all over the city as they are small, fast and handy.

What is a hatchback PCO car hire?

Pros of hatchback car

  1. The best for parking
  2. Small size offers you flexibility to drive it everywhere (even the narrowest alleys)
  3. Economical fuel consumption

Cons of hatchback car

  1. Not much spacious
  2. Low trunk capacity

Top MPVs to rent in London

As we are here to learn more about MPV cars for PCO rental in the UK, it is worth mentioning a list of top MPV rental cars in London as well. Note that here at G&M Direct Hire company, you can simply find good MPVs as well.

Here at G&M Direct Hire we have two of the best MPV PCO rental plans for you and you can choose either of them based on your preference. If you want a hybrid MPV to be an eco-friendly driver, we highly recommend you Toyota Prius+. You also have the opportunity to hire a diesel one, the Volkswagen Sharan PCO car.

Other popular MPVs in the UK can be listed as below which are mostly rented by PCO drivers:

  1. Volkswagen Touran
  2. Vauxhall Combo Life
  3. Ford Galaxy
  4. Ford S-Max
  5. Citroen Berlingo

So, which one is better to use as a PCO car?

The point is it is all up to you to choose your favorite type of cars to rent for joining PHV operators. Just before deciding what to have as a rental PCO car, please make sure you have a clear view of the vehicle and then sign the contract because some PCO car rental companies have a minimum contract length. If you don’t choose the right car and sign the contract, you need to pay for the minimum rental plans! That’s your responsibility.

Now you are completely aware of different types of vehicles and we offer you to take a look at our rental car page to see if you find the right one to rent. Hope reading this article will be helpful to you.